Alternative Immune System Boosters: Reiki & Reflexology

Alternative Immune System Boosters

Therapeutic Reflexology

Therapeutic reflexology may provide a positive impact on a person’s health, particularly to the immune system. The ancient Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that putting too much energy on certain points of the body could lead to stress which might then trigger the weakening of the immune system.

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Although there are specific reflexology points that are targeted to potentially energize the immune system, a practitioner usually also addresses any other energy imbalances that are present in the body, to attempt to make sure that optimal immune system function may be achieved.

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Reflexology may also be employed for potentially improving circulation in the body. Having proper blood flow is a requisite of improved energy levels. In order to achieve better energy availability, the pathways must be opened first. You may be able to make this happen through reflexology.

Another way therapeutic reflexology may help to improve the immune system is because it has a potentially detoxifying effect on the body. The potential benefits of reflexology might help the body more efficiently expel waste as well as potentially overcoming sluggishness. This is important so that toxins are removed before they may cause or worsen the development of any illnesses.

After your therapeutic reflexology session, the reflexologist might tell you to drink plenty of water in the following hours, to potentially assist in the flushing process. You might notice yourself having a runny nose or having frequent trips to the toilet briefly following your reflexology session.  This only means that your body might be experiencing a detoxification process.


There might be many positive effects of Reiki on the immune system.  In a study conducted at the Helfgott Research Institute in Portland, Oregon, the participants were randomly grouped into three – the Reiki group, the relaxation group, and those who neither had Reiki nor relaxation.

Before the treatment started, each study participant had blood tests done. On treatment days, immediately following a Reiki session, another blood sample was drawn. Then four hours after each treatment their blood was checked again.

The results said that those who were in the Reiki group may have had an increase in the number of white blood cells, compared to the other two groups.

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Although this was only a small preliminary study, researchers said these findings provided a good basis for more studies on how Reiki might be used to improve the immune system.

Focus Areas

For potentially boosting the immune system, Reiki is focused on certain areas of the body. Reiki must concentrate on the following body parts:

  • Brain – which serves as the focal point of the body
  • Thymus – the master gland
  • Lower and upper extremities – these are the sites for bone marrow production
  • Skin – as one the primary entry points of the body

Applying Reiki, by focusing more attention on these specific areas, might stimulate the immune system by potentially providing a fresh supply of energy to the different areas of the body. This process may restore and potentially provide support to the immune system and might enable it to function at an optimal level.

It is also may be best to use Guided Imagery along with Reiki to have potentially positive results.

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