Kitchen Essentials That Make Meal Cooking Easy

You’re hungry, your family is hungry, and you’re tired with no energy to go to the supermarket. You also aren’t sure if you have anything in your home to cook. If you have a few kitchen essentials, you can make a healthy and delicious meal. In fact, a well-stocked pantry, packed with the best kitchen essentials, can make meal preparation easy. Let’s take a look at the kitchen essentials that you may want to consider.

The Top 5 Kitchen Essentials For Your Household :

#1 Canned Tomatoes

With a stockpile of canned tomatoes, you can make an abundance of different meals. For example, tomato sauce, garlic, and a few Italian spices make a good spaghetti sauce which you can serve over pasta which you also have in your pantry. A little ground beef, beans, and chili powder and you have a hearty chili meal.

#2 Flour

Flour can make many wonderful things. If you have eggs, you can make pasta. If you have yeast you can make bread or pizza crust. And with those tomatoes you have in your pantry you can whip up a quick pizza sauce – yum! Additionally, you can make pancakes and have breakfast for dinner.

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#3 Eggs

Okay, admittedly eggs don’t generally get stored in your pantry but they are essential. In fact, a few eggs can make a delicious frittata. And poached eggs in tomato sauce are surprisingly delicious. Additionally, as mentioned in #2 you can mix your eggs with a bit of flour to make fresh pasta – it’s much easier than you think. And of course eggs are the foundation for omelets, which are always great when you’re in a pinch.

#4 Rice

Rice is one of those pantry essentials that can turn leftovers into a meal. For example, leftover chicken can be chopped and added to rice and a bit of soy sauce for chicken fried rice. Rice can also be added to a can of beans and some spices to make a hearty bean and rice dish. If you have chicken sausage or Andouille sausage it takes beans and rice to a whole new level.

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#5 Soups

Canned or prepared soups are a quick and easy meal. However, you can turn a basic canned soup into a fantastic meal with a few additional pantry items. Add some spices and flour to your chicken soup and top it with a pie crust that you made from the flour and eggs in your pantry and you have a pot pie.

These are the basics. Dried beans, herbs and spices, and onions and garlic are also great essentials to keep in your pantry. Pasta in various shapes is also a handy go-to item. Take a look at your pantry and assess what you need. It’s a time-saving way to make sure that mealtime prep isn’t stressful or exhausting.

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