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Garage Sorting Ideas

Garages have a tendency to become a catch-all for things that don’t have a home elsewhere. It quickly can become a cluttered mess and a place that you can no longer use for its intended purpose, keeping your vehicle. Since you don’t often spend much time in your garage and it’s a place that you tend to come and go it’s not a wonder that it can become the catch-all for so many things and quickly turn into a cluttered mess. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

A garage can be a great place for storage while also still being a place that you can park your car overnight. Following are some garage sorting ideas that will help you make your garage a nice cozy extension of your home.

The Best Garage Sorting Ideas

Look at your garage as a multi-purpose room of your home. Its primary function is to store your vehicle, but you also probably keep yard supplies or gardening tools in there, along with bicycles, outdoor toys for kids, and maybe even a laundry center. Having a garage cleaning equipment section can also be beneficial, where you can keep brooms, dust mops, and cleaning solutions that will keep your garage clean.  To really organize your garage you need to divide it into zones.

If you are storing your vehicle in the garage (as you most likely are) then you need to be aware of how much clearance you need to be able to give yourself so that your vehicle can safely fit inside your garage so that you’ll still be able to close the door. You’ll want to make sure that you mark off on the floor with some tape where the end of your car has to go so you don’t end up finding that you can’t fit your car in the garage when all is said and done.

Use freestanding units where you can. Metal cabinets are a nice way to store things especially if you want them out of sight.

Shelves hung on the wall or shelving units themselves to put large and small storage bins on make great garage storage solutions.

Flooring space might not be at a premium in your garage, especially when you park your car in there. This is why you must make good use of the walls and ceiling of the garage for storage. Adding hooks and pegboards to the ceiling and walls will provide useful additional storage for gardening tools, bikes, and multiple other items. This is an integral part of your garage storage system that will keep everything in its place.

Don’t forget about the corners. You can really use a lot of storage space in the garage if you remember that you can put things in the corners.

When you begin the project of developing your garage sorting ideas, make sure you recognize what space you actually have to use to store your items. You might have to get creative in what you do. It also will be good to do some decluttering before you start. No sense in trying to store things that are broken or that you are never going to use. If you get an idea of exactly what you need to store in the garage before you start it will go a long way to helping you fully utilize all of the space you have.

Keeping Your Garage Clean

A garage is prone to getting dirty over time if not properly cared for. At Champion Supplies, we offer only the highest-quality cleaning products that are perfect for keeping any garage clean.

For dealing with the ever-accumulating dust building up in your garage, we’ve created our Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop. Its electrostatically charged strands pick up any dust and dirt particles in its path. Run the mop along your garage floors, walls, and ceiling, step outside, and shake off the dust. It really is that simple.

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For stains on your garage floor, grab our Champion Yellow Wet Mop and either our Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner or our Champion Ultra-Concentrated Degreaser. The Champion Yellow Wet Mop is ultra-absorbent, soaking up to 5 times its weight in water. This mop is extremely easy to wring out by hand. For basic floor cleaning, the Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is the perfect fit for garage floor stains, but for extra-tough grease stains, grab our Ultra-Concentrated Degreaser. One 32 oz. bottle will make an amazing 256 gallons of cleaner when mixed with water. Even the most stubborn grease stains are no match for this powerful degreaser.

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