Make a 3D Christmas Card Design

Are you planning to give an old-style Christmas card design this holiday season? Then why not impress your other half or your friends with this 3D Christmas card design? This is a fun and easy activity that is worth your time and money. The more you personalize the better! The receiver of this card will appreciate your effort. So let’s do this!

How to Create a 3D Christmas Card Design

Step 1

Prepare all the materials from the list below:
Yellow, green, orange, red and white sponge paper
Hot glue
Concrete glue
Craft scissors
Colored pens or Sharpie
Colored cardboard
Short bond paper
A paper star
A small decorative paper star (such as a confetti star or a garland star)

Polishing Cloth perfectly polish anything.

Step 2

On a piece of white paper, draw your Christmas tree pattern.

Step 3

Cut your pattern.

Step 4

Get your cardboard then equally fold this crosswise.

Step 5

Get your white paper then measure this on the dimension of the cardboard. Be sure to leave at least 1 centimeter on all sides. Cut this and glue the white paper on the inner part of the cardboard.

Step 6

Cut your green sponge in reference to your Christmas tree pattern.

Step 7

Using the green sponge Christmas tree, cut the yellow sponge but make sure that this is 1 centimeter bigger than the green one. This will highlight the Christmas tree, giving it a 3D effect.

Polishing cloth small cloth, huge results.

Step 8

Concrete glue the yellow sponge to the green Christmas tree sponge. Afterward, fix this on the front of the card using hot glue.

Step 9

Hot glue the star on top of the Christmas tree.

Step 10

Cut several thin strips of yellow sponge. Then diagonally glue it across the Christmas tree. These will be the garland of the Christmas tree.

Step 11

Cut several small circles from the red and yellow sponge paper. This will be the Christmas balls of the tree.

Step 12

Cut a pot-shape from the orange sponge. Then cut another pot-shape from the red sponge but this one will be bigger than the orange one. Glue this together.

Polishing cloth here comes the shine!

Step 13

Put the pot-shape on the bottom of the tree. This will be the base of the tree.

Step 14

Form a Santa hat from the red sponge. Also cut a white lining and a small circle, then stick it on the bottom, for the lining and the circle on top for the pompom of the hat.

Step 15

Glue the Santa hat on the inner part of the card. Here we placed it on the upper right hand corner of the card.

Step 16

Using your colorful pens, you can now write your holiday message inside the card.

Step 17

Finally done! You can now give you card to your special someone!

Polishing cloth, clean, shine, protect.

You can also put your 3D Christmas card in an envelope for added excitement. Be personal as much as possible so that your personality can be seen on the card. Much better if you put and write things that come from the heart. Remember! It’s the thought that really means a lot!

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