Create Cute Snowman Door Decor

When Christmas is just around the corner, we commonly decorate our living room or moreover, we do some decorations in front of our house. At times, we tend to forget to decorate the doors of our room. This will be a cute activity that will add a twist and life to your plain door decor this Christmas.

How to Make Snowman Door Decor

Step 1

Prepare all the door decor materials from the list:
Hot glue
Concrete glue
2 medium buttons of the same color (any color will do)
3 pieces of black medium button
Craft scissors
A piece of ½ centimeter thick ribbon
Red, blue, green and white sponge paper

Polishing cloth here comes the shine!

Step 2

Trace two circles on a piece of white sponge paper. Take note that one circle should be bigger than the other.

Step 3

Cut both traced circles.

Step 4

Concrete glue both circles on a piece of red sponge paper. The two should stick side-by-side to form the whole snowman figure.

Polishing cloth small cloth, huge results.

Step 5

Cut the red sponge paper but make sure that you have a small excess border on it. This should highlight the white body of the snowman.

Step 6

Cut a strip of red sponge paper and glue it on the neck of the snowman, creating a wrapped neck effect. This is his scarf.

Step 7

Glue the three black buttons just below the scarf of the snowman.

Step 8

Add the eyes of the snowman on the head.

Step 9

Cut and glue a piece of pointed triangle using the green sponge paper. Place it on the center of the face just below the eyes. This is his nose.

Polishing cloth, clean, shine, protect.

Step 10

Add a smile from a piece of green sponge paper. Glue this just below the nose.

Step 11

Using the light blue sponge paper, cut the hat of the snowman.

Step 12

Cut a strip of green sponge paper and glue it on top of the hat brim.

Step 13

Cut the excess material off the green strip.

Step 14

Glue the hat on top of the snowman’s head.

Step 15

Cut a piece of ribbon, then fix it on the top part of the hat, just behind it. Secure it thoroughly using hot glue.

Step 16

You are finally done with your snowman wall décor.

Step 17

You can now hang it on the front of your door.

Polishing Cloth perfectly polish anything.

You can adjust the size of the snowman wall décor if you want a bigger version of this one. We just used light materials so it withstands the force of banging a door often. You can also keep this and use it annually since you can easily clean this based on the material used. Hope you enjoy making this!

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