2078 – Synthetic EP Aluminum Complex Grease


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2078 Synthetic EP Aluminum Complex Grease is an aluminum complex-based grease that has been specially formulated for usage in areas that are subjected to water. This grease has been formulated with specialized compounds that give it water wash-off capabilities that greatly surpass those of other greases on the market. Even in the most demanding situations, this synergistic blend of additives and base oils delivers remarkable performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely high moisture and water washout resistance
  • Exceptional rust and corrosion protection
  • Thermal and oxidative stability that is second to none
  • Maintenance expenditures and downtime are reduced.
  • Material compatibility that is exceptional
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic

Available Grade: EP2

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Available in: 10 x 14-ounce cases.

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