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2055 Diesel Fuel Antigel helps prevent the formation of wax crystals in diesel fuel in cold temperatures, reducing or eliminating the clogging of the fuel filter and reducing start-up problems. Its non-kerosene formulation does not reduce the lubricity and wear-protection properties of diesel fuel.

Available in: 12 x 1-quart cases, 4 x 1-gallon cases, and 5-gallon pails.

Grades: 85

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Treat Rate:

Add 1 ounce per 12 gallons of fuel for temperatures above -5°F/-21°C. For temperatures below -5°F/-21°C through -40°F/-40°C add 2-3 ounces per 12 gallons of fuel.


Add directly to existing fuel.

Benefits and Features

  • Enhances the flow of fuel through filters and injectors for reliable cold-weather start-ups
  • Non-kerosene formulation
  • Reduces formation of wax crystals
  • Ultraconcentrated formulation
  • Increases low-temperature fluidity
  • Reduces clogging
  • For applications as low as -40°C

2055 Lubricant Properties


12 x 1-quart case, 4 x 1-gallon case, 5-gallon pail


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