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Our Abrasive Cloth Roll is made with J-weight (Jeans) flexible cloth backing and is lightweight.

These cloth backed, abrasive cartridge rolls help to get a nice finish and a smooth, even surface. They do a good job of removing material stock.

Emery roll, sanding roll, abrasive roll, shop roll, and emery tape are all names used by maintenance and repair professionals when referring to abrasive shop rolls.

The coated abrasive family of abrasive rolls includes this roll-coated abrasive with abrasive grains attached to its surface.

Our sand cloth roll is available in a variety of widths such as 1″, 1-1/2″, and 2″.


Surfaces may be smoothed, a layer removed, or even made rougher using this emery cloth roll, which is used to remove tiny amounts of material from the surface.

It may be applied either dry or wet, depending on your preference.

Our abrasive rolls are available in a variety of sizes, backings, bonding, and a variety of abrasives, such as silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and grits to meet the requirements of your specific application.

For hand sanding metal and wood, a shop roll is a high-quality semi-closed aluminum oxide coating product suitable for general usage.

This all-purpose shop roll is strong enough to handle metals and hardwoods, while still being flexible enough for use on edges.

There are several uses for this Abrasive Cloth Roll, including plumbing, fabrication, and other industrial processes.

Shop rolls are flexible and may be cut to any length desired, allowing for usage in almost any application.

With a sturdy fabric backing and superior grains of aluminum oxide, these abrasive cartridge rolls are built to withstand heavy usage for a long time.

Fast hand removal of metal material or polishing finished works are no problem with these abrasive rolls.

These abrasive shop rolls are fantastic for a variety of projects, including automotive repair, metalwork, and more.

The roll’s soft quality fabric backing makes it simple to tear to length when sanding and deburring metal surfaces.

For the purpose of polishing and finishing metal, this abrasive is sharp, quick, and clean in its cutting.

They are useful on ferrous metals as well as high-tensile and soft woods.

There are a number of backing materials used in the construction of this Abrasive Cloth Roll.

Please contact us for a quote on the following Aluminum Oxide Shop Rolls:

  • 1 x 50 yards – Grit: 80
  • 1-1/2 x 50 yards – Grit: 100, 150, 220, and 440
  • 2 x 50 – Grit:  80 and 120


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