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How to Remove Tarnish from Metal

There are various types of metal one can find in the home. All these various metals are susceptible to tarnishing. For example, is your fine silver tarnished and grey? Is your precious jewelry scratched up and lackluster? Or perhaps you have a box of old sterling silver trinkets that are forgotten and discolored. No matter the age or discoloration of your metal items, simply investing in the best metal polish tool can save your metal items and restore them back into shining treasures.

There are a multitude of metal cleaners available on the market. There are silver cleaners, brass cleaners, jewelry cleaners, etc. It can get expensive if you choose to purchase a specialized cleaner for each specific type of metal found in your home. This blog post will offer you an alternative. We propose with confidence that there is a singular metal cleaner and polish that will remove tarnish from any metal in a safe and simple manner. This multi-metal polish will make you an expert on how to remove tarnish from metal.

Rather than keep you in suspense, we’ll come right out and tell you that the best metal cleaner and polish is the Champion Polishing Cloth. It is made in the USA and has a loyal following of satisfied customers going back more than 90 years. It will remove tarnish from any metal in a safe and effective manner.

Interesting Facts About Metals Within Your Home

  • Metals are known as chemical elements.
  • The only time metal is shiny is when the object is properly cleaned.
  • Even though metal is extremely strong, an object made of metal can be bent and shaped into a different form.
  • Believe it or not, gold does not corrode.
  • Ag is the chemical symbol for silver. Ag is Latin for the word silver.
  • The most common metal found within Earth’s crust is aluminum.
  • The most common metal found on Earth and that is also a huge part of Earth’s core, is iron.
  • Copper is commonly used to create wires, due to copper being a conductor of electricity.
  • The only metal that is in liquid form at room temperature is mercury.
  • Cooking pots are commonly made from aluminum, due to aluminum being a conductor of heat.
  • Sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium, and francium are alkali metals. These metals are known as reactive elements. An explosion can occur just by adding these metals to water. Due to this, items made with these reactive elements are stored in oil to prevent the exploding effect.
  • Bridges, buildings, and other similar structures are made with metal because of the strength that metal contains.
  • There are different types of steel, such as stainless steel, carbon, and galvanized steel. A combination of different metals is used to create steel, with iron being the main component. Steel is commonly used to create knives, cars, wheels, rims, motors, train rails, machines, and wires.
  • A combination of copper and tin is used to create bronze, with copper being the main component in the formula.

Examples of Metal Objects That Could Use an All-Metal Polish

There are many things within our homes that could require a tarnish remover to help restore metal pieces to their former glory. Some of your metal objects are truly in need of the best tarnish remover! If the question arises on how to remove tarnish from metal, there is no need to be concerned. The Champion Polishing Cloth will be your solution. Here is a list of objects within your home (or even out in the yard) that could benefit from a quality metal cleaner and polish.

  • Silverware
  • Antique pieces
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Garden furniture
  • Fashion jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Door knockers
  • Tools in the garage
  • Pots and pans
  • Doorknobs
  • Drawer pulls
  • Metal frames on chairs
  • Faucets and drain plugs
  • Screws and nails
  • Hinges
  • Coins
  • Home decorative pieces
  • Golf clubs
  • Musical instruments
  • Fishing gear
  • Marine items such as boats
  • And so much more!

Why Does Metal Tarnish?

Why exactly does metal tarnish over time? Metal tarnishes due to a reaction from the environment that is surrounding that metal object. The factors that come into play that cause tarnishing are sunlight, moisture, oxygen, air, heat, and even certain food that accidentally gets caked onto the metal piece. Not only can a metal object tarnish while being in a wide-open space of your house, but it can easily and quickly tarnish when it is stored in your basement or other storage area.

When storing metal pieces, the paper or cardboard that you most likely use to protect the object actually worsens the tarnishing effect that you are trying to stay away from in the first place. Paper, cardboard, foam pieces, and certain cloths that are commonly used to protect objects from breaking during the storage period will release sulfur and other tarnish-causing components. Instead of relying on these materials to store your goods, try using anti-tarnish bags or anti-tarnish paper.

Why Should You Use a Metal Cleaner and Polish?

There are two different approaches when dealing with various decorative metal items found in one’s home. Some may prefer a bit of tarnish on certain home decor items. Others would rather maintain their metal decor with a high luster shiny appearance. This is all truly subjective. Both have their merits.

For example, there is a growing trend amongst Baby Boomers whereby they prefer, from an architectural standpoint, to maintain a somewhat vintage or antique appearance purposely on their brass decor items. In this case, there would be no need for a metal cleaner and polish. In fact, they would prefer to take a brand new shiny brass item and purposely add a tarnished appearance to it. There is somewhat of a charming aspect to that architectural philosophy. With that said, this blog post will be more beneficial to those looking to keep their prized metal objects looking new with a brilliant shine.

There are many reasons why you should love maintaining the metal pieces that adorn your home. The mirror effect of a shiny and sparkling doorknob. The type of brilliant appearance that freshly polished silverware gives off that evokes comments of approval from relatives. The beloved home decor smiling back at you after a successful polishing session. There is just something about shiny metal pieces that will lead you to become a more satisfied homeowner!

Not only is a metal cleaner and polish good for the looks of your metal pieces, but it helps in other areas as well. Using an all-metal polish can prevent contamination of the object, remove oxidation, and it can also prevent corrosion. There is nothing better than a restored, clean, and brightened doorknob being the first thing that guests see as they are welcomed to your home.

What is the Best Metal Polish and How Can You Find it?

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What Should You Look For?

When you’re asking the question of how to remove tarnish from metal, the quality of the product is the most important aspect to consider. Choosing the wrong tarnish remover could actually damage your metal items. Harmful, strong chemicals can corrode softer surfaces, while cheap abrasive polishing cloths can scratch softer metal items. Save yourself the sorrow of suddenly destroying a belonging you intended to fix and invest in the best metal cleaner and polish on the market! Here are a few characteristics to look for in making a clever decision on what to buy and what you should stay away from. By the end of this blog post, you will discover what is the best metal polish!

1. You get what you pay for

A well-made polishing cloth purposefully engineered to be a multi-metal polish means you won’t need to handle harmful, strong chemicals that use their harshness to remove tarnish from metal. Purchasing a multi-metal polish cloth from an established online company can ensure you aren’t wasting money on a low-quality metal cleaner and polish. Investing in a proven high-quality polishing cloth that is made in the USA and formulated as a multi-purpose metal cleaner and polish is a decision that will deliver value and results.

2. Benefits of a multi-metal polish

Investing in a multi-metal polish that not only will remove tarnish from metal but will also clean, wax, and protect will yield fantastic results. The Champion Polishing Cloth is the ultimate metal polish. This all-metal polish is the best metal cleaner and polish on the market. The unique and exclusive chemistry formulated into the Champion Polishing Cloth functions in a unique manner. This product is safe to use and is considered a biodegradable and environmentally friendly metal cleaner and polish. Its proprietary chemistry penetrates deep into the metal surface it is applied to. It lifts off tarnish like magic and leaves behind a brilliant shine, plus a tenacious but invisible wax-like protective coating. This protective coating helps to maintain a beautiful luster on the metal and vastly retards any future tarnish formation.

3. Polishing solutions

One option for polishing your metal items is to get a liquid metal cleaner and polish. The downside to most liquid metal cleaners and polishes on the market today is that they typically contain chemicals and solvents that are considered harmful to the environment. They require special handling when removing tarnish from metal. Care must be used depending on the type of metal being cleaned as these substances may do more harm than good.

There are also DIY metal tarnish remover recipes that are found on the Internet. This seems to be a popular strategy since these DIY methods have become the latest trend. They can be effective in removing tarnish from metal but there’s a downside. The idea is that one can readily find ingredients listed in these DIY recipes at home. The most common ingredients listed in such recipes are vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, salt, toothpaste, ketchup, soft drinks, etc.

In terms of the use of vinegar, lemon juice, or soft drinks, these acidic liquids will remove tarnish, but the danger is that they will cause tarnish to return rather quickly. Anything acidic needs to be carefully used. If not, it causes more harm than good.

Other ingredients such as baking soda, salt, toothpaste, etc. are considered abrasive. They do work, but most decorative metals found in the home are typically soft. When abrasives are applied to soft metals, the inevitable result is that the tarnish is removed, but what’s left behind are unsightly scratches.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to remove tarnish from metal. With a little common sense and patience, anyone can take a seemingly impossible-to-clean metal and turn it into something shiny and beautiful.

If you’re serious about learning how to remove tarnish from metal, then investing in the Champion Polishing Cloth will quickly turn you into an expert at removing tarnish.

4. Invest in a multi-metal polish

It may seem like a true multi-metal polish would be an elusive product to find. There may be some skepticism on the effectiveness of such all-metal polish products. Typically, what is commonplace are metal cleaners and polishes that are metal-specific, such as silver cleaners and polishes, brass cleaners and polishes, stainless steel cleaners and polishes, etc. Like all unique products that become not only iconic but ultimately outperform the norm, a truly effective multi-metal polish is possible and in fact, has been on the market for over 90 years.

Even though this unique all-metal polish has been in existence for over 90 years, it is still considered one of those best-kept secrets. For those that are lucky enough to find it, they inevitably become a member of a truly fanatical loyal fanbase of users. The product in question is available from Champion Supplies, and it’s called the Champion Polishing Cloth.

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More About the Champion Polishing Cloth

No longer do you have to worry about how to remove tarnish from metal. The Champion Polishing Cloth is the best metal cleaner and polish on the market today. For over 90 years, it has been made in the USA and it’s truly the ultimate metal polish. It will remove tarnish from metals such as brass, silver, sterling silver, aluminum, pewter, stainless steel, other ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chrome, gold, nickel, bronze, and more!

The Champion Polishing Cloth delivers real value for your money. A single 9″ x 12″ polishing cloth equals one gallon of metal cleaner polish.

This fine metal polish will not scratch your beautiful metal items. In fact, it will remove any unwanted scratches! This magical multi-metal polish will literally restore any metal surface and bring back a beautiful lustrous shine.

Through its exclusive formula, the Champion Polishing Cloth impregnates an invisible and long-lasting protective film on the metal surface, helping to maintain that beautiful shine and stave off any tarnishing.

What Can a High-Performance Multi-Metal Polish Do?

A true all-purpose metal polish should be able to remove rust from metal, chrome, car bodies, and other metal surfaces. It goes without saying that it should easily be able to clean and remove tarnish from silver, plated silver, pewter, copper, brass, bronze, etc. If it is considered a motorcycle metal polish, then seriously consider it if you are a motorcycle aficionado. Motorcycle riders are always in search of the best metal polish for motorcycles.

Beyond motorcycles, car enthusiasts are finicky about maintaining their car’s appearance. If there is a metal cleaner and polish that can handle keeping chrome wheels shiny, then that product will be one for them to purchase. The Champion Polishing Cloth will deliver amazing results for all the above-mentioned uses. It will clean, polish, and protect all the above metals. The Champion Polishing Cloth is the ultimate metal polish.

If you are a hunter or a gun enthusiast and would like a versatile metal gun cleaner and polish, then you’ve stumbled upon a truly unique gun cleaner. The Champion Polishing Cloth will not only remove tarnish from any gun surface, but if there’s any rust, carbon residue, burn rings, leading, or copper and plastic fouling, then the Champion Polishing Cloth will make all those residues disappear like magic.

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Examples of Items That Will Love the Champion Polishing Cloth

  • Sterling silver
  • Silverware
  • Pewter
  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Steel (all kinds of steel)
  • Aluminum
  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Ceramic tile
  • Hardware tools
  • Automotive needs
  • Machines
  • Home decorations
  • Pots and pans
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Porcelain
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • And so much more…

How to Remove Tarnish from Metal the Simple Way

The Champion Polishing Cloth provides you with an extremely simple way for how to remove tarnish from metal. Regardless of the type of metal that needs tarnish removed, the process is the same. Simply remove the Champion Polishing Cloth from its seal-tight package, which is ready for immediate use.

One note of caution: all metal surfaces must be dry. Never use the Champion Polishing Cloth on a wet surface. In fact, if water or moisture were to find its way onto the cloth, it will lose its effectiveness. Never attempt to wash or clean the polishing cloth. Always use it as is. It is a long-lasting metal polish that can provide years of usage.

Now, back to cleaning the metal. Rub a small area of the metal item to be cleaned. Notice as you rub a small section that the polishing cloth starts to discolor and slowly turn black. This illustrates that the cloth is in fact removing tarnish from the metal surface. Continue rubbing in the same area until you feel the tarnish has been removed. Next, grab a dry, soft cloth to buff until the cleaned section is shiny and bright. Repeat the same procedure on a new section until the entire metal item has been cleaned and polished.

There is a special feature of the Champion Polishing Cloth that will be appreciated when attempting to clean an intricately designed metal surface. The Champion Polishing Cloth will not leave behind any sediment in crevices. You will not notice any unsightly white residue in crevices of intricately designed metal pieces. This is a common issue that is experienced after using most common liquid metal cleaners and polishes.

How long can one expect the Champion Polishing Cloth to last? There’s a reason why it is considered the best metal cleaner and polish. It delivers real value and is an extremely effective and safe multi-metal polish. The icing on the cake with this fine metal polish is that it lasts a long time. How long? Well, that depends on how often it is used. No matter how dark it turns, it will last until the fabric shreds and wears out.  This translates to months of cleaning satisfaction from a small investment.

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Final Thoughts

Tarnish doesn’t have to be the end of your metal belongings, nor does it have to be an expensive fix. A simple investment in a well-made tarnish remover or metal cleaner and polish will restore the exterior of your metal valuables to their former glory. Not only can a metal cleaner and polish be used on metals, but purchasing a high-performance multi-metal polish that is versatile enables you to clean furniture, fragile surfaces, tough kitchen appliances, and more.

What is the best metal polish? With the Champion Polishing Cloth, saving money, precious time, and aggravation is a piece of cake! It’s a wonderful feeling to know how to remove tarnish from metal.

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