The Best Detergent For Washing Baby Clothes

We’ve all heard of ‘baby soft skin’, and it’s true that babies and very young children have more sensitive and delicate skin than adults and older kids. We all know the age-old term “baby soft skin.” Babies definitely do have more delicate and sensitive skin that grown-ups. Therefore, since their clothes are constantly making direct contact with their skin, it’s important to choose the right laundry detergent when washing baby clothes. Don’t panic if you aren’t sure what detergent is best or how to properly wash your child’s clothes. Here is everything that you should know!

What is the ideal detergent to use for washing baby clothes?

When searching for the right detergent for your baby’s clothes, you’ll want to be on the lookout for two main qualities: gentleness and stain removing power. Most parents rely on non-bio detergents since bio-based detergents utilize stain-removing enzymes that can also be irritating to sensitive skin. High-quality non-bio detergents will remove any stains found on your toddler’s clothes while still keeping them soft and comfortable.


Should you use fabric conditioner when washing baby clothes?

If you want to maintain a gentle, soft, and snuggly feeling to your little one’s clothes, a hypoallergenic fabric conditioner that has been dermatologically tested can definitely help. There are some cases where you should avoid fabric softeners though. One case would be reusable cloth nappies. Fabric conditioners tend to leave a coat of fibers on these which will make them less absorbent. Flame-resistant baby clothing also shouldn’t be exposed to fabric softener as it could potentially ruin the fire-resistant fabric treatments.

Should you use a different washing approach as your children grow up?


As children get older, their skin will generally become less sensitive. You may want to switch to a biological enzyme detergent, especially if your kids are involved in sports like football, baseball, soccer, etc. These enzymatic cleaners are especially effective on fatty, starchy, and protein-based stains.


Keep in mind that it is best to not use bio detergents on natural fabrics, so make sure to keep some non-bio delicate fabric wash detergent around even if you aren’t washing baby clothing anymore.

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