Floor Restoration: Replace or Repair?

Many times an all-out floor replacement is not necessary. You may be surprised to learn that many types of flooring can be repaired and made to look just as good as new. You can literally bring your floors back to life with floor restoration; make them look new, for a fraction of the cost over totally replacing the floor.

Floor Restoration Options

Hardwood Floors

The very best candidate for floor restoration over replacement are hardwood floors. Over years of use, hardwood can become scratched and damaged. Sometimes older homes have had the hardwood floors covered over with carpet. To bring them back to their former glory takes a lot of work, but the cost will be less than total replacement. It’s best to hire a professional to restore and repair hardwood than to try this project yourself. The results will be well worth it.


Tile Floors

Tile can get worn and show use over time like most other types of flooring. But, there is no reason to replace it all when you can restore and repair tile flooring relatively inexpensively. Ideally, you want to replace broken grout before any of your tiles are damaged. This is actually something you can do yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it. If the problems that your floor is uneven and that is what’s causing the damage, you may need to bring in a professional who will tear up the tile that exists and put it back down after leveling out the floor.

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Vinyl Floors

Many homes have vinyl flooring due to the inexpensive cost and the resiliency of vinyl flooring. Most of it is laid in one continuous piece, some come in tiles, and are glued down. Depending on what kind you’ve used will dictate how a repair is completed.

If you used tile, you can take up the tiles that are damaged and replace them with undamaged tile. If you used the sheet tile, you can patch it, but there will be visible seams. Seams, in and of themselves aren’t bad. Just plan for how you want it to look as you do your repairs. The most common issue is that vinyl gets loose on the edges and curls up. The fix is easy, just glue it back down.

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Squeaky Floors

Sometimes the repair has nothing to do with the type of flooring you have but rather you want to fix a squeaky floor. If you have a squeaky floor consider hiring a contractor with experience in fixing subflooring, and re-nailing floor joists. It doesn’t matter if you have carpet or another type of flooring. Squeaky flooring should be repaired to avoid an increasing problem.

After you have refinished your home floors, you will want to make sure that they remain clean and shiny. For this task, it is best to choose high-quality and high-performance floor cleaning products that are made with non-toxic ingredients.

Many of your store-bought cleaning products are designed by accountants and not chemists, in the sense that price is the number one priority for these products and not quality. Using these products will result not only in bringing potentially harmful chemicals into your home, but these products are often less efficient at cleaning than the higher quality niche cleaning products that are typically only found online.


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No matter what type of floor you have, repairing and floor restoration can be an option for you. Do be very careful about taking care of certain home repairs on your own in homes that were built before 1980 due to the possibility of asbestos. If you’re unsure, get someone to test your floors before you begin. You can also check with the EPA website (epa.gov) for more information.

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