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Kitchen Organization Ideas For Small Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When company comes over, the kitchen tends to be where people hang out most besides the living room. Lots of family time is spent in the kitchen not only preparing meals but eating them as well. A small kitchen needs to be not only functional but comfortable as well. Storage in a kitchen can be difficult, especially in small living spaces. You want to keep your beautiful counters clear of clutter so you have a, inviting work surface while also keeping the things you use frequently easily accessible. Here are some of the best kitchen organization ideas for small kitchens to help you maximize the space you have in your kitchen.

Try out these Unique Kitchen Organization Ideas for Small Kitchens!

Store Important Items in Plain Sight

Keep your regularly used pots and pans stored in plain sight with open cabinet storage. Insert storage shelves right next to your stove so you can grab your pots and pans as you need them. Do you have a butcher block kitchen island? This is a perfect place to put your knives in a knife block, along with other utensils and even spices.

Organize your Pantry

With shelves, drawers, closets, and pull-out bins you can make great use of the pantry space. No matter how big or small your pantry is you can make the most of this area with these smart storage solutions.

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Bottle Storage

You might not have a wine cellar or a traditional wine rack, but with cradles, you can turn a pantry shelf into a wine rack. You can also use cradles to store bottles of soda while keeping them easy to access.

Store Spices in a Drawer

Having your spices in a drawer right next to your stove instead of in an overhead cabinet or shelf makes the process of seasoning food much more efficient.

Lazy Susan

You can put storage on a spin with a lazy Susan concept. In a cabinet, add a lazy Susan to store multiple items and be able to find them quickly when needed.

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Sink Storage

The section right in front of the sink tends to be a false drawer. You can put a small storage unit on hinges and add a metal tray where you can store your sponges. This keeps them out of sight while also keeping them easily accessible.

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Dishes in Drawers

In general, you probably keep your dishes in a cabinet. One of the most unique kitchen organization ideas for small kitchens is storing dishes in a drawer separated by pegs. It makes those dinner dishes easier to get when you need to set the table.

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Cutting Boards

What do you do with these things? Why not put them in a basket? You can put your cutting board basket in a cabinet to make extra counter space.

Office Storage in a Small Kitchen

You can use typical office storage solutions in your small kitchen on the wall to store things like sponges or soap.

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Door Storage

Adding kitchen utensil holders on doors is a great way to free up some extra cabinet space in small kitchens.

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

With any tiny kitchen remodeling process, the task of maintaining cleanliness once the task is complete is paramount. Investing in high-quality, high-performance cleaning products will definitely be better for your kitchen than brand store-bought items that are made from inferior materials.

Here at Champion Supplies, we offer everything needed to easily maintain a clean small kitchen. Are you looking for an easy way to get rid of those pesky dust bunnies that inevitably show up in random corners throughout your kitchen? Our Old Fashioned Dust Mop is the perfect tool for the task. It will pick up any dust in its way with its proprietary electrostatic strands, without the need for any duster spray (although we do offer a high-performance dust mop spray for those that desire double the dust-grabbing power.) Simply run the mop over the dusty area, step outside, and shake the dust off!

Floor spills are inevitable in a kitchen. It’s for these situations that you’ll need a highly absorbent mop at hand. Our Champion Yellow Wet Mop is not only ultra-absorbent (it can soak up to 5 times its weight in water,) but it’s also extremely lightweight and very easy to wring out by hand! Depending on the type of floor you have in your kitchen, you’ll find the Champion Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner and Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner to be ideal biodegradable and phosphate-free companions to your Yellow Wet Mop.

Organizing your small kitchen brings out its inner beauty, but that beauty can be tarnished if the dishes, pots, pans, and utensils on display have visible residual baked-on grease. Ensuring that you have clean dishes, pots, pans, and utensils is a key step in the overall process of kitchen maintenance. Our Ultra-Concentrated Degreaser is here to save the day. One 32 ounce bottle makes an incredible 256 gallons of grease-slaying cleaner when mixed with water: an unprecedented value proposition in the cleaning industry. Pair that with our long-lasting Stainless Steel Pot Scrubbers and you have everything you need to officially wave goodbye to grease and food stains once and for all.

To protect the shine on the surfaces of the appliances throughout your kitchen, turn to the Champion Polishing Cloth. This economical cleaning cloth (one 9″ x 12″ cloth is equal to one gallon of metal polish) will not only remove tarnish or stains from ANY hard surface, but it leaves a protective film that prevents tarnish from forming over time. A powerful one-two punch indeed…

You can really turn your small kitchen into an amazing functional space and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to free up some room. You can use things you already have in your home to implement these kitchen organization ideas for small kitchens and give your small kitchen the space you never thought was possible. Happy organizing!

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