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Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener #103 is a powerful acid cleaner and brightener that is designed to quickly remove oxidation and corrosion from aluminum surfaces. It effectively restores luster by cleaning and brightening aluminum. This superior aluminum brightener is ideal for use on aluminum trailer bodies, building materials, boats, and most other external aluminum surfaces.

Premium Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener & Restorer for a Multitude of Aluminum Surfaces:

  • Exterior surfaces
  • Boats
  • Building materials
  • Trailer bodies

** Do not use this aluminum brightener cleaner on anodized aluminum.

Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener #103 Effectively Defends Against:

  • Soot
  • Dirt
  • Corrosion
  • Oxidation

Benefits and Features

  • Weathered aluminum surfaces are restored to their original shine and luster.
  • Water-rinsable solution that is easy to use.


  • Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid
  • Fragrance: Acidic
  • Specific gravity: 1.08g/mL
  • VOC content: Negligible
  • Solubility: Complete in water


Wear rubber gloves, goggles, and suitable protective clothing when handling Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener #103. Dilute 1 part cleaner with up to 10 parts water. Brush or swab onto the surface to be cleaned, allow to penetrate soils, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Use with care on painted surfaces.

Use plastic pails for diluting and dispose of the excess solution immediately after use.

Do not use on anodized aluminum.

Available in 5 Gallon Pails.


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