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How To Keep Copper Pots From Tarnishing

Every chef has their favorite cooking pot. If yours happens to be a copper pot, one of the things you’ve most likely dealt with if you’ve been using it for many years is tarnish. Understandably, you long for the shine your copper pot had when it was brand new. By implementing the tips in this blog post on how to keep copper pots from tarnishing, this is an achievable task.

What are the benefits of copper? For centuries, master chefs have recognized that utilizing copper cookware allows for the flawless and delicate preparation of many fine dishes. They are the optimal frying and roasting vessels. This is because of copper’s superior material characteristics. Copper is an excellent conductor of thermal energy. In fact, copper conducts heat five times more efficiently than iron and even twenty times more efficiently than stainless steel. Heat will be distributed uniformly and precisely throughout the pot or pan. Therefore, a reduced danger of scorching and significant energy savings come with the use of copper cookware

Another interesting benefit of copper is its inherent hygienic properties. Copper cookware is antibacterial in nature due to the fact that germs and bacteria cannot live on it. Copper is poisonous to these microbes, yet offers no hazard to humans.

What is the Best Copper Cleaner and Polish?

The best thing to polish copper has long been a debate within the cooking community. There is a thin line between safety and effectiveness. One obvious example of this is the claim many have made that vinegar is the “be all and end all” of tarnish removal. The acidic properties of vinegar bring with them pros as well as cons. Regarding the pros, vinegar’s acidity will certainly destroy tarnish buildup. These tarnish-removing benefits can be useful, but what happens if even a minuscule amount of the vinegar solution is accidentally left on your copper pot? In this scenario, a potentially worse tarnish will develop. The lingering vinegar will create tarnish and corrosion on the surface of your copper pot, worsening the problem you were trying to solve.

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Let us introduce a much safer alternative: the Champion Polishing Cloth. This singular copper polishing tool brings with it not only tarnish removal, but tarnish prevention as well. The reason for this one-two punch lies within the proprietary polishing formula that is embedded within the cloth. By simply rubbing the cloth over a tarnished copper surface, any tarnish or corrosion will be quickly removed. On top of that, an invisible protective coating is left behind by the polishing cloth that will protect your copper pot from tarnishing in the future. When you’re done with the polishing process, simply buff the copper pot’s surface with a dry, clean, soft cloth for a gleaming shine. The Champion Polishing Cloth has been used by chefs to polish copper pots for over 90 years, and the cloth is completely non-toxic. No longer do you need to worry about the harmful side effects of vinegar, or waste money buying expensive and often toxic polishing pastes.

Now that you know not only how to remove tarnish from your copper pots, but how to keep copper pots from tarnishing in the future, what are you waiting for? It’s time to revive those dull copper pots back to their best selves and keep them that way! Happy cooking!

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