How to Paint Walls With a Brush Only

So you decided it’s time to paint. There are three major things you will have to consider: How much paint to buy, what colors to choose, and what is the best paintbrush for the particular job at hand. The goal of this blog post is to go over everything you need to know about how to paint walls with a brush only.

Steps For Determining How Much Paint To Buy

How To Figure Out Painting Surface Area

First, figure out the square footage of the room. To do this you will need to measure the length and width and height of the room. Add up the four lengths of the wall and multiply that by the height of the room to get the square footage.

Next, assuming that there are doors and windows in the room which you won’t be painting the same color you can subtract the width of each of those from your calculations to figure out how much surface area you will have to paint.

Now That You Have Your Surface Area

Okay, so it’s great that you now know the surface area that needs to be painted, right? But how much does a gallon of paint cover anyways? Well, as a general rule of thumb a gallon of paint covers 350 square feet. This is a general rule of thumb because there are some things you will need to factor in. If you are painting unpainted drywall, then you will need slightly more as it absorbs more paint. You will also need to factor in how many coats of paint it’s going to take to cover the area.

Walls that are unfinished, heavily patched, or dark in color may require two coats of paint. The paint you purchase might cover it differently, so check the can to see how much surface area a gallon of paint will cover.

Now That You Know How Much A Gallon Of Paint Covers

Are you ready for more math? Now that you have the square footage of the room, minus the unpaintable areas, and you know that a gallon covers 350 square feet, you will need to divide the square footage by 350. This will tell you how many cans you will need. If it doesn’t work out evenly then you can either go up to the next gallon or just purchase a quart or two along with the gallons. Sometimes buying the extra gallon can be a cheaper choice though.

Having extra paint on hand for touch-ups is a good thing. Buying a little more than what you think you’ll need is going to save you a trip back to the paint store and the possibility of not getting an exact match if you had them mix a special color.

Before painting, having a high-quality dust mop like our Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop or hand duster like our Microfiber Dusting Mitt on hand would be useful. You don’t want to be painting over dust and dirt particles. Try to avoid mainstream dusters as these are typically made with inferior materials since most of these company’s funding goes towards advertising. High-performance dusters such as those found here at Champion are more efficient and safe at cleaning since they do not require the use of chemicals.

If you’re still unsure how much paint to buy speak with the paint person at the store. They might be able to help you figure out how much paint to buy. This method is a pretty foolproof method for determining how much paint to get.

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Tips on Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors for your walls that blend well with your décor can be a difficult task. It’s important because you have to live with it. Since most of us aren’t interior designers thinking outside of the box can be difficult. There is so much to keep in mind when choosing the color for your home. You need to know what colors you like and how you want to express yourself, but it needs to go with your home too. The colors you choose must blend well with the fixtures in your home that you can’t really alter, as well as the furniture and carpeting you already have in your home.

Unless you are capable of doing a complete overhaul with new home furnishings, carpets, stains, counters, and cabinets, then you’ll want to figure out what works best with what you already have.

During your home remodeling process, and especially before painting, it will be beneficial to have a high-quality dust mop like the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop on hand. Yarn dust mops are specifically helpful in picking up pesky dust particles from your precious home surfaces. It is advised to avoid mainstream dust mops found in most stores since these mops are typically made with low-quality materials. Most of the funding for these mainstream mops goes towards advertising instead of research & development. Luckily, with a little bit of research, you can find high-performance dust mops on the Internet, such as the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop.

Choosing Paint Colors: What’s Your Mood

Moods can change daily, or even hourly. Your surroundings do have an effect on your mood. If you’re bold and want to make bold statements, then you will go with bold colors like red. If you want your home or a room to have a more serene feeling and you feel more calm and relaxed, then you’ll stick with blues.

What About Your Home Décor?

What colors are your carpeting and floors? How about the molding and baseboards? Do you have a color scheme going on with your furniture? You don’t want to get an exact match. If your couch is plain, then you definitely don’t want to go with the same color as the couch. Do you have accent pillows on your couch? Pull a color from there. Get a few different paint swatches and hold them up to the wall. Many paint stores will give you paint samples so you can try them out while choosing paint colors and see how you like certain shades.

Put the sample color on your wall in a place that gets all different lighting. Take time to look at it against all of the different lightings, early in the morning and late at night. Find the color that you love and set the mood of the room. If you are still struggling to pick between two colors, then try to figure out a way you can use both, one as an accent color and one on the walls.

Read Up On Recent Decorating Tips

Take a look at decorating websites to help give you some design ideas that you’d really like to emulate. Look at magazines to see how color has been used. It doesn’t have to be exact, but it can help you choose the right color for your home.

Trying to maintain a certain color palette throughout your home will help you out immensely too. Choosing paint colors in your entire home from the same palate will make your home more uniform. Not boring mind you, but it will give it a certain flow so you’ll have that home that looks like it could be in a magazine. You’ll be so pleased with the end result and it will make making other purchases for your home so much easier if you have certain colors you’re keeping in mind for your home.

Just remember nothing has to be an exact match to something. Keeping the same undertones will give you a home you’re happy to call home.

Choosing The Best Paint Brush For The Job

Since we’re talking about how to paint walls with a brush only, one area you really don’t want to skimp on when you are painting is the types of brushes you use. Using the best paintbrush for the job will speed along the process and give you far better results than just using some randomly chosen paintbrushes and tools. A handyman doesn’t just have one tool in his tool belt because he knows he’s going to need more than one tool. The same can be said of painting. The brushes are your tool so be sure you’re using the right one for the job. Here are the different types of brushes and what they’re best used for.

Types of Brushes

Brushes are made of two different types of material. Either natural bristled brushes or synthetic bristled brushes which are generally made with nylon or polyester. If you are using oil-based paint then either bristle will work. For enamels and topcoats, you will want to use a natural bristled brush of high quality. If you are applying a latex coating then you will only want to use synthetic bristled brushes. If you’re worried about the cost of high-end synthetic brushes, you will get your money’s worth out of them so long as they are properly cleaned and stored.

Size of Brushes

Brushes come in different sizes for different jobs. You want to make sure to match the size and shape to find the best paintbrush for the job. You’ll obviously want large brushes for larger areas and small brushes for small areas. Here’s a breakdown of the best size brushes for the jobs.

  • For large exterior areas use a 4-inch flat brush with ¾ – 1-inch thickness.
  • For corners use a 2-inch wide brush with tapered edges.
  • For woodwork and molding, use a 1 inch – 2 ½ inch brush.
  • For window frames and trim use 1 inch – 2 ½-inch wide brushes.
  • For interior walls use a 3 inch – 4-inch wide brush.

The Best Paint Brush: Go Quality

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap you get cheap. You can’t just go by price to decide what the best paintbrush quality is. You need to examine the brushes for certain things to help you make the right choice for the best paintbrush for the job.

  • The best paint brush should have split ends for a fine and even finish.
  • The tips should flex and spring back into formation.
  • The bristles should be short on the outside and longer in the center providing you with more control of where the paint is going to be applied.
  • Aim for a brush about half of the length as the width. If you have a 2-inch wide brush, then it should measure at least 3 inches in length.
  • Give the bristles a tug. If one or two of the bristles come out it’s not made well. If you can pull bristles out with your hand imagine what’s going to happen when it’s weighed down with paint.
  • How does it feel in your hand? You want something that is going to have a comfortable handle because you’re going to be holding it for a while.

Extra Considerations

Finding high-quality cleaning products can be difficult since many of the mainstream home cleaning products are made with cheap inferior materials, but it is extremely useful to have a high-performance dust mop like the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop on hand before committing to a painting project. Whatever surface you plan on painting, you will want to make sure that it is free from any dust and dirt particles.

Learning how to paint walls with a brush only is well worth it. The best paintbrush that is well-made and well-maintained is going to last you for years, so you won’t mind that initial investment so much. It will save you time, so get the best brush for the job, quality, size, and material.

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