Attic Storage Ideas : Do’s and Don’ts

When you are going to be storing things in the attic there are things that you will want to avoid storing in there altogether. It can be a useful storage area of your home, but not everything should go up in the attic. There are the attic storage ideas you will want to consider. Things like the temperatures your attic reaches and if it gets wet in there.

You should address any concerns with leaking in your attic right away. You also want to think of the set-up of your attic. Once you have determined that your attic is ready to store items, you’ll want to take stock of your items and determine what things you can safely store in your attic and what you will want to skip storing up there. Here are some attic storage ideas of what you can consider storing up there and what you’ll likely want to avoid storing in your attic.

Part of the reason you might not want to use your attic for organizational storage is that it’s not always the most accessible part of your house. What you store up there should be things that you do not need very often. This way you’re avoiding the hassle of getting up into your basement to retrieve needed items.

Attic Storage Ideas: What to store?

Holiday décor

Since you only use these items once a year it saves you trips to the attic. If you have decorations for every season, you are still making multiple trips to the attic a year, but making a trip every few months is better than making one every few days.

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Seasonal items

Things like sporting gear that you only use at certain times of the year. Camping gear, winter sports equipment (skis, football gear, etc.) summer sports equipment (baseball gear, snorkeling, etc.).

Outgrown baby clothing or kids clothes

If you plan to have another child or do have another one that will grow into some outgrown clothing of one child, then putting things in the attic is a good place to store such items. And when you’re ready to use them again they’re right there handy in the attic.

When you store items like this in the attic, you should be sure to make it secure and clean. A mini duster can help remove any dust buildup over time in your attic. Even if your attic is not excessively humid, you still have to consider the temperatures and the possibility of animals in your attic. So to store things safely it’s a good idea to put items in plastic airtight bins. You also might want to create shelving in the extra space if you can or truss shelves make items easier to get at in your attic.

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You can easily grab things that are underneath others without disturbing the boxes above it. Hangers and hooks are another one of the great attic storage ideas.

Things You Should Never Store in Your Attic


The extreme temperatures can damage food containers and the food will attract animals.

Important papers

You don’t want anything that you’ll need quick easy access to up in your attic.

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The extreme heat of an attic is not conducive to storing electronics up there.



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With the heat, you do not want candles in your attic.

If you follow these attic storage ideas and tips of what to store and what not to store in your attic then you should be very pleased with the outcome.

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