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Maple Flavoring (2 fl oz)

Maple Flavoring  (2 fl oz)
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Looking for a good maple frosting recipe but do not want to spend all that money on a small bottle of authentic maple syrup? Rawleigh Maple flavoring is here to rescue you. Add a burst of maple flavor to all of your desserts for the fraction of the cost.

There is nothing like that rich taste of maple syrup but there never seems to be enough to go around. Simply add this flavoring to your pancake batter and taste delicious maple syrup in every single bite. Make a maple cream frosting that will disappear before it even makes it on the cake and make maple hard candy that everyone will be talking about.

Stock up on Rawleigh Maple Flavoring today and never worry about whether or not you will be able to find the syrup in the store or if you will have enough money to buy it when your maple frosting recipe calls for it.

Adds a burst of flavor to candies, cookies, cakes, ice cream and frosting. Mix some into your next batch of pancake batter for a rich maple taste.

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