How To Paint A Room Fast

Painting is a chore many people don’t want to undertake because of the time it takes. Prepping, and waiting for coats to dry so you can add another coat of paint if needed. And because it’s a messy job which requires you to cover up furniture or move furniture to another area you don’t want a room like the living room to be out of commission for a long time. So to do this quickly you need to be organized and have a plan of attack. Here are the 5 steps on how to paint a room fast.

How To Paint A Room Fast: 5 Steps

1. Cleaning the ceiling and the walls.

Always start from top to bottom for best results during this process. Remove the dust, dirt, and grime prior to painting with a little water and mild detergent. Make sure you remove all of the soap residues. Once the walls are clean be sure to cover the floors and any furniture you can’t move elsewhere. Tape up the areas you wish to not be painted.

2. Edgework.

Begin cutting in the edges for your painting. In the corners of each room with a 2-inch brush paint the edges and about 3 inches out all around the room of the ceiling. Do this in sections. As you paint the edges, paint the ceiling too in order to avoid any paint lines.

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3. Use a roller on the ceiling.

Be sure to remove any excess paint from the roller by rolling it back and forth on the paint pan. Pick a corner and start there rolling from the paint line you created in the previous step to blend it all together. Paint the width of the ceiling and not the length and roll across your body rather than along to avoid straining yourself.

4. Now it’s time to do the walls.

Start in the same corner where you did the ceiling and paint around the edges. Around windows and doors go out about 2 – 3 inches on one wall. Only work one wall at a time. Once you have completed all of the trim work on the first wall use a roller to fill in. Start in that corner and use a W pattern. Don’t remove the roller from the wall. Make a W and then fill it in and move on to complete the fill-in of the one wall and repeat the entire process on the rest of the walls.

5. Trim work.


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Once the walls are dry you can begin to paint in along the trim, baseboards, window frame, door, and molding. Tape off the just painted wall with painters tape so as to not ruin the work you’ve already done. With a two-inch angled brush get the trim painted. Continue a top to bottom approach. Paint the trim at the top of doors and windows first and move down. Work on one wall at a time with the wall you applied the paint to first.

Following these five steps on how to paint a room fast will ensure that you are quick and efficiently painting the room so you can then sit back in your newly painted living room and truly admire the work you have done before you know it.

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