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How To Polish Pewter Mug

Has your favorite pewter mug developed an unsightly tarnish that you just can’t seem to get rid of no matter what you try? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your beverage-holding companion back to its glistening glory days? Well, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ll go over how to polish pewter mugs with an easy and effective polishing technique.

Due to the fact that pewter contains no lead, it has been a favorite material for mugs and tankards for generations. Pewter mugs and tankards are often shaped differently and have complex exterior patterns.

Tankards are large beer mugs that have a handle and a hinged lid. Unlidded mugs are often known as tankards or simply ‘mugs’. The term ‘getting tanked’ is believed to originate from these drinking cups, which seem large by contemporary beer glass norms. For instance, the wooden tankard discovered in a field in South Wales would have carried around four pints, making a single pour a heroic nightly endeavor for any Welsh drinker. If glugged at the pace at which a contemporary portion of ale is glugged, drinking from a classic tankard may make for a very joyous evening indeed.

When materials like pewter are exposed to moisture and air, they can develop a layer of tarnish. Tarnish is formed when a metal reacts with a non-metal element such as sulfur dioxide or oxygen. Corrosion develops as a thin coating on top of the metal, weakening its luster.

How can this tarnish be effectively removed? One popular method of removing tarnish on pewter surfaces is with the use of vinegar. While vinegar’s acidic nature can remove tarnish from pewter mugs quite well, this substance is a double-edged sword. The problem with using vinegar is that any residual vinegar that is left on your pewter tankard will actually result in even worse tarnish and corrosion. Leaving behind residual vinegar on a pewter surface is quite common when the surface contains various intricate designs.

We would like to propose a much safer and more convenient polishing strategy. The Champion Polishing Cloth is specifically designed to remove tough tarnish on pewter surfaces. This polishing cloth is non-toxic and has been used as a trusted polishing tool by pewter mug owners for over 90 years. What makes the Champion Polishing Cloth especially useful is the fact that the polishing power comes from within the cloth itself, not from any external polishing paste or solution. The proprietary polishing solution that is imbued within this long-lasting cloth not only easily removes tarnish, but leaves behind an invisible protective coating on the polished pewter that actually prevents tarnish from forming in the future.

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To utilize the Champion Polishing Cloth, simply take the cloth and rub the tarnished area of your pewter mug or tankard until the tarnished surface is reverted to it’s original color. Then, take a clean, dry, soft cloth and buff the surface to give it a brilliant shine. Your pewter mug will now not only have its original shine back, but will be protected from future tarnish and corrosion.

We hope that this simple method of how to polish pewter tankards and mugs has been helpful. Cheers to your revived pewter mugs and tankards!

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