How to make pebble earrings step 16.

How To Make Pebble Earrings

I gave up trying to buy nice souvenirs from my travels years ago. The touristy items available at gift shops don’t appeal to me at all. So, I tried to fill in the need to bring something back from all those nice places by finding nice pebbles to take home and convert into even better souvenirs!
These earrings are made from small beach pebbles I gathered while in Cyprus this winter. They also made great gifts for my girls back home. Read to discover how to make pebble earrings. They’re beautiful!


1. tiny pebbles from your walks on near the seashore
2. earring posts
3. extra strong glue
4. cardboard, felt or fabric for packaging

It’s Time To Learn How To Make Pebble Earrings!

Step 1: Look for pairs of similar pebbles in your favorite colors. They don’t have to be identical, they just need to be similar in shape, size, and color. I also like to pair them by “style” when I find two different ones that complement each other beautifully. There’s no right or wrong, you can even make pairs of three. The beach is our limit.

how to make pebble earrings 1Step 2: You need surgical steel earring posts and extra hold instant glue. E6000 works well.

how to make pebble earrings 2
Step 3: Take the first pair of pebbles and place them with the flattest side facing up. You need a flat side at least the size of the earring post for the glue to adhere.

how to make pebble earrings 3Step 4: Apply a bit of glue on the earring post and press it down on the pebble.

How to make pebble earrings step 4.
Step 5: Repeat for each pebble and let the glue set for 24 hours.

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Step 6: If you plan to give them away as souvenirs, these earrings are perhaps the most easily packaged gift you could think of. Just cut some small cardboard rectangles and decorate them to match the style. You can also print the sheet of cardboard prior to cutting. A hint on the origin of the pebbles would be nice.How to make pebble earrings step 8.


Step 7: I just used some gold ribbon to dress up my cardboard labels.

How to make pebble earrings step 9.How to make pebble earrings step 11.
Step 8: When the glue is set, just pin the earrings on.

How to make pebble earrings step 12.How to make pebble earrings step 13.
Step 9: I even pinned two small pairs together. This way you can mix and match them as you wish. Or give them to someone with more than two pierced holes.

How to make pebble earrings step 14.
Step 10: If you think rock earrings are too raw for your style, think again. Beautifully polished and delicate pebbles are at your fingertips. I really like these white translucent drops, they have such a romantic feel to them.

How to make pebble earrings step 15.
Step 11: I made a lot of them, they make such a fresh addition to any outfit. If you would like to turn any dull jewelry into glistening jewelry, a high-quality polishing cloth will get the job done!


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