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Aluminum Engine Cleaner #663 is a white powdered cleaner engineered to be safely used on aluminum. It is perfect at effectively cleaning aluminum engines and transmissions. It can be used as a spray wash cabinet detergent and in hot vat cleaning. Its unique formula will remove light to medium petroleum soils and animal fats.

This superior white powder is formulated with carefully selected foam-controlling agents, water softening additives, alkaline detergents, and wetting agents. This concentrated and soluble powder was formulated to work at higher temperatures it will clean and strip away grease, oil, and other deposits from aluminum engines, transmissions, radiators, and most other metal parts without foaming issues.

#663 ALUMINUM TRANSMISSION & ENGINE CLEANER has a unique chemistry that will not level behind any residue or film on parts. It was specifically formulated to not plug up spray wash cabinet jets, nor does it build up inside the spray cabinet. When comparing the chemistry and performance of similar conventional cleaners of this type, it is without question that the quality of chemistry that is put into Aluminum Engine Cleaner #663 far outperforms the competition.

There is simply no better hot tank aluminum cleaner. Aluminum Engine Cleaner #663 offers huge advantages and benefits when used. Its exclusive chemistry utilizes high-speed wetting action agents that go to work to quickly penetrate deep into heavily soiled surfaces and components. Higher volumes of heavy-duty water softening additives make sure there is no residue left on surfaces after rinsing.

The use of high-performance foam control additives has made this cleaner perfect for spray cabinet cleaning and other cleaning tasks that demand foam-free operation. It was designed to be safe to use on aluminum. There are no fillers. It is 100% active and of course 100% soluble.

This hot tank cleaner has a highly effective ability to disperse soils gives this cleaner longer solution life. Aluminum Engine Cleaner #663 offers unique features and benefits. It delivers less waste than solvent cleaning. It is engineered to stop the growth of mold and mildew, plus any potential odors caused by the two. Its formula utilizes high-performance rust inhibitors to prevent flash rusting.

Aluminum Engine Cleaner #663 Directions

This hot tank cleaner is very easy to use. Simply dissolve the powder in water, heat, and it’s ready to go to work and clean quickly.

Spray Wash Cabinets:

  1. Dilute 1-2 ounces per gallon of water.
  2. For best results, maintain the temperature at 190 degrees F.

Dip Tanks:

  1. Dilute 1 ounce of Aluminum Engine Cleaner #663 per gallon of water.
  2. Let the parts soak for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Rinse.

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