Coastal Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms


Have you been to the coastal offshores lately? If so, we bet you couldn’t help but bask in the mesmerizing scenes of coconut trees aligning the coast and the beautiful seashells laying along the water. While you couldn’t help but continue admiring the scene, how would you feel if we told you there was a way to bring this beach vibe interior design into your living room?

There are several ways to incorporate a coastal theme into your living room. In this blog post, we’ll go over all of the best coastal decorating ideas for living rooms.

Coastal Nautical Decor Elements for your Home

While wall paintings and wall pictures could be the ideal ways of bringing any theme to life inside and out of your house, they have to be tuned to rhyme with the colors and textures that bring the coastal feeling alive. The choice of colors and textures may vary, but some common elements include the following:

  • Soft blues, yellows, and grays.
  • Crisp white linen.
  • Baskets.
  • Pattern mixtures and textures that bring a sense of warmth and dimension.
  • Cotton textiles and lightweight linen for a casual, beachy look.
  • Some worn, chirpy furniture.
  • A collection of seashells.
  • A selection of nautical decorating materials such as ropes, sisal, rattan, and driftwood nod.
  • White furniture and walls would be perfect for an open, airy vibe.

These and many other nautical decor ideas could perfectly bring the coastal theme right into your living room. First, let us look at the type of house that these elements could match perfectly with for the ideal coastal look.

The Structure of a Coastal House

You do not have to build a house at the coast to achieve a coastal feel and touch. A house can also be given am interior coastal look. Here are some common features of coastal-themed houses, whether they’re actually on the coast or not.

Exposed Beams

Exposed ceiling beams are ideal for an old world and country-chic appeal, and they add an attractive sense of strength and heft to your room. You can incorporate this in an existing home to give you the ultimate coastal look you are desiring, or you can design it from the start of a new house you intend to build.

Cathedral Ceilings

Cathedral ceilings are two equal sloping sides lying parallel to the pitch of the roof. These two sides slope and later meet at a ridge running across the length of the room. Cathedral ceilings exemplify the coastal theme and are a key consideration when bringing the coastal nautical decor to life within your home.

Built-in Shelves

Your living room won’t lack the extra space to hold a built-in shelf. You can bring in ocean themed living room ideas such as shells, baskets, mermaid figurines, etc. to give your living room the coastal look you have dreamt of all along.

White Walls

White walls have been proven to bring an inviting atmosphere into your house. The relation between white walls and the coastal theme is evident. The beach is always white and bright in color, and the best way to incorporate this attraction into your room is by painting your walls in a bright, white color.

Ample-sized Windows

Bigger is always considered better when it comes to coastal window sizes. A majority of coastal-minded homeowners like it when the house is fitted with ample-sized windows that allow the free flow of fresh air and breeze into the house. Costal house designs typically incorporate this design to allow fresh air and the coastal breeze into the house.

So, if you are building your house to incorporate the coastal theme, you can never leave out these large architectural window designs.

Open Floor plans

Open floor plans would be advantageous for reflecting natural light from the walls and open windows, giving your house a full light display. There’s no better house theme to incorporate an open floor plan into than the coastal nautical decor theme.

Coastal Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms: Perfect Coastal Theme Decor

Your dreams of achieving a beautiful coastal decor for your living room are easier when you have the right ideas and follow the right guidelines. Below are some of the coastal decorating ideas for living rooms you could follow for the ideal beach vibe interior design.

Incorporate Coastal Color Art

How are you going to achieve the perfect coastal theme in your living without adding a touch of oceanic blue into the mix? Bring the sea theme into your living room by splashing onto the walls the shades of ocean blue that satisfy your taste and desires.

The blue shades that perfectly befit a traditional coastal-style living room include tidal pool aqua, deep-sea navy, Mediterranean azure, pale seagrass green, and bright cerulean. Contrasting the saturated blues with bright, clean white walls act as large crunchy canvases over which the blue spectrums pop.

Include Nautical Patterns

A stripe pattern can bring out the coastal nautical decor theme perfectly. You can use it in any form of the pattern you like. Think in the angle of a navy Breton stripe and bring the sailing theme into your living room. This stripe represents a French sailor shirt while a thicker cabana stripe gives a beachy touch.

If you aren’t sure about the colors and stripes you should use, you can opt for nautical symbols such as ropes, anchors, compasses, and life rafts. You can balance the color patterns with the nautical symbols to your liking.

Try Coastal Fabrics

Linen and cotton fabrics bring about a beachy and light feel. When choosing a fabric for your coastal-style living room, you have to consider one that is naturally resistant to bacteria and can handle sandy feet and wet bathing suits like linen if you really are on the beach. Cotton, on the other hand, is the textile ideal for casual spaces.

Spice up with Coastal Decorations

One of the best coastal decorating ideas for living rooms is incorporating artifacts from the coast. This is the perfect time to bring the shells, starfish, sea glass, coral, driftwood, and other treasures you may have collected into play.

A better idea of displaying the seashells would be to fill a glass vase with sand and drop a few of your outstanding seashells for a truly unique beach-inspired display. Some fresh coastal flowers and plants can also work well in bringing the perfect coastal look.

If you have been lucky enough to go to the sea, you can bring home maritime pieces such as ship steering wheels, bottles, anchors, and ropes for an outstanding coastal look.

Benefits of using Coastal Nautical Decor

Why should you worry about getting outstanding coastal nautical decor? Is the hard work worth it? Keep reading to find out!

Gives a Relaxing Look

Going to the coast is always associated with a relaxed mood. Bringing that theme into your living room introduces that mood right into your home. For this reason, such designs are mainly used in hotel rooms, restaurants, and other places of relaxation.

Admirable Wall Art

It is not surprising to see many facilities and coastal houses incorporating the ideal pictures of the sea with boats and a few sea activities in their interior decor plans. This is because such pictures are so admirable and are loved by many for their relaxing look.

It is not very demanding

Thanks to nautical decor’s easy-going nature, you can easily use it in a room that needs one or two decorations, and the effect will spread over to cover the effect of numerous pictures on the wall. Just a few nautical pictures or paintings can communicate the coastal theme perfectly in your living room.

Perfect Gifting Idea for Sailors

Sailors use most of their time at sea either traveling or fishing. Therefore, they would appreciate it if they could have something that gives them a piece of what makes up a good portion of their daily lives. Gifting a sailor a piece of a table with a painting of voyagers in the sea or gifting them a picture of the same to hang on the wall could be a perfect gift for them.

Cleaning Your Coastal-Themed House

After securing your perfect coastal nautical decor theme, you need to remain on top of your game to make the theme maintain its original colors and touch of excellence. A straightforward way of achieving this is by maintaining high cleanliness standards.

You need detergents and special cleaning tools for an effective cleaning process in your home. Let us see what tools and detergents you could use to bring out the best of your internal decor elements.

Champion Performance plus All-Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser

You can always rely on the high-quality cleaning services this detergent offers. It comes with outstanding properties you will not find in other multi-surface cleaners.

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Even the harshest stains from some of the most challenging soils cannot remain standing under the scrubbing power of this cleaner. It cleans glasses easily and faster thanks to its super wetters, which ensure faster and complete rinsing.

Additionally, Performance Plus comes with a pleasant scent and a powerful ability to destroy bad odor. It is environmentally friendly as it poses no harm to plants, so it has no negative effect when you use it on the outer walls of your home. It is biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Champion Polishing Cloth

You need a super polisher like Champion Polishing Cloth if you intend to remove dirt, tarnish, rust in an effortless process. After using this superior cleaning cloth, your possessions and artifacts will be returned to their original clean and shiny state.

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It polishes all hard surfaces perfectly. A good scrub from this polishing cloth gives your wood, metal, and glass surfaces the desired cleanliness and shine.

Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop

Handle all your dust mopping needs with the top-notch Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop that does more than an ordinary dust mop can handle. Don’t allow your nautical coastal decor theme on the floor to hide away in the dirt and dust because of a poor dust mop. The electromagnetic strands of this dust mop easily pick up dust without the need for dust treatment spray. Simply run the mop over the floor, step outside, and shake off the dust.

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Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser

You spent a lot of time and money researching and building an authentic nautical coastal decor theme for your home’s interior and surfaces, and you can’t afford to lose that beauty to grease and dirt. Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser makes an incredible 256 gallons of cleaner from one 32 ounce bottle!

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Champion Super Yellow Mop

For cleaning tough floor stains, the Champion Yellow Wet Mop is the ideal floor mop for your home. This mop is extremely easy to wring out by hand and can absorb up to 5 times its weight in water. The Champion Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner or Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner are the perfect biodegradable and phosphate-free companions to this powerful floor mop.

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While it works perfectly on tiled floors, the Super Yellow Wet Mop is also great for a multiple of other floor surfaces.


Implementing these coastal decorating ideas for living rooms is something you could easily do for yourself at home. Dcorating can sometimes be hard work, but bringing the beauty of the ocean into your living room is definitely worth it!

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