Eco Friendly Cookware Guide

If you have finished your newly remodeled, eco-friendly kitchen, complete with green lighting and environmentally-sound wall coverings, there is only one thing left to do. It’s time to go shopping for your new eco friendly cookware. No kitchen is complete without it!

Traditional cookware may contain toxins known as PFOA and PTFE. PFOA is the chemical ingredient necessary for creating non-stick coatings for cookware such as frying pans. Although there is not enough information currently available on the risks of using cookware that contain PFOA, there is definitely cause for concern. PTFE is another chemical treatment, the most popular and well-known for treating non-stick coating.

If you wish to stay away from coated and non-stick surfaces, then you may wish to consider the following eco friendly cookware options:

Cast-iron, copper, and steel eco friendly cookware

These are perfect choices for an eco-friendly kitchen as they are heavyweight and durable. Since their construction is so heavyweight (and typically these pots are thicker than most), they hold more heat and cook faster. And if you are cooking faster, you are using less energy in the form of gas or electricity.

The Ultimate Grease Slayer.

In addition, one of the benefits of these eco friendly cookware choices is that the more they are used, the more stick-resistant they become. Over time, these cookware choices become more valuable.

Green pots and pans are the best choices. These are pots and pans that do not have the added chemical for making it non-stick. Certain manufacturers and green companies have discovered ways to create non-stick pans and pots without adding PFOA and PTFE. These cookware choices are totally free of these chemicals.

Investing in a high-quality degreaser and stainless steel scrubber will ensure that your precious cookware remains clean. Tyr to avoid brand name products, since these are generally made with low-quality materials.

Another benefit is that these cookware choices do not omit any chemicals into the environment when using them. Therefore, you are getting a double bonus by choosing these cookware items. You are getting the bonus of not having these chemicals seep into your food and also they do not seep into the air you breathe when you use them.

Stainless steel scrubber 3.

Aluminum and glass eco friendly cookware

These are also beneficial. Aluminum that has not been treated with non-stick chemical additives and glass cookware are also good choices.

Also, in order to be eco-friendly, choose cookware that comes with lids. Covering your cookware will save energy. Flat-bottomed pots and pans will also help with even cooking and will use less energy.

These are just some of the ways that eco friendly kitchen products will help you alleviate the worry of going green in your cookware choices.

Going green is not just an environmentally friendly thing to do when it comes to your cookware choices; it is essential to your health and wellbeing as well.

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