10W AW32 Hydraulic Oil

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Fiske 10W AW32 Hydraulic Oil is an anti-wear, high-performance oil designed for use in a range of hydraulic and recirculating systems used in manufacturing, construction, and transportation.

It has great demulsibility and is fortified with inhibitors that prevent corrosion and oxidation, making it an ideal AW32 hydraulic fluid.

The antiwear additive package in this 10W AW32 Hydraulic Oil minimizes the production of corrosive by-products like sludge, which may shorten the life of pumps, clog filters, and impede the transmission of hydraulic power.

The standards for a anti wear hydraulic oil 32 set out by Cincinnati Milacron and Vickers have been taken into account in the development of all four of Fiske’s AW Hydraulic Oils. Since they have such high aniline points, they help seals survive longer.

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  • Fiske AW32 Hydraulic Fluid – 5 gallon pail.


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