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Best Mop for Engineered Hardwood Floors

Most home builders have turned away from all-natural hardwood, leaving us to find the best mop for engineered hardwood floors. If you are browsing for new flooring for your home, engineered hardwood flooring will most likely be recommended to you. This advanced flooring still contains natural hardwood on the top layer, which sits above multiple layers of recycled products.

The reason why engineered hardwood floors have risen above all-natural wood is due to moisture and humidity causing the wood to split and shift, leaving your floors in chaos. To save time and money, it’s best to know how to clean your engineered wood with quality products that will not damage your floor.

Why is floor care important?

There are certain factors that come into play that can easily cause flooring in the home to break down at a faster speed. Once you get into a specialized routine, it will leave your home looking beautiful and keep your mind at peace with how easily it can be done. Pet hair, dirt, dust, debris, spills, toys scratching on the surface, and wearing shoes can all add to difficulties with keeping your floors clean and valuable.

Cleaning up after them is just as important. A vacuum with bristles can actually harm your floors and using a broom to sweep the mess will just spread it around. Using a dry mop to leave the floor clean and bring it to its perfection is the best way to eliminate the situation of debris in your home without harming anything at all!

Dirt and debris

Did you know that dirt and debris can actually scratch your finished wood? It sure can! Even a man’s best friend can shed, leaving the pet hair floating in your home. The end result of these hair strands can leave scratches on your floor surfaces. If dirt and debris aren’t cleaned up properly and you begin to mop, you are actually pushing those tiny pieces down into your floor causing scratches on the top layer!

Using a broom to sweep engineered hardwood floors is not technically the best process to get rid of all of those pesky pieces of debris. The particles are then spread around and not collected from the floor surface. This is where a mop comes in to save the day!


Engineered hardwood floors are not fully resistant to water, but they still hold up much better than solid wood! If you use a mop that is heavily soaked in water, the wet wood in your house can lead to growing mold and bacteria. Excessive moisture can make your flooring expand and shift around just like all-natural hardwood floors. Parents with little ones definitely know how messy they can be (even though they don’t mean it) where spills of apple juice, milk, and others fall with grace to our floors.

We soak it up, wash it with whatever we have to relieve the stickiness, and then think to ourselves that we completed the mission. It’s important to know that certain cleaners are not the best to use and the piled-up chemicals on the surface lead to more damage in the future.

Safe products

To keep your floors clean and safe, looking for natural and non-toxic products is the key to success. Using chemicals is not only bad for you to breathe in and the environment, but it can lead to wear and tear of your finished wood. Save money by using the best engineered wood floor cleaner that will not leave residue or begin to fade your surface.

What is the best mop for engineered hardwood floors?

Engineered hardwood floors need to be taken care of. Once taken care of properly, you will begin to notice the ease of the process. The flooring will last longer and look better. With the right choice of mop for your home, you will notice how long mops for hardwood can last you. So, what is the best mop for engineered hardwood, and what is the best way to mop engineered hardwood floors?

Old Fashioned Dust Mop

The best mop to use to clean your floor and free it from all of the dirt is a dust mop. Dust is everywhere within our home and we can easily miss it while cleaning. Champion Supplies has the ultimate superhero of a mop that will use its own force for true cleaning power.

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What’s so powerful about this mop?

The Old Fashioned Dust Mop is the best mop for engineered hardwood floors. This mop has colorful yarn pieces that go through a proprietary electromagnetic static charge process. Want a mop that can last you a lifetime? Look no further than this old-style dust mop.

What can it do?

This mop is not only for your engineered flooring. It’s usable for laminate flooring as well, not to mention any other type of floor! The impressive way this mop can naturally pick up pet hair, dirt, dust, and debris by attaching to the yarn pieces will save time and money in our already busy lives.

Having the electromagnetic process doing all the work, there is no need for the use of toxic chemicals. All mops that are made of microfiber, cotton, and wool need chemicals since they do not have the power to naturally collect debris. Using regular products that are made of microfiber and cotton can eventually wear them down until they need to be replaced, ultimately taking more hard-earned money from your wallet! Who wants a hard and soiled mop to repeat floor cleaning with?

The Old Fashioned Dust Mop does not need to be washed. Simply collect the debris, walk outside, and shake it. Of course, if you feel the need to wash this mop, just use a solution of a light detergent and water. Air drying the damp mop is the best way to end that process.

Super Yellow Mop

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If you are looking for more vigorous cleaning of your engineered hardwood floor, this specialized mop can be utilized for multiple surfaces. Not only will it satisfy you with engineered wood, but it can be used on laminate and tile as well! It works well and provides the perfect damp mop when using a hardwood floor cleaner.

What is so special about this mop?

The Super Yellow Wet Mop will leave your floors looking brand new by not leaving a single scratch on the surface. A lot of the mop products we see in stores are made with stiff woven material. When that material gets hardened by the chemicals that you must use with it, mopping it can lead to scratches, and who wants more work to do when it damages your floor?

This yellow mop can easily remove tough spots that are aggravating to us as homeowners. The mop has non-woven fabric and will come to the rescue and remove that dirt and grime at a quick pace. The mop can soak up the water with the right amount where you don’t need to rush back to the sink for more water! Remember, too much water and moisture are not good for engineered floors.

When it’s ready for wringing to get the excess water off, it is simple to wring by hand. Better yet, this mop head is machine washable!

What to use when a cleaner is needed?

It is truly important to take quality care of engineered hardwood floors so that they can last years of being walked on. There are so many cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals and most of those leave residue even after wiping them off. Overuse of these chemical-based products will wear down the surface of floors. The environment and your own body will thank you for choosing natural and effective products to use in your home! So, where should you look for the best engineered wood floor cleaner?

Purchase the best product

Look for professional advice on cleaning products for your home. Be careful when buying these products within the normal stores that you shop at due to having many options to choose from and the associates may not know all about each and every product they sell. It can be overwhelming standing in a cleaning aisle wondering which product will save you time and money in the long run. Also, what is the safest to use?

Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

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At Champion Supplies, we offer the best quality cleaner for your hardwood flooring to provide you with the satisfaction of a naturally clean home. Use this product on laminate flooring as well and eliminate the overwhelming stress of products that can ultimately cause you to spend more money.

The Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner was created with customers in mind, bringing you a product that is built with non-toxic ingredients that clean with simplicity. Before tackling those tough spots on your floors with the Super Yellow Wet Mop, this cleaner is able to spray on the go. Just spray it on the floor and mop it up for maximum beauty! There is no need to get the mop wet in heavy water, which can lead to moisture wear and tear on your floor. Also, this professional product leaves absolutely no residue after it does its job well.

Hardwood and Laminate Floor Finish Shine

Take an extra step to add beauty and life to your engineered hardwood floors by allowing them to look brand new. The Hardwood and Laminate Floor Finish from Champion Supplies is ready to help out with ease. Not only does this product apply shine to the surface, but it also protects the flooring, creating a fierce barrier on the top layer of the wood planks. No more worrying about spills on the floor that can soak into the wood floor leaving moisture inside to annoy the planks. This high-gloss product is simple to use by just spraying it on the floor and mopping it up with the Yellow Wet Mop.

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Step by step rundown

Final Thoughts

All of us hard-working adults truly want a simple life when we are finished with our working day. When it is time to clock out at work and go home for the evening, there is so much that needs to be done. Cooking dinner, taking care of children, feeding the pets, and getting ready for the next day is a typical evening. Finding solutions to better care for your engineered hardwood floors will save you time, money, and overall stress.

Check to see what products you use in your home for hardwood floor cleaning and compare it with what products are ultimately better to use. Replace a vacuum or broom with a dry floor mop that naturally gathers debris within the home. Remember that debris can scratch the top layer of hardwood floors, being engineered or not. Find the best mop for engineered hardwood floors to use that you can trust to do the job right.

Another very good idea would be to apply a floor finish that can protect your floors from potential scratches due to messes on the floor. Sometimes, dust and other particles can even go unnoticed and we don’t even realize they’re putting marks on the floorboards.

We might not even know or realize that any of this can happen in our house. When we do start to notice, it could be too late where we need to spend more money to replace flooring and sit for hours on the Internet researching what to do. You can trust this step-by-step guide and information to allow you to rest at night knowing your home is clean and cleaned in the right way.

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