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Couple’s First Apartment Decorating Ideas

Do-it-yourself decorating is the best way to get the most out of your home-improvement decoration budget. Instead of spending big bucks, save time and energy, and use your imagination to give your apartment an inexpensive makeover with these couple’s first apartment decorating ideas.

You don’t even need to be handy with tools in order to get the results you want. Don’t be shy. Get free advice and ask questions about cheap ways to furnish an apartment at hardware stores, fabric shops, and the local lumber company—they are more than willing to help you if you just ask. All you need is confidence in your abilities, an active imagination, and the willingness to get the job done. So let’s get started exploring the best ways to decorate a studio apartment for couples on a budget!

Cute End Tables

Wooden crates make inexpensive end tables. Paint four wooden crates and decorate the sides with stencils or paint your own designs freestyle. Stack them together in whatever fashion suits your purposes and you have end tables with added storage space. You can find wooden crates in the dumpsters behind grocery stores or at flea and farmer’s markets.

DIY Room Dividers

If your apartment is wide open, then you might want to make use of room dividers to make it a little cozier. One easy way to make a room divider is to use three or more doors and hinge them together. You can find doors at thrift stores, in dumpsters where housing construction is going on, and at some Habitat For Humanity second-hand stores. Paint them in solid colors and go crazy with stencils, appliqués, or freestyle paintings. This can be a fun weekend project for couples!

Unique Dining Room Table

Purchase a used picnic table and benches from the thrift store for use as an inexpensive dining room table. Sand the table and benches if need be and paint in whatever color matches the rest of your cute cheap apartment décor. Painting the benches a different color than the table makes a great contrast and can add much-needed color.

Restyle Your Old Furniture

Don’t toss your old furniture just because it is scratched or needs a few minor repairs. Restyle your old furniture for a new look and save a ton of money. For example, if you have an old desk that looks like it came from your great-grandmother’s house, restyle it using spray-on antiquing paint. Once you have spray painted the desk, paint the trim in a contrasting color and add new hardware to the drawers if you need to. You now have a functional desk that looks new without having to go beyond your decoration budget.

Creative Rugs within a Decoration Budget

Cut out pieces of old rugs and carpet samples into different shapes and sizes. Piece them together on the floor until you find a pattern and shape that suits your needs. Sew the pieces together using thick carpet thread and a carpet needle. You might be surprised at how different colors, textures, and thicknesses make a beautiful and unique area rug.

Keeping Your Apartment Cleaning

To really make your decorating efforts shine, you’ll need to keep your apartment clean. To easily get rid of any dust accumulating on your floors, walls, or ceilings, use our Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop. The electrostatic strands of this high-performance dust mop pick up any dust or dirt particles without the need for any dust mop sprays. Simply mop, step outside, and shake the dust off.

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To get rid of any kind of tough stains on dishes, floors, appliance surfaces, or clothes, our Champion Ultra-Concentrated Degreaser is ideal. This economical degreaser comes in a 32 oz bottle that makes an incredible 256 gallons of grease-slaying cleaner when mixed with water!

For more intensive floor mopping, use our ultra-absorbent and extremely easy to wring out by hand Champion Yellow Wet Mop. This mops pairs wonderfully with our Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner or our Champion Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner, depending on the floor surfaces you have in your apartment.

Trying to find an easy way to remove tarnish from metal appliances, jewelry, or other hard surfaces? Enter the Champion Polishing Cloth. One 9″ x 12″ cloth is equal to an entire gallon of metal polish. Simply rub any tarnished area on any hard surface, and buff with a soft, dry cloth for a brilliant shine.

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate if you implement these couple’s first apartment decorating ideas. Use your imagination and keep a positive attitude throughout your projects and you may find that you have a knack for creating useful and beautiful décor for your apartment from used items, and still stay within your limited decoration budget.

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