42 Home Decor Scrapbook Paper Ideas

While scrapbook paper materials have become popular for making scrapbooking crafts and projects, this type of product can now be used for designing and decorating one’s home. When looking for scrapbook paper ideas, keep in mind that these are patterned pieces of paper and that you can choose from a wide variety of designs.

Scrapbook Paper Ideas for Home Decorating Projects

1. Glass Plates

Take advantage of the transparency of glass plates so that you can transform these into patterned dining ware. Glue a patterned paper underneath a plate so that it shows up as the plate’s design. You can either use the same type of paper for a set of plates or combine matching colors and patterns in a set.

2. Flower Vase Mat

While a nice looking vase is already attractive, especially if it has fresh flowers in it, it would look more elegant when placed on top of a piece of scrapbook paper. This will serve as its mat, so it works in making the whole set up more pleasing to the eyes. For best results, use patterned paper that matches the color of the vase and flowers.

3. Mug Coasters

Thickly-made scrapbook paper can be cut into squares to serve as mug coasters. If you have worn-out-looking coasters that can still be used but are no longer pleasing to the eyes, you can cover up the surfaces with new scrapbook paper to give them a new look.

4. Old Trays

Old trays can be given new life by gluing a designed scrapbook paper underneath it. This will work with trays of different colors as long as the items are transparent.

5. Placemat

Plates look better when served on top of placemats. You can use scrapbook paper as disposable placemats when serving family dinners. This way, you get to create different looks every time you set the table.

6. Party Decors

You can use scrapbook paper ideas for parties of any occasion. If it’s your child’s 7th birthday, for example, you can get designs that come with balloons and lollipops. You can convert scrapbook paper into party hats, coasters, and other paraphernalia.

7. Wall Art

If you want to come up with a wall art that reflects the holiday season, you can use scrapbook paper ideas that incorporate Christmas tree designs. You can also use those with colorful themes and put these on blank canvases to be put up on walls.

8. Banner

Celebrating special occasions call for festive surroundings. Using scrapbook paper as the main materials for a banner makes the job easy and artistic looking too.

9. Garland

Children’s parties can be made more enjoyable by having garlands. This time, make the hanging items shaped into cones made of scrapbook paper. You can then fill these cones up with sweet goodies that children will love.

10. Patterned Flowers

Making flowers from plain colored paper is already beautiful and creative. But if you use scrapbook paper for this project, it becomes even more elegant. These can then be used as hanging wall art or as decorative items on tabletops.

11. Wreath Project

Wreaths can be made of all types of things, including scrapbook paper. You have the option of just choosing one pattern of paper for the whole project, or you can combine different designs. One of the greatest scrapbook paper ideas is to make small flowers from different patterned pieces of paper and then combining these to form a wreath. The overall design will depend on the occasion and your home’s theme.

12. Old Drawers and Dressers

Old drawers can be given a facelift by sanding, painting, and varnishing. However, if you want a simpler procedure that’s also less expensive, you can opt to use scrapbook paper instead. These can be used to line up the outer part of drawers and dressers so as to hide imperfect surfaces. With the wide variety of designs available in scrapbook paper, you can choose the appropriate one for any given room.

13. Baby Mobile

Colorful and patterned paper materials make for great decorations on baby mobiles. You can use these to wrap different types of objects or form them into shapes that are attractive to babies. This type of decoration would definitely look good in the baby’s room.

14. File Holders

If you’re tired of looking at ordinary pieces of file holders in your home office, you can use patterned paper to make these more attractive. You can opt to line up both the inside portion and outside portion of the holders.

15. Photo Albums

Photo albums are always placed in an accessible area in the living room so as to allow guests and family members to quickly access them. If you want to change the covering of albums and make them more attractive, you can always use scrapbook paper to accomplish this task. This way, you won’t always have to buy new photo albums when the old ones are already starting to deteriorate.

16. Decorative Clothes Hangers

Why settle for plain looking clothes hangers when you can make these into decorative pieces by wrapping them in scrapbook paper? This works best for wooden hangers with wide areas for wrapping the paper.

17. Cabinet Lining

Cabinets with glass doors can be made into decorative items by lining the inside portion with scrapbook paper. You can also do this for open shelves as the patterned paper will serve as the background for the pieces of figurines, collections, and knick-knacks that you have in there.

18. Letter Holder

A plain looking letter holder can become a decorative piece in your home office if you wrap this in a patterned paper. It takes very little work, but the end result is pleasing to the eyes. Any workspace can be brightened up by such accessories.

19. Wall Design

Scrapbook paper can be used as wallpaper. Because of its limited size, however, it is only recommended as wall design on a limited space such as a corner office. It would also look good on a special corner in a child’s room.

20. Alphabet

Scrapbook paper makes for great materials for creating the alphabet. Letters in different patterns and colors are very attractive; so it serves the dual purpose of becoming educational and decorative as well. This could serve as decoration in your child’s room.

21. Background Decoration

Since you can make letters from patterned paper, you can also create words with these. This type of decoration can serve as the background surrounding for vases and other collectibles.

22. Framed Words and Letters

Simple words can become art when framed or put on a canvas. Letters or monograms have become popular as decorative pieces too. You can make such decors by using scrapbook paper of a specific style in creating the word of your choice. You can then place it on top of a cabinet or hang it on the wall.

23. Favorite Quotes

If you have a favorite quote that you want to put on the wall, you can use patterned paper to create the letters for the saying. With the wide range of choices in scrapbook paper, you can tackle different types of projects with different themes.

24. Drawer Décor

The top portion of drawers can be used as a place where you can put decorative items. If your wall is plain looking and you want to bring life to it, you can use scrapbook paper to create a background for it. Shaping these into letters and numbers would make for a great decorating idea in a kid’s room.

25. Corner Office Wall Display

If you want your corner office to have personality and style, you can use scrapbook paper to achieve this goal. The pattern you choose will depend on the overall theme of your office, but you can basically use any design and pattern. For a more interesting approach, you can combine coordinating patterns as the variety will make the design more creative and inspiring.

26. Cork Board

Cork boards are very useful in a home office, but these can look quite boring. Moreover, if it has been around for a while, it can look worn out and deteriorated. Since it is still useful for pinning to-do lists and other stuff, giving it a makeover becomes a practical solution. You can use scrapbook paper for this purpose as layering its surface with patterned paper can make it a decorative piece in the room.

27. Living Room Art

Get a few pieces of scrapbook paper and glue these on a blank canvas. Once done, it becomes a ready-made art that can be used to hang on walls. This particular item would look great behind the sofa.

28. Open Shelves

Open shelves can be made more decorative by putting patterned paper behind them. This way, the shelf itself becomes a decorative item and not merely a holder of trinkets and accessories.

29. Baby’s Room Wall Paper

You can use scrapbook paper instead of wallpaper when designing your baby’s room. With patterned paper, you can utilize coordinating sheets to come up with a customized look that can only be found in your home.

30. Pet Silhouette Art

Cutting your favorite pet’s silhouette on a scrapbook paper will immediately transform it into a work of art. You can then frame this using a plain colored background to make the patterned shape stand out. Framing several pieces of this kind of art would look good when displayed side by side.

31. Scrapbook Paper Art

If you find a particularly interesting pattern or design of scrapbook paper, you can frame this and use it as decoration for your home. It’s an inexpensive way of decorating your home with abstract art.

32. Black Art

Cut any shape of an object using black paper so as to come up with a shadow version of it. Placing this on top of a patterned paper will make its shape stand out. You can frame this and transform it into a wall art.

33. Creative Art

Because of the wide variety of available patterns in scrapbook paper, you can use your imagination to create a lot of different things through cutouts. In fact, just cutting pieces of patterned paper into one shape, such as oblong, can help you come up with different designs. Small oblong pieces of cutout paper can be put together like pieces of puzzles to create a flower design. You can use a blank canvas for your creation so that you can display your work at home.

34. Balloon Art

You can create an image of a person holding different shaped and different colored balloons by using scrapbook paper. You simply need to create the shapes that you want using the patterned paper. In fact, even if you only use circles to create the balloons, the end result will still look good when you use different types of patterned paper.

35. Simple Picture Art

A simple picture image can seem very artistic when done using scrapbook paper. A simple image of birds sitting on tree branches would look really good when you use ready-made patterned paper. And just think about creating the leaves which can come in different shapes too. This work of art makes for a greatly framed décor at home.

36. Candle Votive Covering

Candle votives can look unattractive when the candles have already melted. You can give your old votives a makeover by covering the containers with patterned paper of different designs. Just make sure that the pattern you choose will blend well with your home’s overall motif.

37. Wine Glasses

Old wine glasses can be covered with scrapbook paper so as to convert them into decorative items. You can glue the patterned paper inside to give it a polished and more natural look, but you can also glue it outside if you want to. Accessorizing the glasses with tied up ribbons will enhance their overall look too.

38. Flower Jars

Ordinary jars can transform into flower jars and vases when you line these up with scrapbook paper. You can then put fresh flowers, artificial flowers, or twigs in these decorative jars.

39. Can Pen Holder

Instead of throwing away cans, you can wrap these in patterned paper and use them as pen holders. Your other office supplies such as scissors, staplers, and rulers can go into these decorative cans too.

40. Shaped containers

Shaped containers such as cans and empty bottles can be covered and wrapped with scrapbook paper to make them look like decorative items. In order to find objects that are not that hard to work on, look for those that don’t come with uneven surfaces.

41. Pots and Planters

Plain looking pots and plant holders can transform into decorative planters when you wrap the outside portion with patterned paper. You can do this on both indoor and outdoor plants, but expect early wear and tear for those that are placed outdoors.

42. Decorative Candles

Candles can be wrapped in scrapbook paper too; one of the most beautiful scrapbook paper ideas. But if you’re going to do this, make sure that you are only using said candles for decorative purposes. As paper is flammable, it would be dangerous to use these candles.

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