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Matching Floor and Wall Tiles In a Bathroom

Are you considering taking on a home improvement project? Perhaps you’ve decided that you want to revamp your bathroom. Even recreating this one area in your house can become a headscratcher. One good place to start is by matching floor and wall tiles in a bathroom. This creates a strong foundation that gives you something to go by when adding other things. Take a look at some useful pointers that can help you design your bathroom with elegance!

From the Floor Up!

For many, the design of the floor helps to set the tone for the bathroom. With more options available than ever, there is a material, design, and texture to fit just about any taste. Nonetheless, you will probably want your floors to coexist well with the walls, fixtures, and vanities that are also in the bathroom. Here are some things to keep in mind with some of the more common floorings:

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has grown in popularity due to its versatility. If you like the look of beautiful rocky textures such as marble, or even cement there are great options available here. In other cases, the porcelain tiles are used to create beautiful floor patterns in the bathroom. It should be noted that porcelain tiles are a slicker texture. However, they are less prone to wear, especially from water damage and stains.

Vinyl Tile

Perhaps you know vinyl for the timeless rustic designs typically used. If you are a fan of shiny finishing based on wood, stone, or other classic aesthetics, vinyl tile may suit you. This material is also desirable due to the many inexpensive options available. But don’t be fooled! Vinyl tile by nature can be prone to scratching and even tearing. If you opt for this material, make sure you have durability in mind. A thorough installation is also crucial.


True, stone floor and wall tiles often boast an intricate look. If you are not a fan of square tile designs, you will likely find this option attractive. There are many stunning stone designs compromised of asymmetrical stone designs that come together to form a stylish, natural-looking aesthetic.

With stone tiles, you may find yourself weighing between higher price points. Though there are some relatively inexpensive options, tiles with this material are commonly sold and installed at a higher rate than options such as vinyl, for example. Although unattended-to darker stains can set in, it is worth noting that stone tiles are relatively durable. But don’t worry, we’ll go into more detail about cleaning soon!


Another inexpensive option for flooring is laminate material. If tiled floors are not your style, there are many laminate options available that mimic different wood looks. These designs are often based around neutral color schemes; therefore, they often can complement a variety of wall types, colors, patterns, and designs. For your bathroom, look for a durable, waterproof tile that can withstand the moisture and conditions that will be there invariably.

Choosing Your Wall Design

Choosing a wall design can be a challenging task as well. There is more wiggle room here than there is with floor design. For example, a few changes in color and decor can re-shape the aesthetic of the room here, which is much less of a headache than installing new floor tiles. It is still important, though to go about designing the walls of the bathroom with a good amount of coordinating and planning, especially before larger, more drastic projects.

Matching floor and wall tiles in a bathroom chiefly by the material is not necessarily the objective here. The most important thing is that everything coexists…

  • Using solid-colored paint for walls is a simple option that works well with many different combinations. Some prefer to spice this style up by topping part of the walls with beadboard, ceramic tile, or porcelain tile up to a certain height.
  • Fully tiled designs are usually used as a perimeter for the actual shower or bathtub area of a full bathroom. For this area, you want a waterproof material for sure. Chic mosaic designs are a popular choice.

Additional Decorations

Once you have the tough part out of the way, you may find that you want to use additional decorations in order to bring the bathroom together as a whole. There are countless options available that can serve this purpose. Here are a few inexpensive examples that can be incorporated seamlessly:

Artwork Pictures and Photography

The only things needed here are the frame and picture. If you are placing this onto countertops, cupboards, cabinets, or vanities, a kickstand-style frame is what you will want. As a tip, you may want to laminate any hand-drawn or sketch piece before putting it up, because the moisture of a bathroom environment can cause certain papers to deteriorate and crease over time.

If you want to hang a picture up, be sure to choose a good adhesive. Make sure to choose an adhesive hook or strip that is water-resistant, so that your art stays put! Alternatively, if you or someone you know is handy with tools, there is of course the old-school option of drill and screw. If you use this option, make sure to have an idea of the positioning and how the picture will look. After all, a change of mind could end up requiring some repair!

Bathroom photography.
Spruce up your bathroom with your favorite photography!

Vanity Accessories

If your vanity or counter is too blank for your taste, there are things you can add. For instance, you can color-coordinate the most common functional items within the bathroom. Liquid soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, paper towel holders, and other items can be found to suit any budget. To add your own touch, you can even add decal designs, depending on the material. Hand towel rings are another option that can be installed relatively easily.


A simple laundry basket can be placed in the corner of the bathroom to match the aesthetic of the area, as well as keep the room fresh and free of clutter! A small basket for the counter or vanity can serve a similar purpose, in terms of keeping up with small bottles of products. With a little preparation and the right materials, these smaller ones can even be handmade!

DIY Options

Want to exercise your artistic muscle? Or perhaps, you are a beginner looking for simple projects to take on, in order to get a feel for arts and crafts. You may even want to decorate your apartment without making structural changes. Here are a few easy DIY ideas that can be done by people of any skill level:

  • Customized Toothbrush Holder
  • Customized Towel Rack
  • DIY Soap Dispenser Cover
  • Door initial decals
  • Entryway hangings
  • Framed Magazine Clipping Collage
  • Framed Sketches
  • Shower curtain designs and stencils
  • Wall decals

Options like these can be made in the comfort of your own home, some with items that you may already have. Yet, this décor can create an even more cozy, down-to-earth look for your home. The above list is far from being the only creations possible. There are countless, easily accessible starter ideas available for inspiration. But don’t be afraid to add your own twist, be creative, or have fun while making your beautiful DIY creations!

Color Schemes?

When matching floor and wall tiles in a bathroom, choosing a group of colors to implement can be a headscratcher as well. As long as colors don’t clash with one another, there isn’t much in the way of hard and fast rules for this. Preference will be the ultimate determinant. If you are unsure, there are countless color schemes that are publicized by interior designers available for free on the web. If you feel lost in this respect, don’t be afraid to look to these sources for a few ideas!

Example Ideas

If you are looking for a more collective form of inspiration, there are many popular aesthetics that are used as guides within the realm of home improvement. Much like color schemes, these are more about the general look of the room. Interior designers and architects who use these types of ideas are looking to capture the feel of a certain era, subculture, or location, more so than adhering to strict rules.

It is also worth noting that different elements you like can be taken from each one and combined as well. In fact, contemporary layouts often incorporate this idea. Stylistically, most aesthetics are not necessarily exclusive of other ones that may seem like a large contrast when compared. In the end, they are guidelines rather than musts.

So, without further ado, here are some popular aesthetics you may find that you want to incorporate when matching floor and wall tiles in a bathroom:


The rustic aesthetic is inspired by the down-home look, typically associated with more pastoral or prairie areas. One of the more common iterations of this style is based around wood-inspired flooring or wall tiles, with the color scheme of furniture, walls, and other items commonly being based around brown scale or neutral accents. Some favor stone-esque porcelain designs to add flavor to the room. Decorative vintage items also compliment this style.


This aesthetic was inspired by living near the coast. Vinyl floors that give a sun-drenched look are commonly seen. Color schemes are usually based around hues of blue, as a nod to the nearby landscape. Small art and figurines of aquatic life add a similar element. Nonetheless, this aesthetic can be done in any location, and there is certainly room for homemade decoration!


Want to capture that feeling of relaxation? Spa-themed bathrooms are popular with full, en suite bathrooms. Here, color schemes comprised of softer, calming hues are usually favored. Décor might include decorative plants, candles, elaborate vanity accessories, and other items to make for a relaxing atmosphere in a full bathroom, such as one part of a master bedroom.


Innovation doesn’t stop with tech and gadgets! The unique futuristic aesthetic is for those who want to take on modern design to the fullest extent.

Though high in variation, a bathroom with this look is often shiny and lustrous. Porcelain tile floors are one favorite here, especially as a complement to metallic items, such as modern stainless-steel appliances or certain faucet designs. Color schemes are starker for this type, sometimes very loosely present. Ceiling chandeliers are sometimes used, among other forms of decorative lighting. The fixtures within this type can also lead to an eccentric look.


Conversely, many have adopted a minimalist approach to interior design. Elegance through simplicity is the main idea here. One thing you may notice about this aesthetic is its use of soft hues, particularly for wall color. DIYers often find this attractive, because the simplicity of the room allows their creative additions to really shine. Others may want to center the room around a particular piece. Sometimes, less really is more!

Maintaining Your Bathroom

Even after you’ve decided on how you will design your bathroom, the work is not yet done! There are general precautions that should be taken in order to keep your beautiful bathroom looking the way you intended it to.

Without maintenance, even the most durable of materials can deteriorate over time. This is why it is important to exercise care. Damage to things requiring professional installation cost way more to replace than they do to take care of.

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General Rules of Thumb

As for flooring, make sure that there is no floor-damaging amount of moisture in your bathroom. If there is a substantial amount of water due to a spill, take care of it as soon as possible to better prevent grime build-up. For dirt and debris, you may even want to invest in a dust mop like the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop so that these things don’t build up in smaller spaces and mix in with moisture.

Be sure to keep water build-up from happening around areas near faucets. It may be worth investing in shower rugs or mats in order to protect your flooring. Most of these can be washed, or at the very least, replaced inexpensively. Shower curtains also do well in keeping water off the floor. Though these tips may seem insignificant in scope, they really do help keep your bathroom well-maintained when done thoroughly!

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When Matching Floor and Wall Tiles in a Bathroom Need a Major Clean

Even with tip-top maintenance, there will come a point where a solid clean is needed. You’ll likely want to use a versatile solution, such as the all-purpose Ultra Concentrated Degreaser by Champion Supplies. To use this product on your floors, dilute about ¼ teaspoon of the solution with 16 ounces of water. A little of this concentrated solution goes a long way! Finally, disperse it onto the surface using a spray bottle (this prevents backsplash) and wipe clean.

Also, using a quality mop can make your cleaning easier. As the saying goes, it is best to work smarter, not harder! Champion Supplies also has a floor mop that can be used alongside cleaning solutions. Products such as the Champion Super Yellow Mop are also helpful because they are safe to use on a variety of surfaces, without scratching, but also getting your cleaning solution to really do its job. Also, the mop head can be cleaned seamlessly in the washer on any cool to warm setting.Best Mop for Cleaning Floors Banner 3

Remember to Be Safe!

Above all, the health of you, your family, and those around you are important! Practice good safety habits in the maintenance and development of your bathroom. Any major cracks should be attended to even before repairs are made. This can be done by applying a sealant made for the specific material your floor tiling is made of. In any case, be sure to remove any excess from around the cracking and allow ample enough time to dry according to the directions given.

Now You’re Squared Away!

And there you have it! Now, matching floor and wall tiles in a bathroom probably seems like less of a headache! As for a few reminders, waterproof materials are a must in the conditions of a bathroom. If you don’t know where to start, there are many color schemes and room ideas available to use as inspiration. But there is certainly room to add your own spin to them. Finally, be sure to maintain and clean your bathroom tiles, walls, and fixtures. Good luck!

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