9810 – Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid

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    9810 Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid is specially formulated for precision-built high-performance power steering systems. It is made with a blend of synthetic fluids and proprietary additives that reduce wear and friction in high-pressure systems. 9810 Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, resist foaming and maintain exceptional lubricity over a wide range of temperatures.

    Available in: 12 x 1-quart cases and 4 x 1-gallon cases.

    Grades: 32

    Features and Benefits:

    • Oxidative stability
    • Non-foaming tendencies
    • Protects against friction and wear
    • Reduced expansion at elevated temperatures
    • Extends power steering pump life
    • Excellent coolant and heat transfer properties


    9810 specifications


    12 x 1-quart case, 4 x 1-gallon case


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