Moroccan Style Lighting to Brighten Up Your Room

If you’re looking for a new and creative way to warm your living space, then a Moroccan light fixture is a perfect choice. Moroccan style lighting will brighten up your house and delight your guests, leaving them impressed with your decorating skills. Most Moroccan lights are hanging ceiling lights that are covered in intricate patterns. Some are colorless, allowing natural light to filter through the many tiny spaces, while others are colorful. No matter what you choose, a Moroccan style lighting is a fun way to make any room stand out.

The many options for Moroccan style lighting fixtures can be overwhelming. Fortunately, this blog will cover a wide range of selections to make your decision easier. We will be discussing whether to use Moroccan lanterns or lamps, the different styles the lights come in, and how best to show off your new light. By the time you finish reading this blog, you will be an expert in selecting and decorating with Moroccan lights!

Moroccan Lamps versus Moroccan lanterns

First, you must decide if you want a lamp that uses light bulbs or a lantern that uses candles. If your goal is to have a functioning light fixture, use light bulbs to achieve the brightest lighting. If you want more of a warm, ambiance-setting fixture, opt for candles.

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Different Moroccan Style Lighting

While some modern Moroccan light fixtures are extravagant, expensive, handmade by professional artisans, and fit for a palace, others are much more modest and affordable. These may have their patterns created with mason jars, candlestick holders, or upcycled lampshades. Aside from whether or not you choose a lamp or a lantern, there are three notable themes when it comes to Moroccan lights: geometric patterns, chandeliers, and colorful mosaics. All three options can be well within your price range.

1. Geometric shapes

Many Moroccan lights have fractal images that suggest a patterned, symmetry, where an organizing pattern persists throughout the star-like shards of light. The effect on a room is centering and calming, which may assist with prayer or quiet contemplations of the beauty in the world. If you’re looking for a peaceful light for your living space, geometrically-shaped Moroccan lights are the perfect option for you.

2. Stunning Chandeliers

If you’re looking for a showy kind of ‘wow’ factor, then Moroccan chandeliers might be a better choice. These chandeliers will make a room look extravagant and are the brightest option available. Other options tend to be darker due to the nature of the light filtering through, or the darker pieces of glass, so if you’re wanting a light that serves aesthetics as well as functionality, a Moroccan chandelier is recommended for that as well.

The shade or casing still enables streams of light to sift through many different spaces, leaving the room covered in a spectacle of light, but the shades tend to be less intricate and fine. The chandelier makes up for this lack of delicacy, however, through the multiple branches of lights within the fixture.

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3. Majestic mosaics

If you want a lamp that adds pops of brilliant colors to your room, a Moroccan mosaic lamp will give you that perfect look. Some common colors you might find are bright and multi-colored combinations of red, blue, yellow, and orange. This option is best for someone looking for a light that does not add much light to a room. A mosaic Moroccan light, much like a colorful and exquisite Christmas ornament, serves to transform a room into an astounding array of colors. To really achieve this magical effect, try adding multiple mosaic lights to a single room.


Time to shine!

Now that you have an idea of what kind of Moroccan style lighting you want, it’s time to figure out where to put it. A good place to use the light could be anywhere you want them to be noticed. A Moroccan light looks best when it’s the only light shining. Only then can you perceive the subtle and highly patterned displays of light, which look almost as though you have suddenly turned on a starry canopy. For this reason, Moroccan lighting might best be placed in a front entrance hall for all to see as they walk into your home.

This will immediately impress others, and it will also invite them in with a warm glow. If you’re not looking to impress others, another option is to place it in your bedroom where its soft lighting can calm you down before drifting off to sleep.


In conclusion

Moroccan style lighting is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to go all out with extreme decorations to make their living space amazing. By simply adding an elaborate Moroccan design lamp or lantern to your home, you can completely transform what was once a boring, typical room, into a spectacle of lights and colors.


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