Eco Friendly Lighting: Natural Light and “Green” Bulbs

Whether you are doing a remodeling of your home or not, it is important to remember the smaller details when going green, such as eco friendly lighting. Incorporating little touches can mean saving both money and the environment.

Many individuals are incorporating the use of natural sunlight along with energy-saving bulbs to make a difference. There are many powerful benefits to both natural sunlight and energy-saving bulbs.

Skylights for Eco Friendly Lighting

While you may think of skylights as simply a decorative addition to add value to your home, there are many other benefits to this form of efficient eco friendly lighting. Skylights do, of course, add value; however, there is also a benefit of using sunlight to warm up your home. The addition of skylights offers you the opportunity to let Mother Nature pour her natural light into your home, thus warming it up and brightening it up.

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Natural sunlight offers an ambiance and health benefit to your entire family. Having natural sunlight stream into your home allows you to enjoy the many benefits of the sun without having to wear sunscreen. During the winter months, essential Vitamin D from the sun is lacking in states where the sun is less prominent. Vitamin D provides energy and good overall health and a lack of it leaves an individual feeling lethargic and even a bit low.

Skylights provide another benefit in the form of saving the environment. The less unnatural light you utilize in your home, the more energy you save. Saving energy means saving the planet.

Natural sunlight from the use of skylights allows you to save money. The less unnatural lighting you utilize throughout your home, the more money you save.

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Green Light Bulbs

Switching out your wasteful traditional light bulbs to modern energy-saving green light bulbs may seem insignificant; however, this little switch to the sustainable technology of eco friendly lighting can save you in many ways.

Green light bulbs can save you close to $15.00 per year. If you multiply that by all the light bulbs you have in your home that adds up to some significant savings.

Of course, just as important as saving money, green light bulbs save energy because they consume less energy. Consuming less energy is always good for the environment.

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Energy-saving light bulbs also last longer, so while you may seem like you are paying more out of pocket from the onset, the savings are considerable in the long run. You do not have to pay as much attention to an energy-saving light bulb as you do to a traditional one.

While the expense of utilizing these methods may be a bit more costly from the outset, the savings over the long haul both to the environment and to your wallet are worthwhile.

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