Fireplace and Wood Stove Cleaning

Nothing is as wonderful as sitting by a beautiful, warm fire in the wintertime. But if you have not been keeping up with your fireplace and wood stove cleaning, you can end up with a big problem on your hands due to the dirty smoke that can get into your home. You can also inadvertently create a fire hazard. Ensure that you do these things on a regular basis to avoid those problems.

Have Chimney Cleaned and Inspected First

The best way to deal with your fireplace or wood stove cleaning is to have your chimney inspected and cleaned professionally first. A professional will know exactly how to clean it, and then you can work to keep it clean between cleanings. You’ll pay about 250 dollars on average and it’ll be well worth the expense.

How often you clean your chimney will depend on how much you use it. If you only use it for holidays or parties, you can probably have it cleaned less often, but if you use it daily, you need to get it cleaned every year before the season. In any case, every year before the season it must be inspected because animals can get inside and cause problems.

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Cleaning Soot from Bricks and Stone


A fireplace or wood stove owner would benefit greatly from utilizing a high quality, high performance stone cleaner. Plus, you can buy smoke soot eraser sponges. You can also just use vinegar and water in equal parts to spray on the areas affected. First, dry brush the area to get rid of loose soot and debris from the bricks and stones. Vacuum everything. Then, using the vinegar and water mixture, spray on the affected areas and scrub using a wet brush. Rinse and repeat until it’s clean.

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Wood Stove Cleaning

First, empty all the contents from your wood stove. Then vacuum up everything you can from the bottom and sides and surrounding area. On the outside, you can use a vinegar and water mixture to scrub, then dry. Don’t forget to check gaskets and seams. If there are problems, check your manufacturer’s directions on how to properly seal them.

To make the top of your stove look brand new, coat with a thin layer of stove paste with a dry cloth. If you have a glass door for your wood stove, clean it using any all-purpose window cleaner / glass cleaner or vinegar. Dry completely before burning another fire. On the inside, use vinegar and water with a brush to clean all areas. Dry.


When you’re done, light a fire to harden the stove paste on the top of your wood stove. If you live in a humid climate during the off-season, it can help to put clay kitty litter in the ash pan to help absorb moisture.

Sprucing up your fireplace or wood stove is about safety and cleanliness. It’s so much nicer to enjoy the warmth of a wood fire if you know it’s safe and you can see its beauty.

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