Feng Shui For Attracting a Partner

At some point, your relationship with your spouse or significant other probably felt a little boring or lacking in the romance department. But no worries, Feng shui can help bring your love life back to life. Every room has what is known as the ‘love and relationship’ corner – the right back corner of a room – but the quickest and easiest place to start to improve your relationship is the bedroom. So, here are five tips to implement Feng shui for attracting a partner.

Sides of the Bed

You may not think that what side of the bed you sleep on has anything to do with how romantic you and your partner are. Think again! First, how do you tell what the left or the right side is? For the sake of this blog post, we’re going to say it’s determined as you’re lying on the bed.

It’s important that the man sleeps on the left and the woman on the right. Also, based on your Kua number you should sleep with your head pointing in your family and marriage direction. Lastly, make sure that there is room on both sides of the bed so that you both don’t have to get into bed on the same side.

Make sure cleanliness is maintained throughout the room for the most effective Feng shui. The use of a high-quality dust mop like the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop will enable your favorite romantic space to be free of pesky dust and dirt particles.

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Feng Shui For Attracting a Partner: Choose Pink

So often people think red is the way to go because it’s the color everyone associates with love. Wrong. In fact, some people actually think red will cause a relationship to end! Instead, go pink because when it comes to Feng shui and romance pink is often considered to be a sentimental color. When making the transition to pink make sure that this includes your bedsheets! Why? Pink bed sheets create an increase in what is known as subtle yang energy. When this energy is elevated it enhances feelings of love and romance.

Lighting for Lovers

When you have dim lights, it sets the atmosphere for romance. You can purchase a dimmer switch so you can easily change the dimness/brightness of your bedroom lights. If you have lamps on your bedside tables (which you should), use pastel or soft colored lampshades.

Picture Frame

It may seem overly simple or even silly but you need to frame your love and have it in your bedroom! Ideally, you should choose a picture that is romantic or one that reminds you of a happy time in your relationship. Just looking at that picture will make you feel more romantic because it will evoke the memories of that special time (when the picture was taken.)

Marriage & Union Hangers

A little extra romantic energy can’t hurt. Hang a marriage and union hanger in the back right corner of your bedroom. The hanger is a symbol of two people blending as partners. It also brings good luck to relationships or marriages.

These are just a few of the many tips you can use to improve your romance life with your spouse or significant other by implementing Feng shui for attracting a partner.

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