Essential Italian Kitchen Gadgets

Good Italian food doesn’t necessarily have to come from the homeland. You can make great Italian food right in your kitchen. All you need are a few handy Italian kitchen gadgets.

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Main Italian Kitchen Gadgets

#1 Garlic Press

It’s rare to find an Italian recipe that doesn’t include garlic. Now you can buy chopped garlic in the supermarket. However, nothing quite beats the flavor of fresh garlic. If you dislike chopping the garlic and getting the scent on your hands, you’ll love a garlic press. A garlic press is a handheld Italian kitchen gadget that quickly turns a garlic clove into minced garlic. You can also find products that slice garlic nice and thin.

The Spice Agent Minced Garlic.
The Spice Agent Garlic Powder.
The Spice Agent Granulated Garlic.
The Spice Agent Roasted Garlic

#2 Cheese Grater

Many Italian kinds of cheese are hard cheeses. That means you’ll need to grate them to achieve the proper portion size for your recipe. This is where a cheese grater comes in handy. There are a few different types of cheese graters to consider. The first and often easiest is a handheld device that has a handle. You place the cheese in the grating compartment.

The Ultimate Grease Slayer.

A small wheel grater is rotated and the cheese is sprinkled beneath. You can also purchase cheese graters that stand, like a box grater, or a small grater with a handle and a flat surface. (If you need slices of cheese, for example, if you’re making appetizers, you may want a handheld cheese slicer as well.)

#3 Pizza Cutter

What’s better than traditional Neapolitan Pizza? Not much, but to cut the pizza cleanly, so you don’t leave all that cheese behind, you’ll want a good pizza cutter, one of the necessary Italian kitchen gadgets. It’s best to look for one with a nice thick handle and an ultra sharp stainless steel wheel knife.


#4 Corkscrew

You don’t need a fancy device to remove a cork from a bottle of wine. All you really need is a good old-fashioned corkscrew. This device should have two functions. It needs to have a sharp point so you can cut the foil around the bottle. It also needs to have a screw pull. That is, you need a sharp coil to twist into the cork and a levered handle to easily pry the cork out of the bottle. Wine is often used in a variety of Italian dishes and what you don’t cook with you can drink at mealtime.

Stainless steel scrubber banner 2.

#5 Pasta Machine

You don’t need a pasta machine to make pasta but it sure does make the job easier. A pasta machine helps you roll out perfectly thin and even sheets of pasta. It then cuts the pasta into the desired shape. Whether you want angel hair or lasagna, a pasta machine can help. And of course, there are a variety of pasta machines to consider. Some are electric and you plug them in or attach them to your stand mixer. Others are hand crank devices. Both work equally well.

Cooking Italian recipes at home is fun. It’s also extremely delicious. If you want to become a better Italian chef or you want to start cooking Italian, a few handy gadgets and tools will make meal preparation much easier.

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