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Champion 2034 Synthetic Gear Oil is a GL-5 gear oil that is engineered with proprietary extreme pressure (EP) additives. Our exclusive EP chemistry was formulated for heavy load and high-temperature applications. This synthetic gear oil delivers superior protection and extended GL-5 gear oil life even in the most extreme environments and demanding applications. Champion 2034 Synthetic EP Gear Fluid meets or exceeds API GL-5 gear oil requirements.

Would you be interested in a multi-grade gear lubricant that will vastly decrease gearbox temperatures? Would your equipment benefit from a gear oil that never emulsifies with water? Would the solutions to these issues be interesting for you?

If your operation runs equipment that has heavily loaded industrial gears, stationary gearboxes, slow-moving heavy equipment, or gear sets that are exposed to moisture contamination then our Champion’s 2034 Synthetic Gear Oil is the perfect high-performance product for your operation.

Champion Synthetic GL-5 Gear Oil is the finest gear oil available. We have created an advanced gear lubricant that will give a lasting and superior high performance under the most difficult operating environments.

Conventional or synthetic base stock oils?

What choices do lubricant chemists have when formulating a gear oil? The answer to that question depends on whether the lubricant manufacturer is interested in marketing a gear oil that just barely meets industry specifications and standards, as well as meeting a low price point, or if the lubricant chemist wants to formulate a gear oil that is of the highest quality and delivers the highest possible performance regardless of the cost in developing such a product. There’s a huge difference between both situations.

In the first scenario, which is the most typical path most chemists choose, they utilize conventional/petroleum base stock oils. Understand that petroleum base stock oils that are used to formulate conventional gear oils are first derived from crude oil. This crude oil needs to go through a refining process to extract the many unwanted byproducts and contaminating elements found in the oil so as to make it useful in blending a gear lubricant.

Contaminating elements that need to be removed from the crude oil would be sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, and metal components such as vanadium or nickel. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cost-effectively completely refine out these unwanted contaminating elements. Even a brand new gear oil inherently contains contaminating elements that will eventually find their way into the gear systems of your equipment and slowly over time start to create unwanted deposits that are detrimental to not only the performance of the oil but to the machinery itself.

Yes, it’s true that these conventional gear oils offer a very attractive low price, but as an operating industrial business, one has to weigh the ultimate cost of such a product if using this product leads to unwanted downtime and breakdowns. Factoring the cost of downtime into the cost of a low-cost lubricant can immediately make such a seemingly low-cost lubricant rather costly after all.

Also, from a technical point of view, a petroleum base stock oil that is used to formulate a gear oil contains molecules of dissimilar structure. This means that these different sized molecules cause unwanted fluid friction. Friction translates to heat. As heat rises, the oil begins to thin down, oxidize, and lose its lubricating qualities, leaving critical components susceptible to undue wear, deposits, and potentially catastrophic breakdowns.

Those lubricant chemists that choose to engineer gear oils utilizing only the finest synthetic base stock oils do so with the goal of minimizing or eliminating any of the downsides that are experienced through the use of conventional or petroleum-based lubricants. The very first thing that separates a synthetic base stock oil from a petroleum base stock oil is the fact that synthetic oils are chemically engineered in the laboratory. They are manmade and specifically created to be pure forms of lubricants, pure meaning that a quality synthetic base stock oil contains no contaminants.

Also, another important factor that differentiates a synthetic base stock oil from a conventional oil is its molecular structure. Pure synthetic base stock oils are made with a uniform molecular structure. Since the molecules are all the same size, there is no fluid friction, so when one switches from a conventional lubricant to a synthetic, one can immediately notice a drop in energy consumption. The reason is that the uniform molecular structure allows the synthetic oil the flow without any fluid friction. Less friction means less resistance, less energy consumption, and lower temperatures. These are all good benefits.

The versatility and purity of synthetic base stock oils provide the following benefits:

  • less energy consumption
  • superior friction reduction
  • tougher oil film strength
  • broad and extreme-temperature performance

These are all properties that conventional lubricants cannot provide. Champion 2034 Synthetic Gear Oil only uses the finest pure 100% synthetic base stock oils. Not only do our chemists choose the finest quality synthetic base stock oils, but their vast formulating experience gives them a competitive edge over the competition. There is a science in choosing the correct base stock combination. Our formulas are proprietary, exclusive, and are proven to provide real benefits to the end-user.

By utilizing Champion 2034 Synthetic Gear Oil, you are getting a GL-5 gear oil that is formulated with the absolute top of the line synthetic base stock oils that do not contain any unwanted contaminating elements such as waxes and varnishes which could be detrimental to the gear system. This 100% pure synthetic gear oil’s unique selection of synthetic base stock oils were chosen because of their superior protective film strengths.

In addition, this unique combination of synthetic base stock oils work synergistically and because of their polarity, this GL-5 gear oil has an amazing ability to cling to the gears, thus offering continuous lubrication even in the presence of water. The unique polar characteristics of our Synthetic Gear Oil is another critical feature not available in traditional gear oils. The ability of this synthetic gear oil to stick to and coat completely the metal surfaces of gears is one of its strongest features.

Because of the high-performance, high polarity synthetic base stock oils that are utilized, this synthetic GL-5 gear oil offers superior film strength, wear protection, cushioning agents, and outstanding rust protection in the presence of moisture and water. On cold dry startups, the unique polar characteristics of this synthetic gear oil prevent dry starts due to the gear oil’s ability to leave a protective coating on the surfaces of gears and other critical parts.

Extreme Pressure Chemistry

Champion 2034 Synthetic EP Gear Oil was formulated with heavy-duty, high-performance, extreme-pressure (EP) additives. This oil is specifically engineered for high loads and high temperatures applications. It can handle the toughest working environments and most demanding applications.

As stated earlier, 2034 Synthetic EP Gear Oil meets or exceeds API GL-5 gear oil requirements. It has the capabilities of withstanding shock loads due to its utilization of top of the line extreme pressure additives, cushioning agents, and superior synthetic base oil stocks.

For heavy-duty equipment that is heavily loaded, this gear oil will protect rear ends, transmissions, and any gearbox that is operating in the most extreme loaded conditions.

Provides Cold Temperature Protection

Standard/conventional gear oils typically use low-quality base oil stocks that are not highly refined and inherently contain contaminating elements such as wax. The use of such low-quality base stock oils in cold temperatures can cause problems in that the gear oil becomes too thick in cold weather, making it very difficult for the gear oil to flow and protect the gear’s end parts.

This can lead to gears being run dry and can result in metal-to-metal contact during vehicle start-up in cold temperatures.

Champion 2034 Synthetic Gear Oil is a high-performance GL-5 gear oil that utilizes only 100% pure synthetic base stock oils that have a low non-channeling point. In other words, heavy industrial equipment operators that utilize this high-quality synthetic gear oil will not experience any dry starts, and shifting of the gearbox will be much easier due to its cold temperature fluidity. This 100% synthetic gear oil has a pour point of -35 degrees Fahrenheit (-36 degrees Centigrade.)

Non-Foaming Rapid Air Release

One of the biggest enemies of gearboxes and gear oils is foaming. Foaming will insulate high temperatures, causing the level of gear oil temperatures to rise. Many of the standard or conventional gear oils on the industrial market tend to use low-quality foam additives, which cause foam during operation, which can lead to extensive problems. The first issue caused by foaming is that the level of gear oil drops, which limits the gear oil’s ability to lubricate.

The second issue that is caused by the use of low-quality foam additives is the increase in temperatures in the gearbox. To combat these problems, Champion 2034 Synthetic Gear Oil not only uses top-of-the-line foam additives, but it uses them in a much higher quality.

Operators will notice that the temperature in gearboxes will actually be lowered through the use of this 100% synthetic gear oil. With lower temperatures, this translates into seals staying pliable and lasting longer.

In addition, lower temperatures due to less foam allow the oil to last much longer, keeping all parts within the gearbox clean. All in all, Champion 2034 Synthetic Gear Oil is the best gear oil for eliminating foaming.

Water-Resistant Synthetic Gear Oil

A milky or water contaminated gear oil is one of the most common problems where gear oils are utilized. Moisture or water contamination in a gearbox can cause rust on metal surfaces, which will increase friction and lead to excessive metal wear. Water/moisture that enters a gearbox can either come from direct exposure in operating environments or via condensation buildup. Condensation comes from when a machine is shut down at the end of the day and goes from hot to cold.

This difference in temperature from hot to cold creates condensation in the gearbox. Major brand conventional gear lubes tend to emulsify with water, turning the lubricant a milky color. Once this happens, the gear lubricant is compromised. It compromises its extreme pressure abilities, film strength abilities, rust and corrosion prevention abilities, anti-foam abilities, and anti-oxidant abilities.

Champion 2034 Synthetic Gear Oil is formulated with unique and proprietary additive chemistry that does not allow water to emulsify with the gear oil. This exclusive additive formulation allows any water or moisture to be drained from the gearbox as needed. You will not find any milky residue or milky gear oil by using this high-performance GL-5 gear oil.

In the presence of water, this premium synthetic gear oil continues to operate at its highest level, protecting against extreme pressure, eliminating foaming, resisting high temperatures, reducing wear, and providing heavily loaded equipment with the finest in total lubricant protection.

Champion’s FREE Used Oil Analysis Program

Consistent and regular oil analysis is critical to having a successful maintenance and lubrication program. That is why Champion is proud to offer our oil analysis as a FREE value-added service to all Champion customers. This FREE oil analysis service will help maximize your maintenance program’s return on investment (ROI.) The test monitors viscosity degradation, water content, contaminants, and TAN (total acid number.)

By periodically and regularly conducting a used oil analysis on your equipment, it allows your technicians to spot potential problems such as abnormal wear and contamination before they become serious problems.

Champion 2034 Synthetic Gear Oil Features

  • excellent lubricity
  • extreme-pressure protection
  • high film strength
  • controls carbon and varnish formation
  • extended oil service life
  • superior dispersant properties
  • resists water contamination
  • protects against wear
  • protects against rust and corrosion
  • superior cold-weather performance
  • reduces energy consumption

Synthetic gear oil spec sheet properties.


Comes in 55-gallon drums, 15-gallon kegs, and 5-gallon pails.

Meets and/or Exceeds API GL-5



55 Gallon Drum, 15 Gallon Keg, 5 Gallon Pail, 4×1 Gallon/Case

Viscosity Grade

75W-85, 75W-90, 75W-140, 80W-90, 80W-140, 85W-140


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