Create a Pretty Angel Ornament

Do you want to decorate your Christmas tree with a pretty angel ornament? Do you want to have different kinds of angels but your budget doesn’t permit you to own a lot? You can make these pretty angel ornaments in minutes with inexpensive materials. Let’s start!

Steps For Making An Angel Ornament

Step 1

Gather all the materials from the list below:

Light blue, white, purple and pink sponge paper
Copper wire
Long nose pliers
Concrete glue
Crochet thread

Polishing Cloth perfectly polish anything.

Step 2

Cut several strips of light blue, white, purple and pink sponge paper. The thickness of the strips will depend on what you want.

Step 3

Tightly roll the white strip. This will be the body of the angel.

Step 4

Seal the roll at the end with concrete glue.

Step 5

Push the middle of the white roll to form a cone.

Step 6

Tightly roll the pink sponge strip. Seal this with concrete glue afterward. This will be the head of the angel.

Polishing cloth small cloth, huge results.

Step 7

Cut several 2 to 3 centimeters of purple strips. This will be the hair of the angel.

Step 8

Glue the first pair of hair strip on the head of the angel. Make sure to roll the end of each strip.

Step 9

Glue the next pair of hair on top of the former hair. Do the same thing with this pair. Let it dry.

Step 10

Glue the head to the cone body.

Step 11

Cut a pair of 5 centimeter pink strip. Roll each end and stick this on the side of the angel’s body. This will be the angel’s arms.

Step 12

Cut a pair of light blue strip at least 10 centimeters long. Loosely curl one side of each strip then glue the non-curled end at the back of the angel. This will be the angel’s wing.

Step 13

Glue the curl that touches the bottom sides of the body just to secure the whole wing.

Step 14

Using long nose pliers, make a loop from the copper wire.

Step 15

Plant the loop on the top of the angel’s head using concrete glue.

Polishing cloth, clean, shine, protect.

Step 16

Cut a reasonable length of crochet thread and tie the thread tightly in the loop.

Step 17

You can now put your angel ornament on your Christmas tree.

Step 18

The pretty angel ornament is finally done!

It is better that you tightly roll the body and the head to make it more durable. You can make several kinds of this in different variations; just let your imagination run! Happy holidays!

Polishing cloth here comes the shine!

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