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How to Deep Clean a Bathroom Floor

Looking for how to deep clean a bathroom floor the easy way? Get a gleaming bathroom floor with these cleaning ideas that will help you complete the task quicker than ever!

It goes without saying that everyone is looking for how to keep bathroom floors clean. Also, we all want to use methods that make cleaning days move along smoothly so that there is more free more time to enjoy with family and friends.

We’re all in agreement that cleaning bathroom floor tiles are a major waster of time and energy, but is required nonetheless to maintain cleanliness in the home.

Fortunately, there are a few minor adjustments you may implement to your cleaning ritual to expedite the task without losing efficiency.

See our cleaning tips below on how to deep clean a bathroom floor. Hopefully, these cleaning ideas will make the tedious task easier, simpler, and ultimately give you a cleaner bathroom floor.

How to Deep Clean a Bathroom Floor Fast and Easily

The first step for deep cleaning a bathroom tile floor is to thoroughly sweep the floor. In a tiny cramped bathroom, a clumsy vacuum cleaner is nearly useless. Instead, a handheld broom is a perfect tool for cleaning bathroom floor tile.

Run the broom around the room’s perimeter and work to gather dust and dirt toward the center of the floor.

Don’t neglect to clean around the base of the toilet, where dust tends to accumulate! A slightly moist paper towel is a simple way to scoop up your little dust pile.

An excellent alternative to a broom for collecting dust is the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop. No dust treatment spray is necessary with its electrostatic strands. Simply mop the floor, step outside, and shake away the accumulated dust.

Next, fill your mop bucket with about 2 gallons of warm water.

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Add 6 ounces of Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner into the bucket filled with 2 gallons of water. This cleaner is biodegradable and phosphate-free. This tile floor cleaning solution also includes our exclusive SST chemistry.

Wring out excess water after immersing the Champion Yellow Mop in the cleaning solution. Between passes, rinse the yellow mop. The Champion Yellow Mop is the best mop to clean tile floors because it is extremely lightweight but amazingly absorbent, plus it is very easy to wring excess water out by hand. Another useful benefit is it leaves floors streak-free & lint-free. Also, one can machine wash it.

The third step is to dry the floor.

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The easiest way to make sure they remain shiny is to towel dry the tiles. However, why make the process tougher than it should be? So rather than squatting on your hands and knees to towel dry them, spread a big towel on the floor.

Create a relaxed and balanced posture by putting a single foot on the towel, then gently begin to slide the drying towel bit by bit over the bathroom floor, taking care not to lose your balance. Depending on how damp and wet the towels become, larger bathrooms may require two drying towels.

When you begin drying the bathroom floor with towels, start at the far end of your bathroom so you can finish drying by the entrance. By following this drying path, you won’t have to step across your newly washed & dried floors to leave.

If you want to give your tile floors an extra shine, consider utilizing Champion’s Multi-Surface Floor Finish/Shine!

The Best Way To Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles

The initial step is to clean the surface of the tiles.

Floor tile and grout cleaning in the bathroom is a particularly tricky job if you don’t know how to do it effectively. The best way to clean bathroom floor tiles is by following the fundamental cleaning methods that were mentioned above. By following the steps outlined above, you will be able to clear dirt and grime from the tile surface before cleaning the tile grout.

The second step is to create a cleaning solution that is effective on tile & grout.

Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is the best cleaner for tile floors with grout and will simplify the task. It is a unique blend of phosphate-free and biodegradable detergents that effectively deals with stains and soil. Also, it contains Champion’s exclusive SST chemistry. For bathroom tile floor cleaning add 3 ounces of Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner per gallon of water for tile & grout.

The third step involves scrubbing the grout.

It’s time to clean tile grout now that you’ve created the tile and grout cleaning solution.

NOTE: Always test the cleaning solution before proceeding on an inconspicuous spot to check for any discoloration.

Apply the cleaning solution to the grout with a high-quality grout brush.

Allow the cleaning solution to do its job for a few minutes before scrubbing the grout lines clean. Within 24 hours, rinse with water and add grout sealer to only the grout, not the tile.

Hopefully, you’ve found our method on how to deep clean a bathroom floor helpful and effective!

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