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DIY Cheap Flooring Alternatives

New flooring translates to more money spent. It’s a big project but can make your home more attractive.  Maybe you really want to enjoy the feeling of carpet under your feet. Maybe you are tired of carpet and want something that looks like fancy hardwood. One would naturally be interested in finding ways to save money when installing a new floor. You want to get the best deal when making your home decor look better and feel more comfortable overall. Here, we will discuss some DIY cheap flooring alternatives and tips that you probably haven’t considered yet.

Maybe you have a basement without a finished floor and you want some options for a new office rather than concrete. If you want to do something to make it a bright space you could use a bamboo patterned laminate. You would need to be sure to put the flooring over a nice layer of padding since it’s a hard floor. If you’re tired of using the broom you may want carpeting to vacuum. Just putting a cheap layer of carpet down with plenty of underlayment beneath would be an improvement. The flooring change alone would be simple and make it feel more warm and comfortable.

Creating a budget and sticking to that budget is a good idea. You want to get the cheapest deal without getting cheaper quality in the long run. Lots of flooring and home improvement stores run sales on different types of flooring and carpet. You can even find amazing ceramic or stone tiles on sale sometimes and get creative by making some art. Deciding how many square feet, planks, sheets, or rolls of floor covering you may need is key. You will want to factor in any additional costs for tools, underlayment, padding, adhesives, boards, cork, or material you may need to make a repair if the subfloors have been damaged.

You have to be sure of the amount of money you want to set aside for the project.  Then look at the cheapest options and work up to the design or pattern you think is attractive and will fit the decor of your interior. Vinyl, linoleum, and laminate flooring are usually the lowest cost floor covering options available and can be unique. They’re easy to maintain and harder to scratch. No messy stain or sanding is required like wood!

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Vinyl floors are very easy to clean and rarely need repair. They are very low maintenance. Using the Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser mixed with water when you mop makes it nearly effortless when cleaning the kitchen and bathroom vinyl. It keeps the floor looking beautiful.

Finding the right material and color or design and buying the quality flooring products you need is the first step. You may need adhesive or underlayment, etc. depending on the type of flooring you choose. Making sure the project will be affordable is very important. You want the floor to be comfortable and durable.

By installing a floor yourself you save 100% on labor. You can give your home a gorgeous makeover just by changing the flooring. Changing the flooring can be a big improvement. It can make your home more comfortable. Your flooring may be outdated. If you want a simple way to transform a space, remodeling (repair the subfloor if needed) by putting nice new flooring in, can make a huge difference. Some vintage options can really change the feel of a room as well.

Our coat closet floor in our farmhouse was very old geometric patterned linoleum. It was worn, cracked, dirty, and full of damage. We were able to use a utility knife to cut a suitable piece from the leftover vinyl we had used in the dining area to cover the entire floor of that closet. It was really easy to install a solution to finish that small area without spending any more money. We also used other pieces for finishing tough entryway areas where damage happens and debris comes in most.

We put a few feet of the vinyl into each doorway floor inside the house to provide a little area for shoes or foot wiping at the door. It made the doorways more colorful and helps keep the dog from tracking mud on my carpet. That roll of vinyl was a cheap solution to several flooring issues for me. It was rustic and looked like natural oak. It fit perfectly.

Choosing A Suitable Floor

Take the time to get things right the first time. Decide how you want the rooms to look and feel. See what types of carpet or flooring you like the look of. Make sure you match the types of flooring you choose for each room to the function of the space. You wouldn’t want a fine plush carpet in a high-traffic hallway. Snap-together flooring planks that aren’t waterproof would be perfect for an office but probably not a kitchen where dishes are done and spills will likely happen.

When exploring DIY cheap flooring alternatives you have to consider the costs you will incur for the project. You must be sure the option you choose is durable and will last a long time. You must also consider the function of it all. A flooring option that looks the way you want it to yet prevents mildew from getting beneath it or warping is very important.

Each home has an ideal flooring material.  For example, homes with high levels of humidity or heating that is underfloor shouldn’t go for natural flooring such as hardwood. This is because when hardwood is exposed to fluctuating temperatures it could be damaged. Therefore, make sure to diligently research the best type of flooring for your household environment so that you don’t end up wasting money having to install new flooring since your original flooring was damaged.

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There are many reasons to make sure you get quality grade flooring that suits your home’s moisture and humidity levels, etc. Some flooring wouldn’t be good for a laundry room or luxury bath area. Waterproof or water-resistant types are available. You have to start with the options that will work best and spruce up each area of your home. One idea is to install green tiles around your bathtub just to decorate and use the leftover tiles in your landscaping. You can start a perfect little path from your porch to your garage using different tiles you’ve collected.

Try to choose environmentally connected options as often as possible. Stone and ceramic and anything that looks natural really pleases the eyes. Getting that look with tiles or rolls of vinyl is much cheaper. We were recently painting the trim in our bathroom. The paint was a nice rich sort of grey. It’s very pretty, almost a blue-grey. It inspired us to keep the grey theme going in that bathroom. We used peel and stick vinyl tile to do the floor with white grey and black. We found a gorgeous silvery grey rug and bath mat and it made the place look amazing.

DIY Cheap Flooring Alternatives

If you have chosen flooring that is difficult to install, you might want to employ a professional, but if not, you might as well install it yourself! Many flooring packages today come with methods of installation that enable the planks to be installed in a simple manner.  Laminate and engineered flooring can be installed as floating planks, which simply means that you just lay down the planks without utilizing any auxiliary connecting method. Certain vinyl flooring tiles come with interlocking systems that cause the tiles to easily click and lock together when you install them!

Having the professionals come in and complete a flooring project can be very pricey. This could cost between a few dollars to up to $25 or more per square foot. It’s so much cheaper to install on your own. Then your costs stop at flooring and material and you are the free labor. If you are physically capable of installing your own flooring it’s really worth the savings. If you just take your time and do the job right everything should work out perfectly. The cheapest options we have found are usually vinyl and laminate.

Vinyl comes in stick-down tiles and rolls.   It can come in a variety of colorful designs as well. This means you can use vinyl in lots of different ways and find a style that fits what you’re looking for. It’s super easy to install with adhesive and can totally change the way a space looks. It’s so much easier to clean and repair than many other flooring options. We’ve even seen vinyl rolls used as a wall covering. It was very creative and it looked like wood paneling in the end.

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The different outcomes you can achieve with the different colors and designs of vinyl tiles are just amazing. We love the fact that the whole floor doesn’t have to be the same. Your flooring project could turn into a mosaic work of art. The possibilities with this stuff are endless. You could use different colors in the entryway or create a border around the room with something different in the center. Doing it yourself makes it a lot easier to change your mind throughout and change your design without having to ask the installer.

There are even snap-together flooring styles that work like a puzzle. They are thick pieces with different textures and colors and can be pieced together to fill a room or a large area. They are very convenient to rearrange because they can be moved or changed easily. This is a less permanent option with more room for changes. If it didn’t look the way you wanted it to you could always pick up the pieces and use them in another area.

Go For Insulated Flooring

This will definitely save you money on your energy bill.  Engineered wood and solid wood flooring are known for better circulating the heat within a home, and as a result, the heat remains in the house longer. Adding on underlays improves heat retention even more. Overall, you won’t have to use your heat as much and will save money as a result. While any type of wooden flooring would better help insulate your house, engineered floors also are quite eco-friendly. Manufacturers of engineered wood generally use a relatively clean building process, and less wood is used which translates to less deforestation.

You can be environmentally conscious and keep those bills down in the meantime. Keep those floors warm. Using insulated flooring will seal the heat in and promote circulation to help keep temperatures more stable in the home overall. You won’t lose as much heat through the floor as you would without insulation.  Lots of heat can escape through a house’s floors.

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In the middle of winter, it’s nice to know that when your furnace is running the heat it produces will be kept in longer. Using the right insulation and flooring will keep that temperature stable, and it will stay more level. This will prevent the heater from coming on as often and keep the place more comfortable. We can all use savings on energy and this is a great way to make that a reality.

Engineered planks are made just like the laminate planks except they have a thin layer of decorative wood and an acrylic clear coat as a top layer. It definitely saves a few trees in the process. There are many options for a floor’s underlayment as well. Use as many tricks as you can to keep your things well insulated and sealed. Some of the options are: wood, plywood, cardboard, cement board, foam padding, cork, felt rolls, and rubber. Using a moisture barrier will prevent your floors from more damage as well.

Make Sure to Compare Pricing

Before purchasing new flooring, make sure to compare prices among different companies. Many flooring companies have special deals at different times of the year and it would be wise to search for these. When we first moved we didn’t have any furniture yet, just a table when we started decorating. Without many things inside it was a perfect time to do the floors.  We installed flooring that looks like walnut wood with stain but is actually snap-together laminate.

We used the same design from the living room through a long hallway and it turned out beautiful. It’s so shiny and easy to clean. It has a polyurethane coating to keep it that way. The hardwood floors are beautiful and tempting but so expensive. There is no floating floor aspect but we just think that laminate was way cheaper and easier to maintain and repair.

Price comparison can be a major factor in which flooring you decide to use. You may see a beautiful hardwood that you really want. You could get a similar look for hundreds of dollars less by using a roll of vinyl that looks like the wood you were wanting. You won’t need a sander to buff those floors. No, it won’t be real wood but it would look great and be much easier to care for. Just run the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop over it daily to keep dirt and dust from settling in. It will stay nice and shiny for years to come and you will never get dust on your feet.

When you’re looking at options for your new floor covering you may be slightly overwhelmed. Buying enough of anything to complete the floor of your space can be a major purchase. Carpet can go from cheap to very expensive. If you’re looking for some outdoor carpeting for your porch, that can be super cheap. If you’re looking for some soft plush carpet for a bedroom, it could be quite a bit more.

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Getting a real hardwood floor can be very pricey. Using solid wood planks can cost a lot more than you think.  Finding a snap-together laminate type that has nearly the same look saves a lot of money. Using tiles can be time-consuming and costly though it’s unique and beautiful. These materials cost quite a bit more than other options. There are stone tiles and ceramic tiles of varying types and price levels, of course. These options can be fancy but finding a cheaper way to get the same look really helps keep that pocketbook happy.

There is a whole world of DIY cheap flooring alternatives out there to explore that can transform your home into a much nicer place. Most home improvement stores have different sales that run periodically. If you keep your eye on these ads and wait until the flooring you need is available at a lower price this could save a lot of money. Sometimes they offer coupons for a purchase or rebates to receive a percentage of the purchase price back for what you had to buy. Take advantage of these deals when you can to get the most out of what you have to spend.

There are numerous budget-friendly DIY cheap flooring alternatives that you can implement to make sure that you have more money in your wallet after you install your home’s flooring. Happy installing!

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