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African Home Decor

African home decor is an interesting dive into home decoration and fashion as a whole. Africa’s many cultures and nations are responsible for inspiring an abundance of style, ideas, artwork, sculptures, photographs, and patterns. Ranging from the north of the continent to sophisticated Arab calligraphy and Muslim architecture, to the eastern Horn, to Ethiopian Rastafari influences, there is such a diversity of aesthetics in Africa.

For those looking to add vivacity and worldliness to their homes, African home decoration provides more than enough opportunities to branch out. Let’s go into the details and walk through the many ways you can add flavor to your home using African-inspired designs.

Yoruba Masks for African Home Decor

The Yoruba people are an ethnic group living mainly from the North of Nigeria to the South of Benin – an area known as Yoruba land. More than 200,000 U.S. inhabitants belong to this ethnicity, with over 43 million currently identifying as Yoruba worldwide. Their history, according to the records, starts in the 8th century BCE. Yoruba people are prolific artists and craftsmen.

Their art, which is highly meaningful and purposeful, fills museums all over the globe, from architectural objects hand carved in wood to naturalistic sculptures in bronze, terracotta, and stone. Yoruba royal courts strongly influenced their art, with the queen being worshiped as highly as the king.

Yoruba masks were made to worship divinities, and they represent the many facets of the spirits of nature, such as lions, elephants, giraffes, and other animals. In more modern times, they are used as ornaments for homes. Although you may not find some of the older, larger pieces of art and decor, contemporary Yoruba masks are more available. These face wears are made of different materials such as sese wood, glass beads, and aluminum.

In contrast to the ancient Yoruba masks, the more modern ones come in different classy and colorful varieties. They are mostly handcrafted with clay, and some are adorned with beads and ornate aluminum repousse. In terms of presence, you can choose what you want; the soft or the stern ones. To further solidify culture, there are Yoruba masks made to represent specific historical or heroic figures. A mask crafted to reflect your favorite traditional legend sure is a great way to honor them.

If you are the type who cherishes African culture, you might want to add a Yoruba mask to your art collection. You will be amazed by how much soft presence and beauty a brightly colored mask with glistening glass beads will add to your home.

African Fabrics for Home Decor

Playing with fabrics is an innovative way to design African home decor. African textiles are incredibly fashionable and multi-purpose. You can create a magical vibe within your home with the use of African fabrics. However, it takes good knowledge. We will show you how to incorporate African textiles into your home creatively.

Get familiar

To choose the right African fabric for your décor, you have to familiarize yourself with the diversity and intricacies of African textiles. Textiles are an integral part of Africa’s culture and history, and they come in a wide variety. Some are printed, dyed, embroidered, appliquéd, hand-woven, or beaded to perfection. Different tribal and cultural groups are known for various textiles.

Traditional West African textiles are printed in wax and come in striking patterns (some old-fashioned, others can be more contemporary), along with bright colors. Wax fabric is a symbol for Africa, and aside from being used for beautiful and gorgeous clothing, Africans also use it for their homes.

Wax prints used to be limited to Africa alone, but now, it has evolved to integrate Western fashion. A type of wax fabric that came into global focus recently is Kitenge, worn by celebrities like Beyoncé and her sister, Solange. Hailing from East Africa, Kitenge is made of cotton, and it is also printed in wax. Still, the technique sets explicitly darker patterns against a lighter background, creating a bold contrast. Kente fabric from Ghana is one African fabric that has gained international traction. Ghanaians pride themselves on this indigenous textile, and they use it for everything from fashion to home decoration.

Do your research and understand the origin and variety of African textiles, and you’re well on your way to creating a lovely African-themed décor.

Create your design scheme

To come up with lavish décor, you need to choose your design scheme first. There are many ideas on the internet. Instagram and Pinterest are excellent sources of inspiration. But then, you can always come up with your original idea. With your iPad or even paper, make a summary of your vision. You might want to go for a mix and match with antique furniture and neutral pieces. Maybe you want to go bold with burnt oranges and yellows, bright reds, and the many shades of green. It’s all possible. Just decide first.

Buy the Textiles

An African market based on the continent is the best place to source African fabrics. However, any shop in your town that sells African clothing materials will work. If you want to avoid the stress of going to the market altogether, you can check the Internet and have a look at what is out there. You should find something that blends with your needs and accents the background colors in the room.

Decorate the right way

Less is more. Never forget that as it is key to creating a classy cultural décor. Whatever piece of art you decide to incorporate into your decoration, be simply creative with them. Drape and hang with care. Mix and match color schemes according to your taste, and draw inspiration from natural African tones. If you think this could only work in homes with walls in neutral tones because of the potential clash of colors, don’t worry!

African home decor often makes use of black and white print patterns. If you are looking to decorate environments that are already filled with color, just focus on black & whites and earth tones. If you decide on the former, a high-quality zebra print fabric is a good idea.

A distinguishing factor of African textiles is that they are versatile. There is so much with them as they fit into any setting. Depending on your style and design scheme, you can include other African items like Juju hats, wooden statues, antique mirrors, minimalist glass consoles, or concrete side tables. A wall covering or a frame with contrasting things will give your wall a chic ethnic touch. You can also hang a few African print scarves in one corner of your house.

African Abstract Painting

Abstract African art entails extraordinary masterpieces. More than any kind of art, it succinctly tells the story of the beauty of contemporary African art. Artisans of the craft embed so much symbolism in this kind of painting, using colors and textures. Whatever artistic theme you choose, African abstract artwork on your wall will richly reflect the exquisite combination of norms and culture that makes Africa as a whole stand out. Not only is it suitable as a gift, but well-painted African wall art is also suitable for your home, dining room, and even for your office. If you’ve been looking for African dining room ideas, you can find lots of genuine African wall art for dining rooms at various online art shops.

Flags as African Home Décor

Do you have a special connection to one of the African countries? The flags of Muslim nations like Mauritania show the beautiful crescent moon and star of Islam. Simultaneously, Angola keeps it simple with a symbol of struggle and independence against a red-and-black background.

A flag is excellent for hanging on the inside of your home for both functional and decorative purposes. If you opt to use African flags as part of your interior décor, you must be careful. Displaying flags is often seen as a controversial move, so when using flags to accentuate so, do it right. Make sure the flag is not tainted in any form.

There are a number of ways you can utilize a flag in the decoration of your home. You can add a flag to your floral centerpiece and your table setting. An embroidered linen or pillowcase made with a fabric patterned with your favorite African flag is a great idea. You can also adorn your compound with flags by hanging a couple of your beloved African flags from the clotheslines over your porch. You can also line your walkway with flags.

Maps as African Home Decor

Another perfect way to show where your passions lie is hanging beautifully detailed maps of the lands you love. Vintage globes and maps give the home a well-traveled feel and if you want to give off a worldly vibe, hang in a few vintage maps. There is a wide variety of unique African map pieces you can hang on your wall. If you are a fan of custom-made designs, you can get one crafted for you. You can grab some of these basic geography textbook maps, but you are probably better off with something more stylish or vintage. Just steer away from colonial maps; you don’t want your wall to turn out tone-deaf.

It sounds like wall art is the only way to incorporate maps into your home. Not at all. Vintage maps serve as a viable option for wallpapers. A sizeable decorative map on one side of your wall will produce an impactful view. You can also use maps as a window; trust us, map roller shades look amazing.

African Photographs for Home Decor

Africa is home to many scenic landscapes: the Sahara, the Nile, the Pyramids of Giza, the Victoria Falls, the Savannah, etc. For those more interested in urban settings, African countries also host many stunning, burgeoning cities like Cape Town in South Africa and Lagos in Nigeria. You may be captured by sunrises and sunsets or by a bright skyline touched by the moon. Find a photograph that livens up the room’s interior design and shows the place of your dreams.

There are some African-inspired art companies where you can find a nice collection of African photo frames to liven up your home. You can also contact a personal artist to draw you a custom-made African-inspired photo.

Designing the best African photograph display in your home requires some planning. To start with, you need to choose a theme for your décor; friends, family, legends, or vacations. How about that lovely photo of the beach you took on your last holiday in Africa? Here is where it comes in handy.

Whatever you do, ensure your photos match the theme. Even if the photo frames are not the same, they should share a similar vibe.

A home with adequately lined-up African photos makes fantastic art. Be creative. You can arrange your framed pictures on a series of shelves. Mix up shapes, colors, and sizes to make it more visually appealing.

African Accessories as Decor

Accessories are another great option for modern African home decor. For centuries, the many different tribes of Africa were known worldwide for their sophisticated, handmade, and expertly-crafted tools, accessories, and furniture made of stone, wood, brass, bronze, silver, and gold. From musical instruments to knives and jewelry, many African ornaments can be used in wall decor.

African-inspired art shops are filled with exciting pieces. You can transform your home into anything. Create the beaches of Bora Bora or even a Safari vibe in your home with the right accessories. Props like figurines, vases, mats, boxes, baskets, curtains, bed linens, and pillow covers, used the right way, will give your room a chic finish.

Decals for African Home Decor

High-quality wall decals have many benefits: they are self-adherent, removable, and look like stencils. You can design your own or buy a pre-made design. You can have a decal displaying words, images, a combination of both, and graphic patterns (anything you can imagine!)

There are many ways you can embed decals into your home decor. The safer bet is placing them against a white (or very light) wall, but you can certainly have them over your brighter accent walls. As long as you have a flat dry surface, you are right. Just make sure that the design comes across visually as you wish. If you love African art, you can find a wide selection of African-related decals online. Select your favorite and test it out before sticking it to your wall.

Let’s go over the few places in your home you can beautify with wall decals.

  • Walls: As small as wall decals are, they can transform your wall from plain to special, especially when accentuated with LED lamps or candle lighting. Paper wall decals are easy to install; order your favorite design and stick them up to your wall. You can cover up that stain on your wall with decals. Just get the right one for that space and dress it up.
  • Kitchen Cabinets: Whether you’re bored of staring at the same old kitchen cabinets, or they don’t look shiny anymore, decals can make a swift go-to. Revamp your old kitchen with custom murals today and let your love for your cooking place spring again.
  • Dressers: If you’re embarrassed by that old dresser and think it needs an upgrade, you don’t have to whine over the expenses of changing it. Retouch it with some wall decals, and it will look modern and chic again.
  • Headboards: While it is okay to have plain headboards, it is certainly not a bad idea to spice things up there a bit. Decals will help you achieve a beautiful yet straightforward display behind your bed.
  • Stair Risers: Stick up a couple of decals to every step of your old stairs. That way, you add a unique visual and create a cool look as you go up the stairs.

African Mirrors For Decor

Another kind of instrument for African home decor are mirrors. African-themed mirrors are absolute beauties to behold; they have a way of getting your wall from 0 to 100.

While most African mirrors are wooden, many are made of aluminum or brass. Know what material you want and seek out a unique mirror that matches your home.

Books for African Home Decor

Are you a lover of books? Do you have shelves? Why don’t you line them up with some innovative African books? The books will give your home an original African feel and, of course, serve as a source of knowledge.

If you want to draw joie de vivre and inspiration from stunning African home decor visuals, why not also learn from African history, culture, literature, and philosophy? Read up on the intricacies of this fascinating continent and its many nations.

Home Maintenance

If you read this write-up till this point, it says one thing about you: you are a person who cares about the well-being of your home. However, you need to know that coming up with the best decoration for your home is not enough. Obsession over home decor comes with maintenance. The importance of home care cannot be overemphasized. After all the work on making every part of your home shine with African art, regular cleaning will help your house remain as classy and neat as new.

Let’s go over ways to maintain your beautiful home.

Old Fashioned Dust Mop Banner 2

Cleaning your Floors

What’s the use of going all-in on interior decor when you can’t do something as basic as clean your floor? The importance of cleaning your floors cannot be overemphasized. It accentuates your efforts and also saves you the extra costs of fixing up a poorly maintained floor.

It would help to have a cleaning routine. For instance, you could sweep daily and mop or do a full vacuum every weekend (depending on your schedule.) Whatever routine you go for, make sure you stick to it. A strict cleaning routine is one of the secrets to a sparkly home.

Another important thing about keeping your home clean is finding the right products. Many don’t know this, but it matters a lot. There are many commercial cleaning items on the market: you just need to find the right ones. If your home is floored with vinyl planks, you have to find the perfect cleaning products that will not rub its shine off in the long run. Some chemicals are just not suitable for your kind of flooring, and using a product with those chemicals will only defeat your purpose of cleaning. It will only leave your floor worse than it was before.

Know your floor and find the perfect cleaner for it. Champion’s cleaning products are excellent. For our cleaning, we use:

Champion Performance Plus All-Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser

This multi-surface solution is everything you need in a cleaner, and more. What flooring do you have? Is it ceramic tile, vinyl, tile, laminate, or wood? Are you bothered by the tough stain on your stove, refrigerator, plastic, rubber roofs, or awnings? This multi-surface solution will clean up stains from all these surfaces, no matter how mild or severe.

For general cleaning, mix 3 ounces of the solution with a gallon of water. If you want to go all-in, mix 1 part of the solution with ten parts water and scrub softly. Aside from keeping your home sparkly clean, this cleaner fills up every corner with a pleasant smell. You don’t even need to use an air freshener.

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Just when you thought Champion’s all-purpose cleaner couldn’t possibly impress you more, it also works as a vehicle wash; buses, trucks, boats, any kind of vehicle! Vehicle glass and windshields will be perfectly clean. You can even use it to degrease your car engine. Simply spray it on a warm engine, rinse and sit back to enjoy the magic.

Champion Super Yellow Mop

Nothing makes cleaning more stressful than having to make countless trips to wring out your mop. However, Champion’s Super Yellow Mop takes all that stress away with its ultra absorbency. This mop is undoubtedly one of the best floor mops out there. Its thirsty yet lightweight fibers not only help maximize time and energy; it gives a great and efficient cleaning experience.

Champion’s Super Yellow Mop is suitable for use on all floors, from wood floors to tile floors. It doesn’t cost much and is a total upgrade from disposable mops.

Mopping the floor has never been a favorite chore, but with this mop, it has become more bearable. You don’t have to stress cleaning after use; mop a little and leave it in an airy place to dry. It is machine washable too, for the extra lazy days.

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Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop

Of course, one mop is enough for your home cleaning. But if you’re a perfectionist like us, with a pet, you might want to get a dust mop. We all love dogs, but they pose a significant threat to floors. Dog hair can get attached to dust and dirt and scratch your precious wood floor.

Hardwood floors are extremely delicate. Make sure yours is always kept clean and shiny at all times. In a bid not to allow your dog to sabotage your efforts, use the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop.

With its wedge design, the mop reaches the room’s deepest floor corners and effectively collects all dog hairs and dust.

Your first experience with Champion’s Old Fashioned Dust Mop will take your floor cleaning duster game to a whole new level. This dry mop works much better than a regular broom. Its electrostatic strands work incredibly well without the use of any dust treatment spray. Just mop, step outside, and shake off any dust and debris!

No dust mop in the market cleans as effectively as the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop. Its easy way of picking up dust, dirt, and dog hair is just enthralling.

Cleaning your Kitchen

Whoever you are, the kitchen is one of the favorite parts of a home. That’s where the food comes from, after all! Loving your kitchen comes with knowing how vital cleaning it is.

Kitchen counters are delicate parts of your kitchen. Grime and grease easily rest there, which is dangerous to your health as the bacteria can get to your food. In fact, 25mm of dirt and grease left on your cooking equipment’s heating coils can increase power consumption by 40%. To avoid all these issues, you have to clean all kitchen surfaces properly. As it is with all kinds of cleaning, it isn’t always enough to just clean. Some cleaning products contain some harmful chemicals you don’t mistakenly want to get in your food. You have to carefully use the right cleaning products.

We use Champion’s Ultra Concentrated Degreaser for our kitchen. It cleans our kitchen floor properly, leaving no room for slips or unwanted bacteria. We use it in cleaning all our kitchen surfaces and equipment without having to worry it’ll get into our food. When faucets get clogged with calcium deposits, we just mix half a tablespoon per quart of hot water in a bowl, pour it down the sink, and let it sit overnight. Boom!

Champion’s Ultra Concentrated Degreaser is super affordable. With just one 32 oz bottle, you can make about 256 gallons of grease-slaying solution. For general kitchen cleaning, mix half a tablespoon of the concentrate with a gallon of water and clean with a damp sponge. For dishes, pots, pans, silverware, and even glassware, just add 1 oz to 8 gallons of water and wash.

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Polishing your home

After proper cleaning, you might want to complete with polishing to give your furniture a touch-up or the metal instruments in your home a glistening finish. Champion’s Polishing Cloth has you covered on this. It is by far the best polish product on the market. It effectively polishes brass, silver, wood, chrome, gold, jewelry, and all other hard surface items.

One 9″ x 12″ polishing cloth is equal to one gallon of metal polish!

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This polishing cloth works on just about anything; cutlery, golf gear, leather, exhaust pipes, automobile, appliances, musical instruments, and even guns. It is safe to use for your rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Your shoes and handbags will thank you for it too.

This polish cloth doesn’t require much; no wetting or metal polishing product. It is entirely safe and toxin-free. Just rub, buff, and enjoy the shine.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—a deep insight into African home decor and maintenance. We hope you liked it. Whether you are moving into a new home or are planning a makeover, you have more than enough African decoration themes to give your home the chic warmth you need. Cheers!

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