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How to Get Oil Stains Out of Denim

Removing a grease or oil stain from a shirt comes into play when you are cooking a family breakfast, enjoying the aroma while doing so, and then the bacon grease splatters onto your shirt! It’s safe to say we all have had that situation or at least something similar at some point. That stubborn grease spot just loves staying attached to your clothing. Instead of simply throwing away your whole wardrobe due to a grease and oil spot, you can use this as a guide on how to get oil stains out of denim and other clothing materials for good! Saving money from potentially having to buy new clothes sounds like a very good idea!

How to get oils stains out of denim

Once the grease is there, it’s not going anywhere soon without the proper treatment. It’s best to treat the stain while it is freshly incorporating itself into your fabric. Remember though, it is never too late to remove the stained area once it has been set for a while. Grease is a lipid and insoluble in water. It is considered way more difficult than other potential stains that can happen. The normal conclusion to a stain appearing would be to run your clothing through a normal washing machine cycle. This typical method will not work to pull out grease stains.


What are the steps I should take?

There is a way to remove oil and grease stains from denim with products you most likely already have in your home. It is a lengthy process, but it will save you extra money in the long run when it comes to obtaining a clean wardrobe. Baking soda is an amazing staple to have within your home for so many reasons, besides baking delicious chocolate chip cookies! This powerful agent can lift the grease stains out of your clothes and pull them completely away from the fabric.

Another household product you most likely have hanging around the kitchen is liquid dish soap. This powerful sudsy soap will break up what is left of the stain after you tackle the baking soda method. There are surfactants in liquid dish soap and that is an important ingredient to remove a grease or oil stain for good. Surfactants affect the hydrogen bonds in water in a way to battle the stain and wash it away from your clothes.


How to remove fresh grease stains

Removing a grease or oil stain from denim can be done and it’s best to battle the stained garment when it’s a fresh spot. If you find yourself in trouble with grease or oil stains, first you will want to place your shirt or pants onto a flat surface. Do this whole process before you run your clothing through the washing machine. Put paper towels underneath your clothing where the grease stain is located. Sprinkle baking soda directly onto the stained area. Cover the area completely and let the soda set in on the stain for five to ten minutes.

After the time is up, use a toothbrush to scrub the baking soda into the stain. Make sure that you use enough force, but not too forceful where it could ultimately ruin your clothes. The baking soda should change in color when you are fixing a fresh soiled spot.

Brush off the color-changing baking soda. After you remove the dirty soda, go ahead and apply some more fresh baking soda to the stained area. You will need to continue to repeat sprinkling the soda, wait for five to ten minutes, and brush off the color-changed powder. Do this until it no longer changes the color of the baking soda.

If you notice that you have repeated the baking soda process multiple times and the stain is difficult to remove, move on to this added step to complete the process. Squirt some liquid dish soap onto the greasy spot. Use the same handy toothbrush again and scrub the soap into the fabric. Now, allow your clothing to sit for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Now is the time to run your clothing through your wash cycle. Run it like you normally would and use hot water in the washing machine as you do so. When the washing cycle is done, check your clothing to make sure that the grease or oil stain is removed before you toss it in your dryer.

How to remove old stains

It is always best to bombard grease and oil stains when they freshly land upon your clothing. Sometimes, life gets busy and we can’t complete the task of removing the stain right away. No worries, even old stains can be removed.

Place your article of clothing onto a flat surface, along with placing a paper towel underneath the stained area. The first household product that you will want to apply is liquid dish soap. Make sure that you pour enough of the soap to cover the whole stain. Leave the dish soap on the stain for five to ten minutes.

After that time is up, take your cleaning tool toothbrush and blot the liquid dish soap into the fabric. Remember not to scrub too hard, just use enough force to not damage the fibers within your clothing. After the process of scrubbing, sprinkle some baking soda over the liquid dish soap area. Completely cover the stain spot. Use the toothbrush again to work on the stain. Allow your clothing to sit for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

Now, your clothing is ready for a normal cycle in the washing machine. Make sure to use hot water. After the washing cycle is done, take a look at your shirt to see if the stain is removed. Check it before you toss it in your dryer. A really good cleaning tip for when you are ready to proceed with stain removal is to wear protective gear or even some old clothing you have laying around.

How to remove grease stains from denim: An easier and quicker way?

There sure is! While it is extremely handy to use the method above since it is likely you have baking soda and liquid dish soap already in your house, there are easier ways that are not so time-consuming for our already busy lives. Here at Champion Supplies, we can save you time and money with a snap of our fingers! The products we offer will last a long time and the steps above are not needed at all. We can provide the solution for how to remove grease from denim jeans and other denim clothing, fast and easy!

Biodegradable Degreaser Cleaner

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Champion Biodegradable Degreaser Cleaner is considered to be the number one grease and oil stain remover on the market! This product is so powerful and can be used on so many things. It is truly handy to have around your home. There are plenty of cleaning products that you can find at your typical store. Most of those products you see on the shelves are made to be used up very quickly so that companies have repeat customers. That’s more money for you in the long run and quite frankly, most of those products contain harmful chemicals. Let this spot remover work wonders for you!

The Champion Biodegradable Degreaser Cleaner comes in a 32-ounce bottle that will turn into 256 gallons of pure and fresh grease-slaying cleaner! All that needs to be done to get this product activated is to mix it with water per the directions.

The Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser can be used in many ways

This cleaner that we provide for you is not only a great solution for how to get oil stains out of denim, but it’s also good for the removal of car grease as well! This special cleaner is 100% biodegradable and free of phosphate. Here is a list of everything this powerful cleaner can tackle with ease:

  • Grease and oil stains
  • Dirt and grime
  • Dishes, glassware, silverware, pots, and pans
  • Sinks and drains
  • Barbeque grills
  • Stovetops and ovens
  • Kitchen counters
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen walls and cabinets
  • Fabrics that are washable, including cotton materials – makes a great laundry booster
  • Bathroom tile
  • Garage spills
  • Metal pieces
  • Industrial buildings
  • Handy tools
  • Vehicles

How to remove grease from denim with this product

You can use the Champion Biodegradable Degreaser Cleaner directly on a denim grease or oil stain or as a laundry booster with its powerful abilities. To use this product as a booster, simply add ⅛ cup of the concentrated formula per wash load. When removing a grease stain from a shirt, simply pour or spray a small amount on the stained area and work it into the fabric with your toothbrush. Wait about one minute and send it through your normal laundry cycle in the washing machine and dryer. No need to use hot or warm water with this cleaner.

Whoa! The process of getting stains out of your denim clothes will be much quicker with this product. Saving your precious time and hard-earned money will provide you with the ultimate satisfaction of removing that oil or grease stain once and for all!

Champion Delicate Wash

At Champion Supplies, we offer many valuable products that are formulated with the best quality ingredients for a stain remover. The special factors with each cleaning product are the toxin-free elements and these products will last you much longer than the typical cleaners you will find at the store. We want to provide our customers with the best quality products for everyday uses around your house.

Champion Delicate Wash is made of a formula that can specifically treat fine fabrics within your wardrobe. It will provide you with 32-ounces of cleaner.

How to remove oil stains from denim with Champion Delicate Wash

There are three great ways to use Champion Delicate Wash for removing oil stains from delicate denim clothing. It can be used alone in your washing machine, directly on grease or oil stains, or by hand washing your articles of denim clothing.

For the washing machine method, all you do is pour ⅛ cup of Champion Delicate Wash into your top loader. If you have a front-loading washing machine, then all you need to do is add one tablespoon of the cleaner. Use cold water when taking on this method of cleaning your clothes.

You can also use this delicate wash directly on the stain itself. Apply a little bit of Champion Delicate Wash on the stain or spot, covering it fully. Then all you do after that is toss your clothing into the washer as normal, then into the drying machine.

If you would like to try the handwashing method, add one capful of Champion Delicate Wash to two quarts of cold water in the sink or a basin. Soak the clothes one at a time if you have multiple spots on different articles of clothing. Let the shirt soak in the cold water with the added delicate wash for a few minutes. Squeeze the soap suds into the fabric just to work it into the fibers gently. Do not rub the wash onto the shirt. After the clothing is washed, rinse your clothing in running cold water. Make sure that you do not wring or twist the clothing as you are doing this. Allow it to air dry.

Final thoughts

Removing grease stains from a shirt can most definitely be done by using the method of baking soda and liquid dish soap. If you are looking for an easier and quicker way for how to get oil stains out of denim, then we have you covered with the best quality products made specifically with our customers in mind. Champion Supplies is proud to offer cleaning products that are created with less harsh chemicals and products that will last longer than typical cleaners. It’s time to get that bacon grease off of your clothing once and for all!

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