Exploring The Mediterranean Food Diet

Start the Mediterranean Food Diet today – because it’s about eating to live, not living to eat!

Every start to a new year, we come across new diet plans that promise that this is the one we have all been waiting for, the real thing, where the fat will just roll off our bodies in days. Heard of those diets? Some of them sound quite sensible, but some of them are absolutely ludicrous. Well, not the Mediterranean Food Diet!

To lose weight fast, well it’s something that most of us have attempted at least once in our lifetime if we are adults. Some of us will admit to trying different diets out more than two or three times. But what makes diets difficult are that they are unlike, say, giving up smoking where you know your health will improve. With diets, you might not lose weight and your health might not improve. No one size fits all here! Millions of people go on hundreds of different diets because they all do different things for us. Your friend might say she gave up eating bread for a few weeks to squeeze into her old school uniform at the reunion, and she did it! But for you; you haven’t eaten bread for years on end, and you still battle to lose weight! And when you do find a diet that seems to suit you, along comes another one, taking the world by storm with all its promises of success and effectiveness.

It’s not all doom and gloom though – there are good diets out there too. Out there, there is the best diet for you to help you lose weight, working for your particular body type and health needs. When you combine that with what your body needs, you also combine it with regular exercises, and you feel great. That is the one to tap in to. Bear in mind that there are thousands of diet plans that you just follow for a couple of weeks, to reach your goal weight and then you are done with it. They might work for the purpose, but you might not be healthier, and what about after the diet? Back to your old ways of eating again where in all probability you might put on even more weight than before.

What would you say if we told you there are a couple of really good eating or diet plans out there that really do work? It’s not about starving yourself or combining certain concoctions that are supposed to be the magic bullet to burn off the fat. Not a chance. To really maintain weight and be healthy, you need a sustainable lifestyle diet. The way you eat needs to leave you feeling at your utmost best and it’s because you are giving your body all the nutrients it needs.  You are making your body happy, and it is paying you back by providing you with a long, happy, and healthy life. That’s because your body is in balance.

One of these lifestyle diets is the Mediterranean Food Diet. This diet has been made popular by the people who live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, that of the Mediterranean Sea area. They eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, they eat healthy fats like olive oil and they eat high-quality organic seafood and poultry. Most of the food is in its natural state because the Mediterranean Food Diet focuses on foods found in nature. There are no processed foods eaten and no sugary foods. There are healthy fats which may help to support a healthy lifestyle. With the occasional glass of some red wine or steak, this diet allows you to really enjoy your food. It’s a diet, however, where it’s easy to go overboard on the offerings provided, so portion control is vital.

Don’t start with the Mediterranean diet if you are looking to lose fast weight.

Your outside shows what is going on inside

The Mediterranean Food Diet has historically been known to be a diet that may contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? It’s no wonder the Mediterranean food diet has been named the best diet to follow for 2019.

Are you ready to get started?

It might well be called the Mediterranean Diet, but in fact, it’s not really a diet, it’s a lifestyle, a lifestyle that encourages you to consume all the food groups, giving more weight to its potentially amazing health benefits.


❖ A focus on plants

There is a large emphasis placed on eating plants, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. The veggies you choose are veggies of all sorts of colors so that you can consume the broadest array of nutrients, fiber, and phytochemicals. Your vegetables can be cooked, eaten raw, roasted or garnished with delicious, healthful herbs and sprinkled with a bit of olive oil as well. It is best to stay away from coconut oil and palm oil; particularly palm oil. They might be plant-based, but they are high in saturated fats that may raise your bad cholesterol. You can enjoy eating nuts and seeds, but use them more as garnishes though, simply because they have high fat and calorie content.

❖ Converting to whole grains

Easy steps to take when you start with the Mediterranean way of life as far as your eating is concerned, is to replace refined grains with whole grains. Choose whole-wheat bread, not refined white bread, and whole-wheat pasta. In place of white rice, replace with brown wild rice. In many countries, you will find a stamp for whole grains that manufacturers voluntarily use. This black and gold stamp is stamped on over 12,000 food products in over 58 countries, and you can search for the products by your country name to try and find products. Unfortunately today, grains have changed somewhat over the years. It is the ancient grains of old times that you want to be eating today and which are featured in the Mediterranean cuisine.

❖ Don’t skip breakfast

The Mediterranean way of life encourages followers to eat a good breakfast. If you don’t eat breakfast, your body, from the fast of the night before, thinks that food is scarce and it will slow down your metabolism, contributing to weight gain. For breakfast, you could choose between bagels, pita bread, English muffins, or whole-grain toast with a bit of soft cheese, hummus, nut butter or avocado. You could choose instead to eat some oatmeal or granola cereals, adding a cup of raw, organic milk, yogurt or nut milk. Fruits are also an excellent addition to a wholesome breakfast.

❖ Rethink eating desserts

Eating a daily dessert on the Mediterranean diet is also completely different to the typical American type dessert. Dessert on the Mediterranean Diet is fruit that is in-season – it’s not pastries, cakes, custards, creams, and jam. If you do get a bit tired of eating raw fruit in season, there are creative ways of eating your fruit such as poaching pears in pomegranate juice with some honey and serving it up with some delicious Greek yogurt. How does a stuffed fig with goat cheese, sprinkled with a few nuts sound?

There are some cultures in the Mediterranean who will add a glass of red wine to their daily meals. Don’t start this if you are not a wine drinker. Even though research traditionally shows some potentially protective heart and diabetes benefits in a glass of red wine, there are still recent studies out that question the assumption that there are benefits to any alcohol of any kind. But in the meantime, if you do enjoy your wine with a meal, treat yourself to a small glass of red wine at dinnertime as part of your diet. It is also ok to add that occasional bakery treat or other guilty pleasure because no food is truly off limits on this diet because it is not a diet; it’s a way of life. Many people have the mentality when they start a diet, to say, “That means I must cut out sugars and carbs, right?” But think more about what you can add to your diet. Think about where you can add more fruit and vegetables, more healthy fats, eat more lentils and beans and whole grains. That is the mentality that is more encouraged on the Mediterranean way of life; it’s a more positive approach to creating better and healthy behaviors.

Managing hunger

A great benefit of eating a light carbohydrate diet that is fat-rich, with plenty of plant proteins and other proteins, is that it also manages your hunger hormones. You feel satisfied for longer in-between meals, not feeling starving or craving sugar. When you don’t suffer from cravings because of foods that naturally shuts down these cravings, you don’t need to reach out for a snack which could be junk food. Your sugar intake is reduced, potentially taking some strain off your heart, your liver and your pancreases. The added benefit is that you are on the way to potentially lose weight too.

There are many reasons why you need to get started on the Mediterranean diet today! Unfortunately, we can’t all live in the Mediterranean area, but we sure can make the necessary changes to incorporate the Mediterranean culture into our daily lives. Don’t make excuses to get started, that doesn’t bring results! Let the Mediterranean food diet into your life and experience a brand new cuisine!

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