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Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil is engineered with the finest synthetic base stock oils, along with our proprietary synthetic diesel engine oil additive chemistry. This high-performance 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil is a culmination of over 15 years of rigorous research, development, testing, and the manufacturing of custom-blended synthetic oils. #7101 Synthetic Engine Oil functions in a unique synergistic fashion to provide the maximum protection against friction and wear.

By reducing friction, fuel consumption is reduced. Another unique aspect to #7101 Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil is that it virtually eliminates the potential of any foaming and at the same time helps to reduce lubricant temperatures.

Superior Temperature Performance

Extremely high temperatures within a diesel motor could lead to premature wear and fatigue of internal engine components. By utilizing the finest synthetic base stock oils that have a much higher viscosity index than conventional lubricants, this Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil is able to maintain its viscosity over a broad range of temperatures. Whether temperatures are extremely cold or hot, #7101 Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil maintains its viscosity while providing the maximum lubrication protection for critical diesel motor components.

Blue semi truck.
For the discerning fleet truck owner/operator who takes pride in the fleet’s appearance and performance, then running Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil will most definitely contribute to the “GO” aspect of your show-and-go fleet of trucks.

Enhanced Oxidation Resistance

The fact is that oxidation is the number one cause of shortened engine life and premature engine failure. Hard-working diesel engines are called upon to perform in brutal high-temperature environments for extended periods of time. These harsh, high-temperature operating conditions will put a diesel engine oil through the toughest test possible.

To combat any oil thickening or acidification that could occur due to oxidation, a properly formulated diesel engine oil requires high-performance antioxidant chemistry. Not only does such additive chemistry need to neutralize strong acids that form inside the engine, but the formulation also requires heavy-duty detergents and dispersants to eliminate any potential deposit buildups.

#7101 Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil utilizes its own exclusive anti-oxidant additive chemistry. This heavy-duty, long-lasting anti-oxidation additive package, along with the finest thermally-stable synthetic base stock oils, works in unison to protect critical engine components in the most brutal high-temperature operating conditions.

The state-of-the-art oxidation inhibitors that we’ve designed help to prevent carbon, varnish, and sludge deposits that could result from oxidation. Additionally, these one-of-a-kind oxidation inhibitors function to reduce any oil thickening and deposits. This highly engineered formula will keep diesel engines clean of deposits and will help to extend oil drain intervals.

Acid Neutralization

Acid that is formed in a diesel engine during combustion can create havoc within diesel engine oil unless it is immediately neutralized. #7101 Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil puts an end to any potential acid problems due to its superior TBN retention. Neutralizing acids over a long duration of time helps to greatly extend engine and oil life. Also, this can lead to extended drain intervals.

By the way, by utilizing our Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil, you are entitled to use our Free Oil Analysis, which scientifically analyzes the condition of the diesel engine oil. This Free Oil Analysis is an excellent tool to spot any potential engine problems and to safely help you extend oil drain intervals.

Blue transport semi truck.
Champion Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil will minimize downtime, extend engine life, and enhance fuel efficiency.

Soot Control

Controlling and dispersing soot into finer particles is key in protecting diesel engine parts from abrasive wear and oil thickening. Our state-of-the-art dispersant chemistry does just that. This unique formula helps to disperse soot into very fine particles that can be filtered away, thus vastly reducing any potential oil thickening or abrasive wear.

Maintaining Engine Cleanliness

Keeping a diesel engine free of any sludge, carbon, varnish, or gum buildup is absolutely crucial to lengthening the service life of a diesel engine. To meet that goal, Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil is engineered with the finest detergent chemistry on the market. These heavy-duty detergents are so effective that you can be sure that your hard-working diesel engine will stay clean and free of any unwanted contaminants and deposits.

Protection Against Rust and Corrosion

Another critical job for a quality diesel engine oil would be its ability to protect engine components from moisture and acids. #7101 Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil is formulated with a robust volume of long-lasting, heavy-duty rust and corrosion inhibitors. The rust and corrosion inhibitors designed into this heavy-duty diesel oil go to work by building a chemical bond on all internal engine metal surfaces so as to keep any moisture and acids from penetrating and attacking these surfaces.

Einstein truck.
Even Einstein would have agreed that relative to conventional diesel oils, a high-performance 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil will provide superior thermal, oxidative, and shear stability.

Control Foaming

Foaming is a real enemy of lubricants. When foaming occurs, it traps heat and causes temperatures to rise. To combat foaming, a heavy-duty anti-foam additive is formulated into this synthetic diesel engine oil. By dispersing foam, trapped heat is released, which leads to a reduction in temperature. By reducing engine oil temperatures, oil service life is greatly improved.

Reducing Wear

When we chose to engineer the finest possible diesel engine oil, one of our goals was to create a diesel motor oil that could reduce friction and wear. The foundation of such oil would require the use of the finest possible synthetic base stock oils. Choosing to use synthetic base stock oils over conventional base stock oils was an easy choice. There are various differences between both base stocks. Let’s briefly take a look at these differences.

Conventional/petroleum base stocks are derived from crude oil. To make crude oil useful for manufacturing motor oils or any lubricants requires the crude oil to go through a series of processes. These refining processes are needed to extract unwanted contaminants naturally found in crude oil. These unwanted contaminants consist of oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, and metals such as vanadium and nickel.

Ultimately, what is left is a base stock oil made of dissimilar molecules. The dissimilar molecular structure of a conventional lubricant causes the oil to flow with a certain amount of fluid friction. We can say that friction is a dirty word for lubrication. The goal is not to have, or to reduce as much as possible, friction occurring inside an engine. Unfortunately, a conventional/petroleum-based diesel engine oil naturally delivers fluid friction from the get-go.

Through our choice of using only the finest and purest 100% synthetic base stock oils, #7101 Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil solves this fluid friction issue. A pure synthetic base stock oil is manmade in the laboratory. It is carefully engineered to be devoid of any unwanted contaminants, thus making it pure. Additionally and critically, these top-tier synthetic base stock oils are specifically constructed with a uniform molecular structure. These same-sized molecules flow easily and evenly without any fluid friction.

By switching from a conventional diesel engine oil to our #7101 Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil, you will immediately notice a difference in performance. Friction is reduced, providing the engine with more efficient use of power, a reduction in engine wear, and also extended engine and oil life.

Beyond the use of friction-reducing synthetic base stock oils, we add our proprietary and exclusive friction-reducing additives and anti-wear inhibitors. This three-way system of synthetic base stock oils, friction-reducing additives, and anti-wear inhibitors create an amazing synergy of performance, unlike any other diesel oil on the market.

This unique one-of-a-kind Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil formulation is a triumvirate of wear-reducing lubricating power. This synergistic lubricating action helps to eliminate any premature friction and wear, plus it helps to reduce the potential of any metal-to-metal contact between critical engine components. By reducing friction and drag, fuel efficiency is enhanced.

Another unique aspect of our wear-reducing chemistry is the inclusion of an oiliness agent. This interesting additive gives the oil a special property that helps it to penetrate the subsurface of the metal it is there to lubricate. This sub-surface enhancing additive provides our Diesel Engine Oil the ability to provide better lubrication whereby this sub-surface additive “sweats out” when temperatures start to rise, giving your engine components additional protection and lubrication.

Harvester tractor.
Downtime is a real fear for farmers during harvest time. Utilizing a superior engine oil such as Champion #7101 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil will definitely reduce downtime.

Cold Weather Performance

An unfortunate fact that all diesel engine manufacturers know is that 80% of all engine wear occurs during cold, dry start-ups. Going back to our prior discussion concerning synthetic base stock oils, we failed to mention that conventional base oils contain wax. Because of the wax found in petroleum base stock oils, when temperatures plummet and get cold, the oil tends to thicken up. For this reason, it makes it extremely difficult for conventional mineral-based engine oil to flow quickly to critical engine components during cold, dry starts.

The only way to combat and vastly reduce this 80% wear that occurs during cold, dry engine start-ups is to formulate a diesel oil from 100% pure synthetic base stock oils. Synthetic base oils do not contain wax and naturally flow easily and quickly during extremely cold temperatures.

Beyond our use of 100% pure synthetic base oils, we add the finest quality pour point depressants. These pour point depressants further enhance this superior synthetic diesel engine oil’s ability to flow during extremely cold temperatures. Of course, you can expect a huge reduction in low-temperature startup wear.

Maintaining Engine Oil Viscosity

To create a multi-viscosity engine oil, viscosity index improvers are utilized. VIIs are additives that are called polymers that are utilized to raise the viscosity index of base oils used in modern diesel engines. These viscosity index improvers have much larger molecules compared to the molecules of base oils. When temperatures are cold, viscosity index improvers coil up, but as temperatures and heat rise, they uncoil, causing the oil to have a higher viscosity.

Highly loaded engine bearings found in connecting rods or behind piston rings create hydraulic shear conditions. This tends to cause the VI improvers to contract with the flow, thus causing some deforming and not allowing the VI improvers to function as designed. This situation is typically temporary. If lower quality viscosity index improvers are utilized, permanent damage can occur to the polymers when exposed to mechanical shear.

This mechanical shearing of viscosity index improvers can occur when the engine oil flows through cavitation areas within the engine or through loaded gears. Permanent viscosity loss can also occur due to oxidation or thermal degradation.

When formulating a high-performance diesel engine oil, the goal is to use the least amount of viscosity index improvers, which means that less is more. This is especially important during high-temperature or high-shear applications. By utilizing the finest synthetic base stock oils that naturally have a high viscosity index, there is a requirement to use far fewer volumes of viscosity index improvers to achieve the necessary multi-viscosity ratings.

#7101 Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil utilizes the finest shear-stable VI improvers that offer high-temperature and high-shear stability. This oil delivers less high-temperature thinning and low-temperature thickening.

Fendt tractor.
When it’s time to bail hay, your tractor needs to be running at peak efficiency. Switching to a superior synthetic engine oil such as Champion #7101 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil will deliver the protection your diesel engine needs.

Fuel Efficiency Enhancement

By switching from conventional diesel oil to #7101 Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil, the potential for fuel savings is there. As stated earlier, this oil’s ability to reduce friction means your engine is consuming less power to overcome fluid friction. Additionally, our unique anti-wear and friction-reducing chemistry further add to its friction-reducing capabilities. By having to consume less power directly affects the amount of fuel that is burned. This helps to save money and improve engine performance.

Longer Life

The fact that synthetic engine oil naturally helps to reduce friction means your engine oil temperatures will be less and by reducing friction, you improve not only the life of the oil, but also extend engine service life. By extending engine component life and diesel oil drain intervals, downtime is reduced and you’ll have savings in repair costs.

Large excavator.
Keeping your diesel engine clean of deposits and minimizing wear are the type of benefits you can reap by running Champion #7101 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil.

Multi-Grade Benefits

If in the past you’ve used a straight-weight diesel oil, then consider switching to #7101 Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil. This multi-grade synthetic diesel engine oil meets the specifications of more than just one viscosity grade. This results in a diesel engine oil that brings the benefits of both a single-grade oil and a multi-grade oil.

This multi-viscosity diesel engine oil was engineered to provide superior lubrication over a very broad temperature range when compared to single-grade engine oil. This is one oil that provides maximum protection year-round, regardless of whether temperatures drop to very cold levels or climb to very hot levels.

Champion’s FREE Used Oil Analysis Program

Consistent and regular oil analysis is critical to having a successful maintenance and lubrication program. That is why Champion is proud to offer our oil analysis as a FREE value-added service to all Champion customers. This FREE oil analysis service will help maximize your maintenance program’s return on investment (ROI.) The test monitors viscosity degradation, water content, contaminants, and TAN (total acid number.)

By periodically and regularly conducting a used oil analysis on your equipment, it allows your technicians to spot potential problems such as abnormal wear and contamination before they become serious problems.

Excavator and dump truck.
Reduced oil consumption, improved fuel economy, and long drain intervals are the type of benefits you not only need but can expect by using a high-performance synthetic diesel engine oil.

Champion 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil Beneficial Attributes:

  • superior thermal, oxidative, and shear stability
  • excellent viscosity index for maximum protection at high temperatures
  • high-performance, wear-reduction, and deposit control
  • reduced oil consumption
  • enhanced fuel efficiency
  • extended oil drain intervals
  • non-hazardous/non-toxic

7101 exceeds virtually every domestic and foreign diesel engine manufacturer’s specifications. It meets and exceeds the requirements of API CJ-4, Caterpillar, TO-2, MB 227.5, MB 228.3, Mack EO-5/2, MAM 271, Cummins NTC-400, Allison C4, CCMC D-4/G-5/PD-2, and MIL-L-2104-G.

15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil specs.


12-Quart/Case, 4×1 Gallon/Case, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum


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