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Coastal Master Bathroom Ideas

In contrast to dramatic bathroom colors and shades, we prefer to be minimalist by using coastal master bathroom ideas to create a soothing atmosphere indoors rather than outdoors. Such ideas provide us with choices of clean yet elegant décor in many styles that garner attention without doing too much. Also, we can incorporate elements that are affordable all the while maintaining their natural appeal.

You can also flex your decorative muscle by using classic coastal-themed accessories that will turn heads. Or perhaps you want to capture warm scenery filled with relaxation, sunshine, icy beverages, and crystal clear blue waves on a beautiful summer day. Whether in the form of a pattern or a solid color, a theme of paradise is a refreshing addition to the improvement and appearance of your bathroom.

What is Coastal Decor?

Coastal décor is inspired by an individual location where the coastline meets water. Designs can consist of a sailboat, tall palm trees, sketch art of a coastal farmhouse, or the surface of wood that has a light shade to it. Furthermore, adding a lighthouse or a pattern of blue and white stripes complements the entire concept perfectly.

At some point, you may have crossed paths with coastal décor but you didn’t realize it. However, when in search of coastal master bathroom ideas, your depictions of the coast should be realistic. Especially a select few that are reminiscent of a memorable experience you had at a vacation spot. You can also simply enjoy the many available traditional, decorative choices in the space.

Three types of coastal décor are popular and commonly used to transform a bland theme into one that is lively:

  • Nautical
  • Beachy
  • Tropical

For coastal master bathroom ideas, these types can be combined or followed on an individual basis.


Nautical-themed décor is associated with settling at sea and surviving with bare necessities. Large ships, anchors, and thick rope usually come to mind because each represents the rustic (also related to Scandinavian décor) style. Although many shades of blue exist, navy blue is considered to be stylish and stands out among any other individual shade of blue. When combined with white, the result is gorgeous with a whimsical feel.

Imagine sitting by the seaside and a large ship floats while idle under a blue sky on a breezy day. A lifebuoy that bears the name of the ship is connected to several ropes and hangs. This is simply one idea that is as close to spending time at the bay as you can get. It also includes a few elements that you would most likely see at a naval base.


Relaxing on lounge chairs in the sand while soaking up the sun and looking out toward the horizon is a scene that many people enjoy. A beachy theme is perfect all year round even after the summer season has ended. If you’ve never been to a beach, you can be as imaginative as possible by using chic accessories while decorating. Or if you’re a regular visitor, you can decorate more accurately because it’s familiar to you.

The shades that are often related to this theme can range from light yellow to turquoise for a classic beach atmosphere.


An island in the tropics is a great theme to use. Bright and vivid color schemes are intended to lure visitors. Colorful parrots, cottages, and exotic flowers are partly what make the tropical experience what it is. Depending on the culture of an island, you’ll quickly see how to adjust to the trends and design methods whether it’s clothing, furniture, or materials in general.

A few choices for décor are a light blue dolphin, a pink flamingo statue, or a coral frame of a fish jumping out of the sea for your photos. Or perhaps the artwork of an octopus crawling on an ocean floor. A crab or lobster running at a fast pace on land is another idea.

Coastal bathroom decor.
White walls and various coastal plants make for excellent coastal bathroom decor.

How to Plan Your Coastal Master Bathroom Ideas

Before you go on a shopping frenzy for items to give your bathroom a coastal makeover, you need to understand the importance of organization. To simply throw everything together can lead to styles, designs, and decorations that clash and aren’t attractive at all.

Planning can make the process easy rather than choosing randomly to the point where you’ll find yourself lost. Even an item such as a bath towel should match or combine well with the décor. It would be wise for you to look at coastal bathroom ideas from companies that specialize in interior decoration. This will help you get the inspiration to learn how to coordinate and be perceptive about your choices.

For a DIY approach, you can use step-by-step instructions and purchase what you need all within a reasonable budget. But there are a few points that you need to remember to get the result that you want. Also, you want a result that gives the illusion that a professional was responsible for such a stunning job well done.

The Difference Between Color and Shade

Some people mistake both color and shade as interchangeable. However, the latter is derived from the former but can’t be reversed. For example, purple is a primary color but when combined with white the result is the shade of lavender. Black is another color that is used to create dark shades such as onyx, maroon, and navy blue.

Look at examples of coastal master bathroom ideas to see colors and shades that are regularly used. This is highly important for you to know before starting the design process because you don’t want to start using a certain color if you intend to use a certain shade that contrasts poorly with it. You should remember to use colors and shades that contrast. Use coral with white rather than orange with red-orange. Also, try to refrain from combining colors that are hard on the eyes such as a bright shade of blue with a bright shade of green.

Finding the Right Accessories

Lights and a mirror are practically synonymous in terms of bathroom décor and are important among coastal bathroom ideas. Regarding accessories, a patio and pool are structured vanities that can be added by choice. But not just any décor will do though. The patio can be built with bamboo which is common in the tropics or nautical decals can be placed on the bottom surface of a pool.

A wooden shower bench or even two benches are thoughtful additions for opposite sides of the stall. You can also add waterproof hanging ornaments to make your showers more interesting.

Choosing Paint That Stands Out

Acrylic paint has a matte finish that can make your walls pop with the right colors and shades that are common regarding coastal master bathroom ideas. A gloss finish doesn’t have the same effect, and although it has a reflective sheen and is durable, it’s noticeable and draws attention to imperfections.

You shouldn’t rule out pastel shades (such as sea salt which is a light shade of blue that is close to white) because they have a vibe of elegance. While not as bold as primary colors, and the saturation of those colors is overpowered by the addition of white, pastels are considered to be peaceful.

Beige is also a pastel shade but is neutral between warm and cool shades. It’s simply brown combined with white and can vary from light to dark. The typical color scheme of a spa usually includes the shade along with white and grey.

Bohemian décor is eclectic and often includes beige and other shades such as ivory, cream, and taupe. Paint that matches any of those shades is fitting, especially considering they all represent a sophistication that many bold colors don’t.

Using Solid and Pattern Wallpaper

Dressing your walls with the right wallpaper should be on your list of coastal bathroom ideas. You have to be extra careful regarding patterns because they can ruin the décor. Although tile is commonly used for the walls, using wallpaper isn’t far-fetched. Rather than one that is made from paper, vinyl is better because of its laminated finish. For example, if you’re taking a bath and water accidentally splashes, the vinyl will deflect it compared to paper material that will absorb it.

For a beach theme, you can get creative and dress your wall with mural wallpaper that displays a mermaid swimming among treasures in the ocean or a starfish on a seashore. How about a sketch of a beach house with a large seashell buried halfway in the sand? Anything that relates to a beach is fine as long as you don’t combine décor that is unrelated to the concept.

Although the typical tropical theme consists of an array of vivid solid colors, coordination still matters. Florida is a significant example because its landscaping, architecture, and culture are inspired by the topics.

An airy, colorful cottage isn’t foreign to see on an acre of land in the state. But one suggestion in terms of wallpaper for this theme is a tropical forest, a solid color, or a specific shade.

A nautical theme thrives on the primary color of blue and the light to dark shades that are derived from it. Navy blue is the common shade used as a representation. White is combined as a soft contrast.

Abstract and geometric wallpaper patterns aren’t recommended because they’re often busy and distracting. They don’t exactly represent a calm, serene vibe and are more so inspired by modern art. Plain wallpaper is more suitable. To make it interesting, coastal objects can be painted by hand while leaving just enough space for the shade of the wallpaper to be noticeable.

Mosaic wallpaper is another idea but the shade should be as subtle as possible. Patterns of this style are typically a combination of many colors, shades, and designs.

What to Consider About Remodeling

Sometimes major work is needed regarding a repair job or to change the entire interior of a master bathroom. To remodel one room or many rooms takes skill to do in a transitional situation because the final result will speak volumes. But it could also be expensive from start to finish and may require professionals to handle the job. However, it’s up to you to give prior notice about what you want and how you want it done. From the installation of windows to flooring, the more specific you are the better the process will be.

Coastal master bathroom ideas come into play in this aspect because the theme has to be consistent from top to bottom. Custom additions to your bathroom should be done carefully and accurately. Considering they’re your ideas, you should write them down so you’ll remember rather than forget despite how creative they may be, especially during the process of designing.

Modern architecture is often complex and different compared to common architectural ideas. You also have to make sure that you have enough money in your budget to pay for it. Although you don’t have to be a penny pincher, it’s possible to get more for your money by choosing a remodeling company that offers affordable prices. On the other hand, if you’re skilled in terms of remodeling or building in general, then you would have far more control and get everything done at your convenience. You won’t need a craftsman to build anything for you.

What is beneficial about this is that you aren’t limited in terms of your choices. If you want landscaping that consists of rock, stone, or pebble you’re free to have it. But keep in mind that the emulation of a coastal atmosphere is why you’re doing this in the first place. For a bathroom that has been built to fit the idea of a previous owner, walls may have to be knocked down and the flooring may have to be changed. If you go about the entire process in the proper manner, the result could be amazing.

Other Ideas

You can go far beyond coastal master bathroom ideas and also apply some of the elements of the coastal décor to your bedroom. Considering this is a room of comfort, it can be a coastal retreat for a good night’s sleep. A collection of contemporary accessories are a good touch to reflect the current era. Glass sconces can add accent lighting and the style fits perfectly. Regarding a bed and the bedding to dress it up, a modern bed frame along with a blanket or comforter that has tropical, beachy, or nautical prints would combine well.

Of course, pillows should be included and a tall artificial plant can be placed near a window, covered with a sheer curtain, for a dose of sunlight. A wicker basket is the perfect storage space for small items and it coordinates well with many colors and shades. One accessory that resembles the basket is a Bohemian pendant lamp. It consists of the same wicker material and also fits well with each of the three types of coastal décor based on coastal bathroom ideas.

Vintage Bohemian accessories such as lamps, tables, and bookcases have a retro feel and are inspired by the ‘gypsy culture’. The Mediterranean-inspired stylish designs provide the atmosphere of an urban oasis that is ‘boho chic’. Regarding large area rugs, they’re sold in many carpet retail stores nationally and internationally and the patterns are familiar. Some people have at least one in their living room yet don’t know the origin of the pattern but love its classy appearance.

A traditional Victorian cottage also contains modern éléments that are related to the Bohemian style.

To sum it all up, before starting the process, and despite which theme you choose, task boards can be essential to jot down your ideas on self-adhesive paper when they come to mind. Then tack each paper to the boards and refer to them when needed.

High-Performance Products That Are Perfect for Cleaning

Not only should you focus on keeping the coastal theme of your bathroom clean, but the rest of your home as well. Products that are non-toxic and high-quality are best when wanting to have a successful cleaning session without compromising your health. Along with the coastal master bathroom ideas you decide to use, proper care should be included to maintain the good condition of each space. Also, such care can revitalize fixtures, surfaces, and accessories that become worn over time throughout an entire house.

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Final Thought

You don’t have to physically travel the coast to get the experience nor do you even have to go outside at all. The same experience can be created indoors. For all you know, you could improvise your decor based on these coastal master bathroom ideas and inspire other people to apply a unique, designer touch to their own decor.

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