Best Oil for Turbo Diesel Engines

Choosing the best oil for turbo diesel engines can provide numerous benefits. Following are just a few of those benefits. A high-performance engine oil specifically designed for turbo diesel engines can enhance fuel economy by effectively lowering friction and drag.

Benefits of Synthetic-based Diesel Oil

Another amazing benefit of choosing the best possible engine oil is that its effective service life can be vastly extended by up to three times longer. The safest and most scientific way to maximize and extend engine oil life is to send the oil off to a laboratory for oil analysis.


Typically, the best type of engine oil to use for turbo diesel engines is one that is engineered with 100% pure synthetic base stocks. These synthetic base stocks have an outstanding capability to flow in very cold temperatures, especially during cold temperature startups. In fact, it has been proven that 80% of engine wear occurs when the engine is first started up.

Because synthetic oils flow so easily during cold weather, they will significantly reduce wear during cold starts. This is another example of how choosing the best oil for turbo diesel engines can bring real benefits.

A high-performance synthetic motor oil formulated for turbo diesel engines can stay in service for long drain intervals, thus lowering the requirement for waste oil disposal. The advanced lubricating technology engineered into such synthetic engine oils will pay dividends over the long-term.

Turbo diesel-powered vehicles present engine oils with difficult and grueling challenges. Because of these extreme operating environments found within turbo diesel engines, it is critical that high-performance synthetic diesel oils are seriously considered.

Protect your Turbocharger

The turbochargers used in diesel engines can spin at over 100,000 RPMs and more. These super high RPMs can create high heat and extreme shearing forces that lesser quality lubricants fail to deal with.

The high heat and shearing forces will cause low-quality lubricants to lose viscosity by breaking down. Low-performance motor oils, when exposed to these difficult operating environments, tend to lose their friction-reducing abilities, thus leading to increased wear and temperatures. This exposes critical engine parts to potential failures.













Additionally, turbocharged diesel engines tend to create a certain level of fuel dilution. This fuel dilution can increase viscosity loss, further exposing engines to unnecessary wear.

If the goal is to provide the best protection and maximum performance when diesel engines are forced to operate during high heat and extreme loads, then the only strategy is to seriously consider utilizing a modern high-performance synthetic engine oil designed for turbocharged diesel engines.

It goes without saying that your typical turbocharged diesel vehicle requires a large investment and without a doubt, choosing any lubricant that will extend engine life and reduce downtime is a logical choice.

One of the great benefits that bring customers to purchasing turbo diesel vehicles is the excellent fuel economy they can deliver. In regards to maximizing fuel economy, the best oil for turbo diesel engines would be 100% pure synthetic.

Turbochargers for diesel engines are designed with very small orifices. These orifices need to stay clean so that the engine oil can flow uninhibited so as to be able to dissipate and remove the extreme heat that is generated away from the bearings.

Utilizing a high-performance 100% synthetic diesel engine oil that is formulated for turbocharged diesel engines will help keep engines clean and minimize potential contamination and clogging of turbocharger orifices.

With all the massive changes that have occurred in the turbo diesel engine industry, plus with the changes in engine oil specifications, it is important to choose an engine oil that is designed and formulated to meet and exceed the latest turbo-diesel engine specifications and lubricant specifications.

There are many lubricant manufacturers to choose from. All have the ability and experience to manufacture oil for diesel engines that meet the basic OEM and industry specifications. With that said, there are certain unique lubricant manufacturers that have taken a different philosophical approach in how they decide to engineer, formulate, and market their engine oils.

Consider Custom Blended Synthetic Oils

Rather than be “me-too” lubricant manufacturers, the approach of these high-performance lubricant manufacturers is to deviate from the norm and create the best motor oil that far exceeds industry standards and requirements. Their number one priority is maximum performance, without consideration to the cost of making such an engine oil.

When looking at such types of high-performance lubricants, it does require a modification of the way one thinks about oils. An open mind is useful.










When a chemist decides to create a turbo diesel engine oil, they have tiered levels of performance to choose from in the additive catalog. If the goal is to create an oil that meets the bare minimum of OEM and industry standards, plus end up with engine oil that can be marketed at a very low price, then the chemist must choose the Tier 1 level.

The Tier 2 level would be those name brand diesel oils that most are familiar with. Consider the Tier 2 level a mid-range performance oil. These are decent lubricants that meet all industry standards, and at the end of the day, they deliver workmanlike performance. They come in a standard price range. Most of your factory fill and aftermarket brand lubricants fall within this category.

The Tier 3 level is the pinnacle of performance. Companies in this range are rather limited, but the quality and performance of such engine oils far exceed the other two-tier levels that were just discussed.

When the goal is to choose the best oil for turbo diesel engines, the only choice is to search out engine oils that have been formulated with Tier 3 level quality additives.

Turbo-diesel engine oils that are formulated with only the absolute best additives and synthetic base oils will deliver real value to the end-user. These specialized custom-blended engine oils typically utilize a unique blending process that creates a synergistic effect on both the additive chemistry and the base stocks. The result is a high performing engine oil.

When searching for the best oil for turbo diesel engines, make sure that the oil utilizes 100% synthetic base stock oils that are thermally stable, so as to protect diesel engines over a broad range of temperatures, from both extremely hot to extremely cold.

Why Use High-Performance Engine Oil Additives?

In the majority of cases, these high-performance custom-blended diesel engine oils tend to contain additive chemistries that have higher-than-normal volumes of additives, which deliver superior protection.

Specialized turbo diesel engine oils will contain robust quantities of additives such as anti-wear and anti-oxidant additives, detergents, dispersants, anti-foam inhibitors, pour point depressants, rust and corrosion inhibitors, high VI synthetic base stock oils, and friction modifying agents.

When formulated all together, these heavy-duty additive chemistries provide superior protection over long periods of service that far exceed conventional oil for diesel engines.

Turbo-diesel engines will create damaging acids that form in motors using SCR and EGR tech systems. It is critical that these damaging corrosive acids be neutralized as quickly and effectively as possible.

Neutralize Destructive Acids in your Engine

By choosing the best oil for a turbo diesel engine, such an oil should offer a higher-than-normal total base number. The higher the TBN, the more effective an oil is at neutralizing acids.









In addition to having a high enough total base number, it is important that oil have the capability of retaining this acid-neutralizing total base number over an engine oil’s long service life. Retaining an oil’s original TBN over a long period of time is extremely important in helping this oil to battle the increased acids that exist in a turbo diesel engine.

If you decide to change to a custom blended high-performance oil designed for turbo diesel engines, then expect this oil to offer superior TBN retention capabilities. Expect damaging corrosive acids to be kept in check and eliminated, thus providing you a clean engine, extended service life, and maximum engine protection.











Here are the following benefits if one chooses to utilize the best oil for turbo diesel engines:

  • Drain intervals up to three times longer with scientific oil analysis.
  • Exceeding most OEM engine builder recommendations and specs so you only need one oil for most of your needs.
  • Cooler operating temps from a reduction of friction and drag, translating to improved fuel economy.
  • A multi-grade viscosity engine oil that delivers superior fuel economy, for example, a 15W40 diesel oil or a 5W40 diesel oil.
  • Superior TBN retention properties, neutralizing acids, maintaining engine cleanliness, and high performance over long periods of time.


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