How to Get Automotive Grease Out Of Clothes

Despite your best efforts, automotive grease has a tendency to end up on your clothes. Don’t worry, there is positive news. Your grease-stained clothing does not have to be donated or applied to your dry-cleaning order. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to get automotive grease stains out of clothes, including instructions for removing grease stains from various types of fabrics.

Different Types of Oil & Grease Stains

There are many different kinds of grease and oil stains, including cooking grease, cooking oil, car grease & oil, etc.

Before we get into the steps on how to get automotive grease out of clothing, let’s discuss how a high-performance grease stain remover functions.

Have you ever noticed a drop of water resting on a surface? This is due to a property known as surface tension, which exists in water. Water forms a bead on the surface of objects like glass or cloth as a result of this tension. Surface tension can be observed by putting a drop of water on a countertop. The drop will keep its form and will not spread.

Water must be able to penetrate the surface of our clothing in order to wash them. If the surface tension is decreased, water can reach the surface. To accomplish this, Champion employs unique and exclusive chemistry.

Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser is formulated with its exclusive SST chemistry. SST stands for, Subsurface Surfactant Technolgy. This chemistry has been developed over many years of research & engineering and in the field usage. SST gives Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser a huge advantage over other leading brand degreasers. There is no better-performing degreaser on the market and this is the only degreaser that contains exclusive SST chemistry.

How Champion’s SST Chemistry Works

Champion SST chemistry alters the behavior of water. Surface tension is reduced as SST chemistry mixes with water. Water will now spread out effectively and wash the surface of the pots & pans, clothing, and countertops you’re attempting to clean.

Champion SST chemistry is made up of unique hard-working molecules that have 2 ends. One end of the molecule loves to be in the water, while the other end of the molecule fears being in the water.

Have you ever used the expression “oil and water don’t mix?” This is critical in this case!

The SST’s molecular structure was uniquely engineered whereby the water-fearing end of the molecule actually loves oil & grease, yet at the same time tries hard to stay away from water.

As was mentioned before the opposite side of the molecule loves water and is highly attracted to it.

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The manner in which these two totally diverse molecular ends interact with oil, grease, food, soil stains, and water is the mysterious secret to how the Champion SST chemistry functions, and most importantly, it answers the question of how to get automotive grease out of clothes.

When the SST chemistry is applied to water, the water-fearing ends attempt to avoid it. They do so by arranging themselves in the form of a spherical water wheel with the water-loving ends outwards and the water-loving ends within the center of the spherical-like wheel. Consider this spherical water wheel like a cluster or an aggregated particle. Envision each molecule acting as spokes of the water wheel. The outer end of the molecular spoke loves water & the inner end of the water wheel spoke fearing water.

This spherical cluster is important because it is responsible for trapping the oil, grease, dirt, or soil stain.

Keep in mind that the interior of the spherical wheel cluster is afraid of water and does not want to be near it. Since the soil is also afraid of water, it prefers the atmosphere created by the spherical wheel cluster.

The soil’s attraction to the inside of the SST chemistry’s spherical cluster aids in loosening the soil from its surface. As the soil rises to the surface, it becomes trapped in the water in the atmosphere of the spherical wheel cluster. This is also known as emulsification, which is the process of combining two liquids into one. The dirt will not settle back onto the surface because it is content within the center part of the water wheel-like cluster’s environment.

Now that the grease, tar, mud, or stain has been stuck in the spherical cluster and the spherical cluster is suspended in water, washing the dirt is easy.

Keep in mind that the outside of our water wheel-like cluster adores water. As a result, as we wash, the spherical cluster floats free, leaving us with a clean surface!

Step By Step on how to get automotive grease out of clothes

Do you need to get grease stains out of your clothing? The following tips will show you how to get car grease off clothes.

  1. Select a laundry detergent as well as Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser.
  2. Wipe away as much grease & oil as possible.
  3. Pre-treat the stain by putting some Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser right on the stain.
  4. Add laundry to detergent to the washing machine, throw in stained work shirt and pants, wash, then rinse.
  5. Check to see if the stain has disappeared.
  6. If the stain still persists, go back and redo steps 1,2 & 3, then wash the clothes in a combination of laundry detergent and warm water.

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Pick Your Laundry Detergent

If you’re looking for how to get rid of grease stains on clothing, use the appropriate laundry detergent. Champion Liquid Laundry Detergent is a phosphate-free and non-polluting super-concentrated detergent that is specifically made for automatic washers. If the fabric is fine, use a fine fabric detergent wash instead, such as Champion Delicate Wash.

Pre Treatment Stain Remover

Using a blunt knife or a plastic spoon, scrape off as much oil or grease as possible from your clothes. Take extra caution not to rub the grease in any further than it is now.

Next, pour a little Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser onto the stain. Rub in with your finger.

Machine Wash

Refer to the clothes fabric care label and wash the garment at the optimum temperature safe for the fabric, using the “heavily soiled” dose on the laundry detergent bottle.

Inspect the Grease Stain

Check to see if the grease stain is still visible after cleaning. If it isn’t, it may be dried. If the grease stain is still visible, you will need to pre-treat with Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser and wash it again. Soaking is recommended during pre-treatment and cleaning. Prepare a solution of laundry detergent and warm water for this purpose. Enable the clothes to soak for a couple of hours before washing them as normal.

How to Get Rid of Grease Stains on Clothing Made from Fine Fabrics

Although the above measures will remove grease stains from most clothing, delicate fabrics can need additional treatment. If you’re attempting to clean a stain from a delicate fabric such as wool, linen, or satin, use Champion’s Delicate Wash.

Don’t let grease stains ruin the appearance of your clothes. Instead, follow these steps to quickly remove grease stains. Remember to choose Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser with exclusive SST chemistry, the only proper answer and solution for how to get automotive grease out of clothes.

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