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Champion Air Compressor Oil #6045 is formulated using a combination of the finest synthetic base stock oils coupled together with a new generation of base stock oils that provide excellent thermal stability and long oil service life. Champion Semi-Synthetic Air Compressor Oil #6045 delivers a lubricant that has high film strength. The high film strength of this high-performance compressor oil helps to minimize friction and protect critical compressor components from wear during starting and stopping periods.

Another unique characteristic of our specialized base oil combination is that when the air compressor is experiencing high loading situations, the high film strength prevents the oil film from thinning too much.

Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating units are the most abundant type of compressors that are used in the industry. Reciprocating air compressors all function in the same basic manner and they require some specialized lubrication and maintenance requirements. Typically, Champion Air Compressor Oil ISO 100 (SAE 30) is the air compressor oil that is normally used both on the vane side and in the crankcase of the air compressor.

When temperatures drop to very cold levels, you may decide to choose Champion Air Compressor Oil ISO 68 (SAE 20) for the valve side and/or crankcase of the compressor. The key to issue-free compressor service and reduced maintenance costs is to keep the crankcase clean and to keep cylinders, rings, and valves operating properly. Choosing to run Champion Air Compressor Oil #6045 will help you accomplish those goals.

Oil Flooded Rotary Screw Air Compressors

In rotary screw air compressors, the inter-meshing rotors never quite come into contact with each other. Due to the fact that compression is the main source of heat, the environmental temperatures of these rotary screw compressors are generally lower than those found in vane compressors.

Due to these lower operating temperatures, the air compressor oil can be kept in service much longer. Champion Semi-Synthetic Air Compressor Oil #6045 offers viscosity grades of ISO 32 (SAE 10), ISO 46 (SAE 15), and ISO 68 (SAE 20.)

These are the typical viscosity grades for rotary screw air compressors. Check your manufacturer’s owner’s manual for the correct viscosity grade for your screw compressor.

Flooded Vane Compressors

Flooded vane air compressors have high rotational speeds. These high rotational speeds generate excessive friction. These severe operating environments require a heavy-duty air compressor oil that must be able to withstand high temperatures and tremendous shearing action.

Champion Semi-Synthetic Air Compressor Oil #6045 utilizes the finest combination of synthetic and ultra-refined base stock oils that give it superior thermal stability, which gives it the ability to deal with high operating temperatures. Beyond the use of heavy-duty base stock oils, there are high-performance anti-oxidation additives that are blended into our unique formula.

The combination of thermally stable base stock oils, along with ultra-duty anti-oxidation additives, makes this air compressor oil perfect for flooded rotary vane compressors. This superior air compressor oil is available in ISO 32, 46, and 68. Again, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your compressor.

Superior Demulsibility

Champion Semi-Synthetic Air Compressor Oil #6045 was specifically engineered to offer superior demulsibility, which is the ability to separate from water. Since this air compressor oil can stay in service up to 4,000 hours, it is critical that the oil does not retain water. It is possible for water to be introduced into the air compressor system through condensation, cooler leaks, and other avenues.

If the air compressor oil were to retain water, this could eventually cause equipment damage or failure because of rust and corrosion formation, plus the oil changing its characteristics in a negative way. Champion Semi-Synthetic Air Compressor Oil #6045 is designed with outstanding demulsibility/water separation capabilities.

Extended Service Life

Champion Semi-Synthetic Air Compressor Oil #6045 was engineered for use up to 4,000 hours at standard operating temperatures. The unique combination of synthetic and super-refined base stock oils, coupled with robust volumes of high-performance additives gives this oil long service life. This semi-synthetic air compressor oil has a high viscosity index, which allows it to maintain its viscosity without change over a vast temperature range.

It is resistant to varnish, rust, corrosion, viscosity increase, acid number increase, base oil breakdown, and filter plugging. Due to the thermal stability of its base stock formulation, along with its heavy-duty anti-oxidation additives, here is a lubricant that resists oxidation and delivers issue-free compressor service and a reduction in downtime and repair costs.

Champion’s FREE Used Oil Analysis Program

Consistent and regular oil analysis is critical to having a successful maintenance and lubrication program. That is why Champion is proud to offer our oil analysis as a FREE value-added service to all Champion customers. This FREE oil analysis service will help maximize your maintenance program’s return on investment (ROI.) The test monitors viscosity degradation, water content, contaminants, and TAN (total acid number.)

By periodically and regularly conducting a used oil analysis on your equipment, it allows your technicians to spot potential problems such as abnormal wear and contamination before they become serious problems.

Champion Semi-Synthetic Air Compressor Oil #6045 Attributes:

  • non-hazardous and non-toxic semi-synthetic oil
  • high viscosity index
  • minimizes varnish and carbon formation
  • excellent thermal and oxidative stability
  • high flash and auto-ignition points

Semi-Synthetic Air Compressor Oil spec sheet.


12-1 Quart/Case, 4×1 Gallon/Case, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum

Viscosity Grade

22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220


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