Indian Interior Design Home Decor Tips and Ideas

Is your house not living up to its potential? Perhaps you moved into a move-in-ready home that wasn’t quite your style, or perhaps you’ve been living in a home that you just haven’t had the time or inspiration to decorate, yet you know you want to liven it up. Regardless of the many reasons one might be living in a house that lacks the personal touch that makes it feel like a home, there are plenty of decorative styles that can quickly change your impersonal home into your dream home. If you’re looking for a warm, inviting style, Indian interior design home decor is the perfect way to bring warmth to your household.

Read this blog to discover the perfect Indian interior design decorations and furniture for your unique style. We will show you many ways in which you can decorate your living space, how to best use exotic colors and textiles to create a homey feel and the best furniture for your Indian-inspired decor. You will walk away with a plethora of ideas that will help you get started on your new design project.

Indian interior design home decor items

It can be overwhelming to choose from the numerous ways in which you can decorate your home in Indian-inspired decor. For this reason, we have compiled some key ideas you can use to make your decision easier.

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What are the perfect colors?

Many traditional Indian homes use bright reds, oranges, purples, and yellows to create warm and inviting living spaces, so keep this color palette in mind when you look for the perfect Indian home decor. Unlike other cultural styles, the Indian culture isn’t afraid to use these colors consistently, rather than in subtle displays. Indian homes may also use gold to richly display religious devotion or wealth. A subtle use of green can be seen in how some homes have lots of tropical, indoor plants. This is a great and affordable way for you to give some life to your room.

Use textiles to your advantage

Elaborate Indian carpets, bold curtains, and fine, silk draperies are an easy way to bring depth and color to your home. While carpets can be exquisite and expensive, you can save some money by purchasing a more simplistic rug, using floor pillows and seating, and hang silk draperies or curtains by your windows. If you want to go all out, Indian carpets offer intricate patterns and colors that will transform your room into a space that will impress all who come to visit. The deep ochre reds and oranges will especially bring fire to your hearth.

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Furniture ideas

Lots of Indian interior design furniture is made out of dark, hand-carved wood. For this reason, it can get quite expensive. Fortunately, you don’t have to go all out to have that Indian-inspired look. To complement darker furniture that may not be hand-carved, adding a bold red and orange blanket to your bed, many throw pillows to sofas, and seat cushions on the ground can give a space warmth that is inviting and beautiful.

Throw pillows often have a shiny sheen to the fabric and are laced in gleaming, delicate gold. It creates an impressive sense of luxury and wealth. Seat cushions, which can be tall and round, or flat and layered to achieve a comfortable height, are situated on the ground for guests to sit on. This more casual seating arrangement adds a nice contrast to elaborate, wooden sofas decorated with plush throw pillows, and it can also save you spending a fortune on fancy furniture.

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In conclusion


Making the decision to style your home with Indian interior design decor is a bold yet rewarding choice. Remember that you don’t have to go all out to incorporate some of what we’ve discussed into a living space. By using just a few tips and ideas from this blog, you will bring life and warmth into your home.

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