Mix and Match Floor Tile Ideas

Whether on your floors or walls, tile is extremely versatile and looks excellent anywhere. There are so many ways that you can mix and match floor tile ideas, ranging from plain, simple patterns to intricate combinations of tile styles.  You can break up walls with solid paint colors by experimenting with arranging tile in unique artistic patterns. Before you start, take a look at these “unofficial” rules for combining tile styles.

The Different Tile Styles

There is a broader selection of tile styles available today than in the past, and with endless possibilities to choose from it can get confusing trying to decide on an aesthetically pleasing tile combination. You can get 3×6 and 4×4 tile slabs commonly found in subway stations, large marble imitations, and a whole array of new options in a variety of unique shapes.

Form A Plan

Prior to choosing a tile combination, it is a good idea to have a plan. Begin by deciding on a color theme. You can get some tile samples and arrange them in different patterns to see what best fits your liking. The key is choosing matching colors!

One thing you should also ask yourself is if all tile slabs will be the same size or not. If you want different sizes, you’ll have to sketch and scale your desired pattern on graphing paper. This will enable you to see if your pattern is achievable and will give you a ballpark figure of how many tile slabs you will need.

Some Things To Consider

Make sure you know how to properly lay tile. You want to make sure that all of the slabs are properly placed, so utilize a pencil to quarter the space, begin in the center, and work outwards. This will ensure you have even edges.

When you’re working with dramatically varying colors or even plain patterns, do a test arrangement first to make sure everything blends well. This will prevent you from having to remove tile slabs at a later point.

After you’re done,  you’ll want to make sure that you keep your tile clean. It’s best to stay away from toxic store-bought cleaners and instead invest in a good-quality biodegradable and phosphate-free floor cleaner that won’t harm your precious tile like the Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. You also aren’t going to want a flimsy and low-quality mop that won’t properly clean your new tile. Avoid linting and streaking with a high-quality synthetic mop made from non-woven fabrics like the Champion Yellow Wet Mop.

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Whether you work with a professional or are a self-sufficient DIYer, pay special attention to these mix and match floor tile ideas to ensure that you have the best tile arrangements in your home possible.

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