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Best Way to Clean Dog Hair Off Hardwood Floors

Our dogs are a part of our families and we love them like they are our actual children. Unlike our actual children, our dogs shed frequently to remove excess hair from their bodies. As dog hair sheds, it can cause plenty of issues throughout your home.

In addition to the fact that shedding makes it harder to keep your floors clean, dog hair can also make allergies flare up. As special as your dog is to you, you probably also know that your hardwood floors are fragile, and cleaning them is a chore that must be done often and with great care.

In this article, we are going to explore the best way to clean dog hair off hardwood floors. Join us as we discuss all of the different ways you might want to go about cleaning hardwood floors.

The Problems with Dog Hair

When dog hair sheds onto the hardwood floor in your home, there are quite a few consequences that could happen if the dog hair is not cleaned frequently.


If you are prone to allergies or sensitive to dog hair, then it is essential that you keep your floors and furniture free of dog hair on a regular basis. As a pet owner, you will have to frequently take care of the loose dog hair that finds itself in various parts of your home.

Making sure your floors and furniture are regularly cleaned can make a big difference in the way your body reacts to dog hair. There are plenty of different methods for cleaning dog hair off of your hardwood floors. Just find the method that works best for you to reduce the effects of dog hair on your allergies.

Damaged/Dulled Flooring

Many people who purchase homes with hardwood flooring will agree that flooring is often a central focus of the home. Hardwood floors are very beautiful, but they are also sensitive and require special attention. When hardwood floors have dirt, dust, or debris left on them for any length of time, then that debris will begin to dull or damage the sealant on your hardwood flooring.

Dog hair and dander are no exception to this fact. As a dog owner, it is your duty to make sure that your dog’s hair does not permanently damage your home. Regularly sweeping, dusting, or vacuuming the floor and finishing with a wet mop is ideal for keeping dog hair off your hardwood floor.

Ways to Reduce Shedding

If you find that you are struggling to keep your wood floors free of dog hair, then there are several things you can try to reduce the amount of shedding that your dog does. Reducing the amount of hair that sheds onto the floor will reduce the number of times per day that you need to focus on cleaning up dog hair from the floor.

Regularly Brush Your Dog

Every breed of dog is different when it comes to how often you need to brush your dog’s coat. You can find all kinds of information on how often to brush your dog based on their breed. However, you also need to make sure that you have the correct type of brush for your dog’s coat to be most effective.

  • Bristle Brush: Bristle brushes are great for any type of dog coat which makes them a versatile choice for the dog owner. However, if your dog’s fur is particularly long or thick, then there is a better choice to brush loose hair from your dog’s fur.
  • Wire Pin Brush: Wire pin brushes have stiff bristles that are spaced further apart to help get through longer or more difficult to brush hair. These brushes are ideal for dogs with curly hair, or thick and long hair that easily tangles.
  • Slicker Brush: A slicker brush is made with softer wire bristles. This type of brush is designed to remove difficult tangles or even heavy mats from the coat of a dog.
  • Combs: Usually made of rubber, a comb is ideal for a short-hair breed dog. Short-haired dogs need to be brushed regularly to help massage the skin and remove loose hair that is going to be shed on your floor.

Regularly brushing your dog is the very best practice for reducing excess dog hair that might be shed on your hardwood floors. In fact, brushing your dog should be done for regular grooming and comfort of the dog.

Shedding Tool

Some dogs shed during certain seasons and other dogs tend to shed year-round. However, you should consider investing in a shedding tool to help reduce the amount of shedding that your dog does in between grooming sessions.

A shedding tool is designed to gently remove and capture the loose dog hair that is waiting to damage your wood floors. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to use on your dog to make your life a little bit easier.

Keep Your Dog Well-Fed and Hydrated

When a dog is shedding more than usual, this could be a sign that the dog is not getting a healthy diet or is a bit dehydrated. Ensuring that the food you feed your dog has all of the necessary vitamins and minerals for a dog’s health is essential to taking care of your dog’s coat. Dogs require those vitamins and minerals in order to make sure that they are not having early breakage or shedding of their hair.

Excessive shedding is also a sign of dehydration. Most veterinarians agree that your dog should be drinking about an ounce of water per pound that they weigh each day. When a dog does not get enough water, his/her skin becomes dry and hair is much more likely to fall out of dry and unconditioned skin.


If you have a dog, then you should be regularly bathing your dog with a high-quality shedding shampoo. Use a rubber glove while bathing the dog that has rubber bristles. The rubber bristles will help to massage the dog and rid any excess loose hair that might be waiting to be shed on your floor.

Bathing your dog regularly with quality shampoo is another way to make sure that the dog’s skin is properly conditioned. Remember, skin that is too dry or has excess dead skin will shed more than dog skin that is well taken care of.

Dryer Sheets

There is such thing as bathing your dog too often, however. In order to make sure that you are not bathing your dog too often, you can use dryer sheets in between baths. Dryer sheets have a few benefits for use in between baths for your dog.

First of all, using a dryer sheet on your dog’s coat leaves them smelling fresh and clean. Secondly, a dryer sheet adds moisture to the skin much like a lotion would for us. Lastly, if you use the dryer sheet after you have brushed your dog, then you can catch many of the loose hairs still left in their coat.

Small dog.
Reducing dog shedding is step one in keeping dog hairs off of your hardwood floors.

Cleaning Dog Hair from Hardwood Floors

We have mentioned several times how important it is to keep your hardwood floors free of dog hair. Dog hair can cause or exacerbate allergies, and it can cause permanent damage to your hardwood floor. So, you may be wondering how to effectively clean your hardwood floors? There are a few different methods that you might choose.

If you want to completely remove dog hair from falling onto the floor, you should also keep your furniture, bedding, and other fabrics clean from dog hair frequently. You can actually accomplish this by using a lint roller. Using a lint roller to remove dog hair from furniture and fabrics is easy and can save you a cleaning headache later.


A vacuum cleaner is one of the many tools that people might use to clean dog hair from their home and hardwood floors. Of course, there are many different types of vacuum cleaners and each one is not made equally for cleaning dog hair from your hardwood floor.

Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuums are well-known for their ability to work on hardwood and other types of hard flooring. Typically, a canister vacuum features a separate motor that rolls around behind the suction handle. Although canister vacuum cleaners are well known for being great for hardwood floors and area rugs, they are not considered the best option for carpets. This means that you would need additional tools if you have carpet in your home.

Upright Vacuum

An upright vacuum is what we consider the most traditional or most common type of vacuum cleaner. These vacuums are not typically recommended for use on hardwood floors. They are heavy and have brush rolls that if accidentally used on hardwood floors could damage your flooring.

Stick Vacuum

Most commonly used for quick clean-up on hard floors, the stick vacuum is a less powerful, battery-operated version of the canister vacuum. However, the stick vacuum cleaner does not have a separate motor. Although these are generally accepted for use on a hardwood floor, they are probably not the most powerful option for someone looking to clean dog hair from all the areas of their home.

Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuum cleaners are also used frequently to clean up small messes around the home. Most people use a handheld vacuum to reach areas that their regular vacuum cannot easily reach. Staircases and the area underneath and the surface of furniture are the most common uses for a handheld vacuum. A handheld vacuum cleaner can come in handy for a dog owner.

Pet Vacuum

The pet vacuum is actually not very different from the traditional vacuum cleaner. These vacuums are most often used in homes where there are plenty of carpets. Generally, these are not recommended for use on hardwood floors. The major difference between the traditional vacuum and the pet vacuum cleaner is actually the ease of cleaning clogs and hair from the vacuum.

Robotic Vacuum

A robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the newest forms of advanced cleaning technology. Robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to clean the open area of your home and most do a really great job. For the most part, these vacuums are considered a great option for dog owners and they can help reduce the amount of work you have to do daily to keep your floors clean.

Dust Mop

There are two major types of dust mops that can be used to clean your hardwood floors: old-fashioned dust mops and disposable dust mop systems.

Old Fashioned Dust Mop

Old Fashioned Dust Mop Banner 4


An old-fashioned dust mop is extremely safe for use on hardwood floors. It will help to clean all of the dog hair and dander off of your hardwood floors and is a great tool to use for the first step of cleaning.

The Old Fashioned Dust Mop from Champion Supplies is a sturdy choice and it effectively picks up dog hair from hardwood floors. This is a long-lasting purchase that gathers up dog hair without spreading the hair and dander all around. It is easily cleaned, but you will not have to replace the mop head often if you take care of it.

Disposable Dust Mop

You are probably familiar with the leading brands in disposable dust mop systems. While the marketing for these systems would lead you to believe that they are perfect for hardwood floors, the truth is that they do not collect dirt and debris like their marketing leads you to believe, and in fact, they spread more than they pick up.

Further, these disposable systems require multiple purchases because you cannot reuse the dust pads each time you clean. Some of these disposable systems are full of chemicals that could harm your hardwood flooring. Even worse, these disposable pads are not friendly to the environment, so if this is something that you care about then this is probably not the option for you.

Broom and Dustpan

Many people use a traditional rubber broom and old-fashioned dustpan to sweep their hardwood floors. One of the main issues with a traditional broom is that it does not always do the most efficient job at cleaning up the dirt and debris off of your floor. In fact, you are much more likely to leave dog hair on your floor when using a plain old broom.

However, there is a solution if you prefer using a broom over a dust mop. The Soft-Sweep Upright Broom from Champion Cleaning Supplies is actually a broom that acts just like an old-style dust mop. Instead of flinging the debris all around on your hardwood floors, the soft sweep fibers help to attract dog hair and thoroughly clean your floors.

Traditional Mop

Before you can use a traditional mop on your hardwood floors, you will need to ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned the floors free of dog hair. You should also be sure that whatever mop you use is gentle on the hardwood as you do not want to damage your floors while cleaning them.

You will want to avoid using a sponge mop on your hardwood floors. Sponge mops have several disadvantages over other mops. For use on hardwood floors, sponge mops are particularly damaging. Sponge mops have a tendency to leave puddles of water on your floor. As you know, puddles of water can easily damage your beautiful hardwood floors.

The Super Yellow Wet Mop from Champion Supplies is a soft mop designed to be gentle on the hardwood floors in your home. As an added bonus, this mop head has an absorbent fabric that will attract and trap dog hair making sure that your floor is truly cleaned.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Some people choose to mop with just plain old water, and that can be fine. However, when you are a dog owner, you might be interested in more than just mopping to clean the floor. You might also be interested in conditioning and protecting your floor as well. If so, you might want to consider using a cleaner with the water that you use for mopping your floors.

Choose a floor cleaner that is free from harmful chemicals to ensure that you do not damage your hardwood floors. Champion Supplies sells a great Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner that is both non-toxic and completely green. It will help remove tough stains but it is also gentle enough to use every single day on your hardwood floors.

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Hardwood Polishers

Once you have cleaned your floors thoroughly, you might choose to use a polisher to finish the hardwood cleaning off. A floor polisher can make it easier to clean your floor less often. While you will still need to sweep or vacuum regularly, floor polishers can help to reduce the need to mop by protecting the floor from dog dander and hair.

Champion Supplies sells a Hardwood and Laminate Floor Finish that can help to restore the shine of hardwood floors that have become dull. After you have completely cleaned your floor, you can actually use the Yellow Wet Mop to apply the floor finish to your floor for shine and beauty to be restored.

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Best Choice for Cleaning Dog Hair

There is not really one right answer for this, but we can certainly share our choice for the best way to clean dog hair off hardwood floors. You have to remember that thoroughly cleaning your hardwood floors is a process, so in order to make sure you get it completely right, we will list the steps for cleaning your floor as thoroughly as possible.

Step 1: We truly believe that an old-fashioned dust mop is the single most effective way to remove the loose dirt and dog hair from your floors in preparation for deep cleaning. The Old-Fashioned Dust Mop is an excellent choice. It is high-quality, easy to use, and you can trust it to get all the dog hair from your floors.

Simply go over the area of your home that you are preparing to deep clean with the Old Fashioned Dust Mop. Be sure to get into all the crevices, corners, and underneath furniture.

Step 2: After you have swept your floors with a dust mop, you should use a regular wet mop that is damp with water and a small amount of floor cleaner. An excellent combo would be the Yellow Wet Mop and Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner from Champion Supplies. These eco-friendly options are really thorough and durable for taking care of your hardwood floors.

Step 3: (Optional) For an added layer of protection against further harm, you might consider using Champion Supplies Hardwood and Laminate Finish on your floors. This solution is chemical-free and eco-friendly. It protects your floors from damage and gives them a shiny and beautiful finish.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping your floor free from dog hair can be a daunting task. However, it is an important task for the dog owner in order to keep your hardwood floors clean and your allergies at bay. We hope you have enjoyed this blog post on the best way to clean dog hair off hardwood floors!

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