Eco-friendly Kitchen Wall Coverings

Once you have remodeled your kitchen utilizing recycled glass countertops, refurbished wood cabinets, and reclaimed wood flooring, you can start to think about what is next for your wall coverings.

There are many options for eco-friendly wall coverings, from paint to paper. If you are remodeling your kitchen or just giving it a little sprucing up, going green in your kitchen does not only have to refer to the color of paint on your walls. It can mean saving the environment as well.

Traditional wallpaper covering, unfortunately, utilizes adhesives that contain formaldehyde and chemical toxins that, over time, emit volatile organic compounds. VOCs are toxic vapors emitted from solvents, paint, glue, and adhesives that can cause negative health effects. Some of those negative health effects come in many forms:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Impaired memory or vision
  • Respiratory illness
  • Chronic headaches

Options For Wall Coverings

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Grasscloth is derived from many different plants and fibers, as well such as hemp or jute. These wall coverings give an all-natural, earthy tone to your kitchen walls and have a definitive way of bringing the outside indoors.


Paperweave is an all-natural wall covering created by hand weaving paper materials together. Paperweave typically uses all-natural vegetable dye for coloring it as well. There are no chemicals utilized in paperweave and it is sustainable and earth-friendly.


Silk has become one of the most popular wall coverings, not only because it is elegant and beautiful, but also because it comes from nature. Silk is extremely durable, too.


Fabrics such as wool, linen, and cotton are popular more than ever now. These materials are all-natural and elegant, and bring a soft and soothing element to your eco-friendly kitchen.


Renewable wood that has been salvaged from an old barn or home is the new wave for wall covering. Wood is not only for floors anymore.

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As many homeowners and new parents are beginning to understand, what you put on your walls may be what you and your little ones will breathe in over the decades as you enjoy your home. Cork is another option for an all-natural, chemical-free option for your wall coverings.


Last but certainly not least is eco-friendly paint. Look for paints with a low VOC rating. This type of paint will significantly decrease high risk of vapors and toxins omitted in your kitchen throughout the decades. After all, the kitchen is the hub of the home. Choosing low VOC paint for your wall coverings is a wise choice indeed.

Before any painting job, it is a good idea to make sure the surfaces you are painting are free of dust and dirt particles. For this, choose a high-quality dust mop or hand duster, preferably one that does not require the use of toxic chemicals.

Last but not least, when it comes to wall coverings remember that an educated consumer is really a consumer who has enough knowledge and information to help the environment – while keeping their family safe as well.

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